September 2009

Faro’s Flood and Lythgoe
Reveal Their ...
cover story
 The New Global Player On The Block -
 Faro Recruitment Group

You may not have heard of Faro                ...
cover story
 The New Global Player On The

 New horizons                                   niche skill sets - these people...
Block - Faro Recruitment Group

cover story
  The New Global Player On The Block -
  Faro Recruitment Group

 Portuguese to Vietnamese.         “We’ve   ...
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Faro Group RI article


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Faro Group article in Recruitment International September 2009

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Faro Group RI article

  1. 1. R i RECRUITMENT INTERNATIONAL September 2009 Faro’s Flood and Lythgoe Reveal Their Global Strategy
  2. 2. cover story The New Global Player On The Block - Faro Recruitment Group You may not have heard of Faro group wide activity from client sharing under their pre-acquisition legacy names: Recruitment but this worldwide staffing through to funding. In addition, we People First in the UK; Interiman in group is galloping its way through the have a very well developed training and Switzerland and Monroe Staffing in the recession and has grown by stealth to coaching business which complements States for example. “We don’t believe become a diverse recruitment group with our core activities”. in destroying brand equity”, says Group a global footprint to die for…. Marketing Director Simon Lythgoe. Operating in the professional staffing, “Each of these operations - and their With a track record spanning almost light industrial and hospitality sectors, stellar reputations - have been built over thirty years, 80 offices in fifteen countries the group operates on a partnership many years. Rebranding to Faro would in a range of vertical market niches and basis with each of the operating units’ simply confuse clients and candidates - over 1000 employees, Faro Recruitment former owners retaining minority and be prohibitively expensive. They Group is the international staffing interests and remaining as the local all know they are part of the Faro Group business of Japanese conglomerate The executive management teams. “In this - they all have that ‘label’ as part of Okano Group. The business rebranded way, the goals of the group and the local their branding - and that endorsement as Faro after Okano sold its Japanese management are more easily aligned provides the best of both worlds.” staffing business to Recruit Co in than in other traditional buy and build December 2007. That left a recruitment schemes,” adds Flood. “Each business So why Faro? “It means ‘lighthouse’ in business spanning Europe, the Americas, was acquired because of its niche focus, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish”, says Asia Pacific and Australia and while the its longevity in its respective markets Lythgoe, “an image that is fitting for a latter two regions are managed by two and its strong customer relationships.” group that acts as a beacon - not only Okano Group Directors, SuKong Pang bringing together businesses, employers and Masairo Nishimura both of whom Faro operates as an umbrella identity for and jobseekers, but also searching are industry veterans, the larger part the Group and is the brand name for the out new opportunities to enable us of the business needed some strategic Asia Pacific businesses. In the western to continually enhance our service direction and focus. hemisphere though, the businesses trade offering.” Fast forward to 2009 and following a detailed strategic review of all its operations Faro appointed Brendan Flood as Chief Executive Officer, previously a senior executive at Hudson, to head up the Europe and the Americas part of the business - by far the largest at 80%. Alongside him, enter Simon Lythgoe as Group Marketing Director with a long pedigree in recruitment with names such as Spring Group, Robert Walters and Randstad. Their task? To further develop a world class recruiter while maintaining a sustainable business which delivers a return to its shareholders. “Faro is principally a temporary contracting business - a sector which accounts for around 90% of our revenue” explains Flood. “That, coupled with our extensive global footprint, has helped us to ride out this recession through visibility and spreading our risk. We are also increasingly engaging in more Source: Points UK Limited www.recruitment-international.co.uk RI - January 2009 21
  3. 3. cover story The New Global Player On The New horizons niche skill sets - these people don’t look The aim over the next few years is to for jobs in a traditional way - sourcing develop a larger permanent business this sort of talent is much more about while expanding the existing offerings getting involved in their networks.” to new clients and new geographical regions but it’s not all about buy “We have already looked at other and build. “We will look at strategic geographies for the roll out of this acquisitions but will also not be afraid business such as Hong Kong and New of launching new businesses where we York”, adds Lythgoe, “both of which believe there is potential to tap into new have a ready market place which is profit streams” says Flood. virtually untapped and we will use the success of the UK business as a platform A great example of this is Faro Digital for the aggressive expansion of the Media which launched in London, in brand.” Matt Briand - Monroe Staffing March of this year and recruits digital account executives, managers, planners In terms of other new markets, Faro has gives Monroe that extra edge: “Many and creatives on both the client and already established strategic alliances organisations talk a good talk about agency side. “The digital media market with US based FA&OWorks (Finance); ‘extensive networks’ and ‘tapping into is still in its infancy” says Simon SiriusWorks (IT) and Barrister Works international talent pools’” he says. “The Lythgoe. “But we have recruited a team (Legal). “This not only works as a difference is that we actually have that of real specialists and the business has valuable revenue generator but also global capability which gives us that already developed a steady stream of helps to build our experience in potential extra credibility.” income which means we are forecasting future market sectors” says Brendan profitability in its first year.” Flood. The French (and Swiss) Connection Back in Europe, The Partner Finance And against a backdrop of economic Across the Pond Group based in France, joined the Faro gloom, this recruiter does certainly seem In fact the USA is already a market where family in 2006. Established in 1999 by to be bucking the trend by tailoring its Faro has a strong presence through its ex Michael Page Consultants Samuel service to respond to a market known to Monroe Staffing Services brand. “What Tamagnaud and Herve Savy, initially as have an appetite for less traditional ways started in 1969 as a small one office an accounting and finance recruiter, the of doing business. “This is a market firm specialising in contract design group has two distinct offerings: James that is not really telephone based,” says engineering, has now grown into a full- Partner for permanent recruitment within Manager James Nicholls. “I’m more service consulting and staffing partner accounting and finance and Partner likely to get hold of my clients via twitter with multiple locations throughout Interim for temporary staff. Today it has than I am by phoning them. It’s also a Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode 50 staff across four divisions covering market that has a requirement for very Island and New York”, says CEO Matt finance; sales & marketing, supply chain Briand. “And from our niche beginnings & logistics and PAs. in engineering, the last four decades have seen us build a business which caters for our clients’ additional needs in the finance, accounting, office support and IT sectors.” But Monroe goes beyond just filling jobs. “It may be a cliché,” says Briand, “but we truly act as a partner rather than a supplier and believe that we are Faro Digital Media Team - LtoR the benchmark for other staffing firms James Nicholls, Borz Farahani, Roy Hailstones, Kate Hughes in the area.” And according to Briand, Herve Savy & Samuel Tamagnaud - The being part of a global brand really Partner Finance Group 22 RI - January 2009 www.recruitment-international.co.uk
  4. 4. Block - Faro Recruitment Group operate as independent entities even though they are part of a greater whole - and so when Faro approached us to join them in 2006, there was a natural synergy.” Joined Up Thinking But no matter how independent the individual brands are, what is absolutely key with a business as globally and sectorally diverse as Faro is a group infrastructure that works. As Lythgoe puts it: “The trouble with most global players in diverse markets with differing brands is that they talk about cross Reymond Knigge - Interiman Group Thierry Jacquier - Interiman Group selling but rarely get their act together to do it properly - mainly because there “There are many benefits of being part of Interiman, founded in 1998 has carved isn’t the commitment at group level Faro,” says Tamagnaud. “It has allowed an enviable reputation for itself in the to put the systems in place to really us to accelerate our national growth field of temporary and more recently make it happen. Our view is that you while still retaining our own set of permanent recruitment across a range have to have an infrastructure that values which contributed so much to our of diverse commercial and industrial evolves with the group. That’s why, as initial success. Consequently we now sectors. Interiman operates as a network the organisation expands its services, have operations in Neuilly sur Seine; of agencies - Interiman itself is dedicated we are also expanding and improving Versailles, Lille and Lyon. Additionally, to the service sector while Interima the infrastructure. By utilising the it gave us that international dimension services the industrial and construction information we gather during extensive that so many clients are now looking sectors. Albedis, also part of Interiman, financial and IT reviews, we are able to for. The cross selling opportunities with specialises in executive appointments. implement a centralised reporting model other partner recruiters both in Europe “Becoming part of Faro allowed us which allows all management teams to and globally give us a real competitive to think locally but act globally” says make informed fact based decisions.” edge. It’s that ‘large enough to cope - Director Robin Gordon. small enough to care’ philosophy that “This is already resulting in a growing really sets us apart”. “It’s about connecting the local with number of cross border initiatives,” the global, connecting individuals with says Lythgoe. “Our US businesses And just across the border in Switzerland, the worldwide system in which they are currently speaking with partners operate. For Albedis, the Faro network in Brazil about a possible deal with a is invaluable. It’s now supported by an common blue chip client. Additionally international network of companies and Switzerland and France are working offices, giving it rapid access to expertise together on resourcing roles across from different regions and resulting in borders.” an excellent knowledge of the economic fabric of local communities. That’s a But it doesn’t stop there. Lythgoe is great differentiator in a competitive also working on the development of a market.” new internal communications platform which will encourage further cross “Faro as a group operates very much selling and greater company interaction. as we do”, continues Gordon. “All the An ambitious new recruitment website agencies within the Interiman network is in the pipeline which will centralise are organized as small, independent the advertising of all global vacancies teams - all the partner companies in Faro Robin Gordon - Interiman Group in different languages ranging from www.recruitment-international.co.uk RI - January 2009 23
  5. 5. cover story The New Global Player On The Block - Faro Recruitment Group Portuguese to Vietnamese. “We’ve landscape. “We saw that the London appointed 4Mat to work with us on marketplace was really changing and this complicated development project”, was being chosen as a prime location says Lythgoe. “It will entail both front for international companies to site end and admin/consultant translation to their global headquarters”, says Kate allow all our offices to use it.” Ferguson. “Consequently, organisations were looking at recruiting language skills Lythgoe adds that face to face - and as that market developed they were communication is also high on the also looking at agencies which had a agenda. “We have a twice yearly global not just a national reach.” international summit where all our brands get together - this not only helps Cue Faro Recruitment, who approached people understand the group ethos and People First in 2002. “It was serendipity”, strategic direction - but also gives them recalls Ferguson. “ Both Katie and I had a breadth of knowledge and perspective said that within five years we needed be achieved with the power of the Faro across industries and geographies that to be looking for a partner and Faro global footprint.” And closer to home would be difficult to achieve anywhere approached us at just the right time and People First is also working closely with else.” gave us that global reach that our clients Partner Finance Group in France on were looking for.” projects in the supply chain and logistics Speaking Your Language sector. And that joined up thinking is very much Ferguson says that People First is an on the agenda of another UK based Faro ideal example of cross selling initiatives Group company, People First, which with other international partners in the A Shrinking World recruits in the office support and supply group. “One of the partner companies in The world is getting smaller, and where chain sectors as well as specialising in Indonesia is currently trying to source a once the thought of recruiting someone the provision of multilingual staff across general manager for a client in Singapore. from another country was seen as a major a range of industries. There is also a They are resourcing through talent pools task, today we are just one big global specialist Japanese desk ‘Team Japan’. in the USA, Canada, the Middle East and market place- a fact that Faro has been The firm was set up by co-directors Kate here in the UK through ourselves - we quick to capitalise upon. “Operating Ferguson and Katie Bevan in 1997 as have someone at second interview next a global network of recruitment a response to a changing recruitment week - it’s a great example of what can companies means that we have a massive international talent pool”, says Flood. “That’s a very powerful proposition for a recruitment group working in a market where most organisations, no matter what their size, are now able to operate on an international scale.” So what about the future? What’s next on the agenda? “Well we’re still in a recession and there’s no magic bullet”, says Flood. “But, our geographic spread of risk, coupled with a heavy bias towards contract recruitment, means that we have a springboard for developing permanent business as global economies improve. At the moment, it’s about keeping lean and winning one contract at a time but if the right opportunity comes along - we’ll Kate Ferguson - People First Katie Bevan - People First be first in the queue!” 24 RI - January 2009 www.recruitment-international.co.uk