Character can book report wrinkle in time


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Character can book report wrinkle in time

  1. 1. Character Can Book Report Each student will be required to choose a character from our novel, A Wrinkle in Time, and find a can (i.e. Pringles, coffee etc.) Students are expected to dress the can as though it were the chosen character from the story. Students can use buttons, cloth, yarn, or whatever they choose in the design of their “character can.” Inside the can students are expected to place 4 items, small enough to fit inside, that are an important part of the character’s identity. For example, for The Three Little Pigs it could be as a simple as a piece of straw, wood, or a piece of brick. For certain items, drawings of the item can be included. Also inside the can should be the report form (see the back of this paper), NEATLY rolled up. Upon completion of the report, the student will be expected to share his/her character can and its contents with the rest of the class. Students should practice their presentation at home so they can stand in front of the class confidently. The students will be evaluated on the following: 1. Character Can: completed neatly, this should be the STUDENT’s own work. 2. Report Form: See requirements on back of this page 3. Appropriate items for book 4. Presentation: report is given in a confident manner, can explain Character can completely, and can read the report fluently
  2. 2. Report Form Requirements Part 1 List the following: 1. Book title 2. The author of the book 3. The Chosen Character's name 4. A physical description of the character 5. A paragraph that lists the three main character traits of this character and an example of each in the story. Part 2 For the second part of the report you are to give a written explanation of why each item was chosen to represent the character and what that tells you about the character.
  3. 3. Remember to state how the items connect to the character. For example, if I was doing Goldilocks, and I had included a tiny bowl of cereal, I WOULDN'T just say that I included it because she ate cereal in the story. I would say that I included it because Goldilocks ate from all three bowls of cereal belonging to the bears when she entered their house uninvited. She completely finished baby bear’s porridge and took only bites from Mama and Papa’s bowls, but they were too hot and too cold. The item shows how Goldilocks is a little selfish and does not think of others. Report Form Part 1 Title _____________________________________________________________________________________ Author _____________________________________________________________________________________ Main Characters __________________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. Physical Description ______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _ A paragraph that lists 3 character traits and examples that show it from the story ______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _ Part 2: List each item you chose and state why you chose that item to represent your character (giving full detail from the story) and tell what you the item tells you about the character’s personality. Use back of paper.