Successful lowbudgetfilms


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Successful lowbudgetfilms

  1. 1. In an age of movies where $100 million dollar budgets are the norm, there are still sometimes films with tiny budgets that make a fortune at the box office. While The Lego Movie had a solid $60 million dollar budget, it’s already pulled in nearly $90 million during its release this weekend and is expected to pull in another $200+ million. Here are a few movies that broke the mold and made fortunes while staying under Hollywood’s current trend of swollen budgets. The Conjuring (2013) Budget: $20M
 Box Office: $318M The Conjuring landed in theaters in 2013 and took everyone by surprise as it blew past The Lone Ranger to become a massive hit. The film was made with a $20 million dollar budget and would go on to make a staggering $318 million worldwide. A sequel was recently announced to be in the works and why wouldn’t it be? Saw (2004) Budget: $1.2M
 Box Office: $103M Starting a resurgence of gruesome horror flicks, Saw was made on a budget of $1.2 million. The gory puzzle creator would go on to pull in $103 million worldwide while attempting to “fix” his victims.
  2. 2. Saw essentially started its own type of horror genre and everyone was trying to repackage and reproduce the film’s success. Six sequels have been released since the original. Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Budget: $400K
 Box Office: $46M Napoleon Dynamite was an obscure indie film which starred essentially unknown actors. With a budget of $400,000, Napoleon Dynamite pulled in $46 million and became a pop culture phenomenon. Quotes from the film remain relevant even today and sometimes we still see the random person wearing “Vote for Pedro” t-shirts. The Blair Witch Project (1999) Budget: $60K
 Box Office: $248M The Blair Witch Project cost a measly $60,000 (some reports say even less). This handheld camera monster movie was an incredibly surprising hit with audiences, pulling in $248 million worldwide. It was one of the first movies to go “viral” due to a brilliant website detailing the tale of the Blair Witch. This resulted in some moviegoers to believe it was real footage for quite some time until the actors started doing interviews once the film became a success. Hitting theaters in 1999, it’s seen as the first film to ever take advantage of a viral online campaign.
  3. 3. Paranormal Activity (2007) Budget: $15K
 Box Office: $193M Director Oren Peli filmed Paranormal Activity over seven days at his own house for $15,000. The spooky handheld camera horror film became a massive hit via word of mouth. The movie ended up pulling in $193 million worldwide, which sparked the production of four sequels (with more on the way). The five Paranormal Activity movies have now grossed a combined worldwide total of $805 million, with the most recent sequel pulling in $86 million on a $5 million dollar budget. The original remains the most profitable film of all time.