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Pr And Social Media   10 Things   Sonya Madeira Stamp   Rice Communications
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Pr And Social Media 10 Things Sonya Madeira Stamp Rice Communications


Presentation delivered at the second SPRING SEEDS Capital investor forum in SIngapore on March 31, 2010.

Presentation delivered at the second SPRING SEEDS Capital investor forum in SIngapore on March 31, 2010.

Published in Business
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  • Good morning and thank you.15 years – companies big and small, working with clients of all sizes. Satisfying to work with start-ups – you can attribute the results clearly to your efforts.Rice – Jan 2009 – big firm and big brand thinking for our clients.Session – sharing thoughts and ideas around PR and social media – leave you with something to think about.Milan Kundera – Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.
  • Business meeting with a potential client – and they start off the meeting saying they read about you in the Business Times.Strengthens reputation with:Customers/prospectsEmployees/recruitsInvestors/partnersGovernment/industryBranding – comprehensive strategy – website, credentials, brochures, newsletters, media relations, analyst relations.Portrays that you know where you are going – most importantly, know how you are planing to get there.
  • Universe of people you want to connect to will differ by company.Paraphrase Abraham Lincoln – we can reach all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.IBM 100,000 staff might do it. Start-ups don’t have the bandwidth.Many ways to reach your audience – first who, then how.
  • PR is the backbone. Today extends to encompass a host of activities.CEO commitment is a must – brief on business objectives to your PR person. Get the executive management team involved. This way your vision is conveyed consistently across the board, increasing chances of success.Audience prioritisation then messaging.PR can support in marketing and sales – reflecting a consistent message.PR can support you in internal comms – speeches, presentations, newsletters, blogs for intranet. Also in content development for marketing, as well as pure PR – media & analyst relations, events, etc.
  • CEO commitment necessary for long term view.Launch projects are tactical.Best PR projects start 3-6 months in advance.Messaging might take 2 months to develop. Interviews with team.Message home – elevator pitch, supporting messages or 3 key take-aways. Proof points or data.Launch is the go to market phase – ready to take your product or solution public.Followed by maintaining momentum. Contributed articles, speaking engagements, awards, BT Views from the Top
  • Indication of the preparation involved for the various components of a PR campaign.
  • May not be cheap but not expensive either compared to investments you are making in other areas.In-house / freelance / agency.Pros and cons.In-house – dedicated, salary based on experience, involved in the business, in your office, can add value to your internal discussions.Agency – limited time, more varied experience and services, contacts and connections.
  • Not a stand-alone activity. Needs to be part of a broader communications objective.Feeds off activities you are engaged in across marketing and communications, even IT.Challenge – usually sits under the CEO who is very busy, or junior executive, or under lead generation & sales, or customer care.Need to stay on message – easier to slot it under PR.Nestle debacle.
  • Comes down to your audience – B2B, B2C.B2B are also consumers, B2C also needs to talk to other businesses.Activate the channel based on audience.B2B – LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, blog – FB for employeesB2C – Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Virtual Worlds.
  • Activate based on your needs – this is not a short-term move.
  • CEO CommitmentStrategy – inhouse/freelancer/agencyTime / resources to manageFinancesMeasurement of success
  • Rice has worked with over 30 clients in the last 15 months.Started with existing relationships, then word of mouth, website, IPRS, some PR, then events like today. – its never just one thing.Personal and company branding – hard to separate with small teams.On that note, you will find me on LinkedIn, FB, Tw, Plaxo and blog posts on Ricecomms.com.


  • 1. PR & Social Media:10 Things to Remember
    March 31, 2010
    Sonya Madeira Stamp
    Rice Communications
  • 2. #1: Branding builds credibility
  • 3. #2: First prioritise your audience
    Personal experience
    Industry analyst coverage
    Word of mouth
    Blogs / social media
    Website / internet
    Media coverage
    Financial analyst mentions
  • 4. #3: PR is essential for outreach
  • 5. #4: PR is an ongoing effort
  • 6. #5: Good PR takes planning
    Messaging matrix
    Spokespeople training
    Sales presentations
    Launch and Post
    Press release
    Media info pack
    Speaking opportunities
    Social media engagement
  • 7. #6: PR is not (that) expensive
  • 8. #7: Social media is part of the communications mix
    Source: Channel V Media
  • 9. #8: Not everyone needs a full social media strategy
  • 10. #9: Social Media is about the audience so…
    Build an identity
    Stay consistent
    Be different
    Engage your audience
    Remember its all about people
  • 11. #10: Ask yourself – are you ready?
  • 12. Case Study: PR
    PR & Corporate Communications support for the launch of SgEF’s emulsion diesel production facility in Tuas on February 5, 2010.
    With three weeks to the event, Rice Comms secured extensive media coverage in Singapore’s top tier media; and created recognition for SgEF amongst potential customers and investors in Singapore and overseas.
    • Create awareness and build a positive corporate profile for SgEF as the leading global supplier for Emulsion Fuel and alternative Bio Fuels.
    • 13. Create awareness for Super Green Diesel and eDiesel , SgEF’s flagship green fuel products.
    • 14. Bridge SgEF’s relationship with key business, environment and energy media.
  • Pitched and secured interviews with Singapore’s top three newspapers Straits Times, Business Times and LianheZaobao, resulting in prominently placed articles.
    Profiling interview on Channel News Asia.
    • Extensive coverage in print, online and broadcast media channels; with PR value = S$500,000.
  • 15. PR campaign to create awareness for flagship eco-friendly billing solution, GreenPost.
    Over a period of three months, Rice Comms sought to build GreenBills’ profile in Singapore and the region and article placements, supported by a social media campaign.
    • Create awareness for GreenPost as an eco-friendly billing solution.
    • 16. Create and sustain activity within the social media platform to strengthen the association of GreenPost with an encompassing “Green Consciousness” advocacy.
    Case Study: PR + Social Media
  • 17.
    • Bloomberg TV’s Asia Confidential and Channel News Asia’s Eco Ventures.
    • 18. Coverage generated in print, online and broadcast media channels: estimated PR value = S$60,600.
    • 19. Significantly increased GreenPost’s Twitter followers and Facebook page contacts.
    • 20. Actively engaged the social media community with regular news and eco-features posting on Twitter, Facebook.
    • 21. Drove traffic to the GreenPost website, and connected GreenPost with eco-bloggers.
  • 22. Thank you.