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The kingdom of israel2
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The kingdom of israel2


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  • 1.  Because they felt threatened by other groups such as the Philistines. They wanted to be unified under one leader. The wise judge Samuel chose the first two kings, Saul and David.
  • 2.  Was the first king chosen by Samuel in 1020BC He helped fend of the Ammonites saving a Hebrew city, so the Hebrews wanted to have Saul as their king Before Saul’s kingship, the Israelites were just a bunch of tribes loosely held together by their traditions and religion. They wanted to have a strong nation to keep the Philistines and other groups from invading.
  • 3.  David was a young shepherd and harpist who came to King Saul’s attention when he slew Goliath a huge warrior in the Philistines army. For many years Saul treated David as a son (David even became his son-in-law), until he became jealous of David’s success on the battlefield. He tried, unsuccessfully, to have David killed on several occasions. Saul died when he was cornered by the Philistines on Mount Gilboa.
  • 4. David became the new king 1000BC andhelped to unify Israel even more. David conquered the Philistines finally so that they were no longer a threat to Israel. David’s son, Solomon, became his successor in the year 962 BC.
  • 5.  Was gifted with great wisdom and wealth. He constructed the Temple in Jerusalem as his father had instructed. He became distracted by women from other countries and began to make unwise choices. Near the end of his reign he was cruel and tyrannical to his subjects. Solomon’s Temple
  • 6.  Was Solomon’s son. He was even more cruel than his father was to the people of Israel. He promised to be more unforgiving than his father was. Jeroboam, a rebel, started an uprising and left with all of the tribes but Judah and Benjamin.
  • 7.  When the tribes separated from Rehoboam, they formed a kingdom in the north and continued to be called Israel. Judah and Benjamin stayed in the south and now called themselves Judah.
  • 8.  In about 722 BC, Assyria invaded Israel, which had a weak army and conquered it. In 612 BC, Babylonia conquered the Assyrians, taking control of Israel. Although the people of Judah resisted being conquered by Nebuchadnezzar, the temple of Solomon was destroyed and many Judeans were taken as slaves. .
  • 9.  The Jewish people struggled to keep their faith and customs. They hoped to return to Judah someday and rebuild the temple. The hoped for a messiah (anointed one) to rescue them and restore their kingdom. They listened to prophets who gave them messages of hope from God.
  • 10.  When the Persians conquered the Babylonians in 539-8 BC, the Persian king Cyrus, released the Jews. About 40,000 Jews returned to Judah, while many stayed behind in Babylon. Under Persian governance, the Jews rebuilt their society and their temple. The second temple was finished in 515BC. Cyrus the Great