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Strays of dubai
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Strays of dubai


Published on

strays of dubai

strays of dubai

Published in: Lifestyle, Health & Medicine

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  • you have good captions here, I like how it explains in details the pictures.
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  • 1. Photos BySara T. Mahmoud
  • 2. A hopeful cat with a sweet demeanor; surely there is someone willing to love himand take him to his forever home? Photos By Sara T. Mahmoud
  • 3. All stray cats and kittens that are rescued are taken care of by veterinarians whohave all the cats vaccinated, neutered and, depending on theirtemperament, either be released back into the wild or be put up for adoption.Dubai Modern Veterinary Clinic. Photos By Sara T. Mahmoud
  • 4. This friendly female stray has been neutered and happily lounges around in thegarden of the Modern Veterinary Clinic of Dubai. Photos By Sara T. Mahmoud
  • 5. For many strays that are taken care of at veterinary clinics and foster homes, waiting is key tobeing adopted. Daisy, from the Al Safa Veterinary Clinic, has been waiting for five monthsnow to be adopted. Photos By Sara T. Mahmoud
  • 6. Buttercup, whose cage is above Daisy’s, is also waiting to be adopted. The clinic hopes thanthe two can be adopted together as they are very friendly. Photos By Sara T. Mahmoud
  • 7. There is no shortage of cats, only foster homes for strays and discarded kittens and adult cats.Adopting a cat or kitten is cheaper than going to a pet store as they are alreadyneutered, vaccinated and registered in the system. Photos By Sara T. Mahmoud
  • 8. A lot of residents in Dubai take it upon themselves to help the strays or lost pets by taking them inand fostering them until their owners are found or someone else wishes to adopt them. Micro-chipping cats are very important as it makes it easier to find the owner. Photos By Sara T. Mahmoud
  • 9. Nicholas, a friendly pedigree cat, has been with the Modern Veterinary Clinic of Dubai foralmost a year. He comes in and out of the clinic as he pleases, happy to say hello to patientsand visitors alike. Photos By Sara T. Mahmoud
  • 10. Charlotte, who has been in the American University of Dubai for almost a decade, is one of thefew strays that live around campus. Her clipped ear shows that the municipality has neuteredher. Charlotte can now lounge around the campus without being bothered by other animalcontrol personal for good. Photos By Sara T. Mahmoud
  • 11. Many stray dogs are either discarded pets or are unlucky enough to become lost.Being aware of the animals in our community allows us to contribute to thesociety and to help others. Photos By Sara T. Mahmoud
  • 12. For many big dogs, there is a smaller chance of them being adopted because most people wantsmall dogs or puppies. Thomas is a sweet adult Labrador who must sadly wait at the ModernVeterinary Clinic until someone is willing to adopt him. Photos By Sara T. Mahmoud