India, Internet of things and the role of government


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IoT provides an opportunity for India to technicalize the citizen services for bettering their living standards. Here are my thoughts on the Role of Indian Government towards the Internet of Things.

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India, Internet of things and the role of government

  1. 1. Internet of Things for India The Role of Government Syam Madanapalli | iRam Technologies | !1
  2. 2. The Internet Evolution Information sharing to information generation and intelligence 11.8B Connected Devices 50B*, 75B Connected Devices 500M Connected Devices 2003 6.3B People 2014 7.2B People 2020 7.6B People * based on Cisco predictions # based on Morgan Stanely The next revolution would be interconnection of every possible object on the Planet Earth, creating a New Internet called Internet of Things. # !2
  3. 3. The Internet of Things The next BIG thing on the Planet Earth The Internet of Things provides more insight and possibly a solution for every problem on the Planet Earth. The Internet of Things is an ecosystem of connected devices and physical objects with sensors and built-in intelligence, and will talk to and monitor each other over the mobile Internet for conserving resources, better decisions, and increasing the efficiency and productivity. !3
  4. 4. IoT and Big Data Internet of Things means BIG data Improved decision making Improves the efficiency of the system and infrastructure Increases the transparency Transforms the daily life! Government and organizations SHOULD Make the data and intelligence available to the citizens and stakeholders. !4
  5. 5. India + IoT = The Opportunity Better life for citizens with ubiquitous computing Benefits of technology advancements Citizens have not seen these benefits other than the mobile phone IoT hides in ambience and provides the benefits to all citizens Better government services IoT drives the government to prioritize citizens ahead of politics Transforms the government from analog to digital system Better living standards for the people Job creation and economic development Safer, secure and informed society Better environment Optimal usage of natural resources with improved services Creating the future for the next generations !5
  6. 6. Encouraging Entrepreneurs IoT requires localized innovation which requires government support IoT helps in nation building, especially with idle money and provides equal opportunity and benefits across the society. !6
  7. 7. Pilot Projects Crucial for developing right solutions for local problems Piloting helps startups and new products to evolve and in worst case to fail fast, fail cheap. Government should support piloting of IoT technologies to promote local industry. !7
  8. 8. Standards, Security and Privacy Building IoT requires home grown technologies and products Standards are still evolving and country can contribute the global standards Government should focus on security of connected things; requires homegrown products Government should also focus on data collection, storage, custody, access and privacy !8
  9. 9. The Focus Areas India is a unique country requires unique solutions Standards: defining a set of guidelines for standards use and to develop guidelines for secure connectivity and data privacy Applications: short term and log term application focus areas wherein IoT can be deployed Piloting: plan and support from government for piloting the new IoT solutions from local companies Funding for R&D: funding for innovation in areas linked to the Internet of Things Advisory board: Advocacy for using homegrown technologies and products for better security, privacy and sustainability !9
  10. 10. The Expected Outcome Wealth, productivity, job creation and better life Better productivity Improved efficiency of the systems and infrastructure New and better jobs Transformation of daily life Improved decision making based on known information New business opportunities and economic development Better environment The Internet of Things is expected to amplify the profound effects that large- scale networked communications are having on our society, gradually resulting in a genuine paradigm shift. !10
  11. 11. What IoT Means for India? Depends on the the role of government IoT Indian on Threshold India on Threat India on Technicalizing Opportunity Act EarlyBe Laggard !11
  12. 12. Thank You! !12