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Clou doc overview_eng_20130520


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Nowadays, the most important property of corporation is electronic document rather than real estate and machinery. However, the market research firm Gartner published that 90 percent of corporate …

Nowadays, the most important property of corporation is electronic document rather than real estate and machinery. However, the market research firm Gartner published that 90 percent of corporate documents exists on employee PC and the remaining 10 per cent are stored on the server. The Small Business Administration also published that more than 70% criminals of Information Disclosure are current & former employees or partners.

To resolve the problem, files are saved encrypted and the hard disk of retired is returned to company. However, some wiped hard drive can prevent the Information Disclosure? File encryption method also hinder the performance of your PC or can protect only the specified version of the program data. So most of application data can’t be protected.

The Product enables you to use Personal Document Drives and Team Document Drives saved in the central server as if you would with the Local Drive in your PC. By the corresponding application, the product disables you to save a document in the Local Drive, but enables you to save it in the central server.

The Product supports various user interfaces: it can be used not only on Windows Explorer, Java Explorer and Web Browser, but also on Smart phone and Tablet. This means that users in any environment (Windows, Linux, Mac, mobile etc) are enabled to use the Central Document Drive

You can view central documents safely in mobile (smart phone, Tablet PC etc) environments. If the mobile device is lost by accident, you can track the document location and delete it remotely. Documents saved in the mobile device cannot be leaked out since they are encrypted..

When you edit an Office document stored in the Central Document Drive, the old version of Office document is automatically kept in the Drive. The old version kept in the Personal or Team Document Drive can be recovered as and when required.

Many organizations control USB memory, email, Messenger, printer and etc to prevent unauthorized export of documents saved in PCs. But the hard disk of PC can be the major source of data leak and therefore requires to be strictly controlled.

Disklock is the world best module for ‘document-save control’, which is developed based on the file system driver technology of NETID. Unlike others that control documents by name of application, DiskLock uses internal information of the applications for better security.

The Product is rapidly growing at the rate of 168% on average each year since 2009. Global leading organizations like Samsung Engineering, LG Electronics, Tokyo Electron Korea, SKT, Lotte, Samsung Card, Seoul City, OCI etc use ClouDoc for centralization of their mission critical documents.

“The product preventing data leak for personal use by the central document management just through the policy setup at the center” We recommend ClouDoc for document centralization and anti-data leak.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. - 1 -ClouDoc [The New name of Central ECM]
  • 2. - 2 -Contents1. Overview and staus2. Application Areas3. Product Function4. Customer Case Studies1. Company Overview2. Business Area
  • 3. - 3 -
  • 4. - 4 -NETID Co., Ltd.Yoo, Sang LeolSoftware Business | Internet BusinessL-9092Life-Living,Garden5,66ChungMin-RoSongpa-gu,Seoul, KoreaTEL : 02-588-0708FAX : 02-588-1012March 6, 2002Since March, 2002 ~Plus DiskClouDocCompany nameCEOBussiness AreaAddressPhoneFoundation dataEngagementintheSameindustryProduct“ Let s make a conscientious software ”NetIDWe are working on Solution business through con-struction a wide Variety of partnership based onour core technologies like security File server,Online PC backup,… And we had been putting in agreat Deal Of effort to develop oversea Marketsincefoundation.
  • 5. - 5 -NetID Plus DiskAs a packageClouDocAs a solution KDISK’s KT SafeDisk Hostway PC Backup LG Dacom Webhard Mdisk Nate FileTank SKNetworks UbiHard LG ElectronicsPlus Disk for NASCore Technology : File System Driver, Disklock, Cloud Technology
  • 6. - 6 -ClouDocOverview and Status
  • 7. - 7 -Cloud Storage (Document Centralization Program)NetID s Cloud Storage Solution‘What s the Document centralization?‘The current trend where all documents aresaved in the central server instead of individualPCs to prevent data leak for personal use
  • 8. - 8 -Need for Document CentralizationCorporate electronic documents that are moreimportant than real estate or machinery90% of corporate documents are saved inPCs, while only10% are saved in the server.- GATNER, a marketresearchcompanyMore than 70% of data leak is committed bycurrent and former employees and partners- SMBACurrent & formeremployees,PartnersDataLeakCriminalsCorporationDocuments90%70%
  • 9. - 9 -Corporation Reactions2. DiskReturnedDelete1.FileEncryptedSaveThe ProblemsDiskWipedandReturnedEncryptionPerformance andEffectivenessBUT!Problem with existing anti data leak measures
  • 10. - 10 -Personal purposeof the (document)downloadEmployee s PC/NotebookSave andDownloadEmployee s PC/NotebookRemoteDisk(X:)ClouDoc ServerManagement DocumentCentralizationAS-ISTO-BEWhy ClouDoc?‘‘Remote Disk >>Save and DownlaodLocal Disk >>Prohibit to Saveand download
  • 11. - 11 -Background on Development-Problems of traditional ECM productsSkipping complex classification systemand registration process!Easy and quick implementation of interface!
  • 12. - 12 -Background on Development -Why ClouDoc?Prohibited ‘Save’ inpersonal PCs andexternal disksRead and Writethrough ClouDocOptimized for thecurrent userenvironmentEasy SecurityForbusiness
  • 13. - 13 -Saving in Local Disk is disabled even for notebook users,and as a result corporate information cannot be leaked.Complete application-based control (including Office documents,CAD documents, design documents, source code etc) is enabled.Background on Development - Why ClouDoc?
  • 14. - 14 -ClouDocApplication Areas
  • 15. - 15 -Application Areas - Security and Protection (Againstleakageof corporateinformation)Item Diagram Encryption Document CentralizationDiagrams Stored in PC Central document driveApplicationCompatibilityLimited to applicationsCompatible with diagramEncryption solutionProvides application compatibilitywithout additional development,basic maintenance costsMaintenanceBasic maintenance costs + additionalapplication module (or new version) costsBasic maintenance costCASE STUDY: An officer of a company which has the system that encrypts drawings, deleted all drawingsunder his control when he left the company. This makes one wonder who the rightful ownerof the documents saved in PCs is. Why and how can this happen? Let us compare two typesof solutions as below:As shown by the patent wars between Samsung and Apple, the electronic document is quickly growing inimportance to the modern corporation, more so than buildings or equipment. Intangible property in the form ofoffice documents, CAD diagrams and program source codes have become the most important property to protect.To protect CAD diagrams, companies have the options of ‘diagram encryption’ or ‘document solutions can becomparedas follows.Document centralization propertiesand protects the work output of employees.It can also be used as a means of Cooperativework with the sharing of information
  • 16. - 16 -Therecentleakageby companyK of a subscriber listof 8 millionusersand companyS’- financialservicescustomerinformationleakagewere perpetratedby a corporatepartnerand employee,respectively.Application Areas – Personal Information leakage prevent solutionInformation leakage prevent solutionOutside hacking Prevention Insider leakage PreventionDB Encryption, NAC, Intrusion Detection,Application Modification and ForgoingProtection, Web FirewallPC scan, System and DB Access Control,DLP, Secure USB Log analysis (Forensic),DRM, Document CentralizationDetection ofpersonal data within PC EncryptionSeparationPC ScanClouDocDocumentCentralizationDocuments can be used after a requestfor approval for data export is madeData export disabledClient data andpersonal dataComparison of types ofdata leak by internal staff
  • 17. - 17 -The Ministry of Security & Public Administration of Korea has introduced 3 types of Cloud servicesin its ‘Guideline to the implementation of work environment for administrative authorities’Application Areas– Cloud Storage (Public administration, Corporation)About the Compare with 3-wayCloud storage is receiving good reviews in all fields, for its enabling of smart work, prevention of information leakages, I/O re sponse speed, support for business SW, low startup costs, systematic management of materials, automatized management of the work environment, and low carbon footprint.
  • 18. - 18 -ClouDocProduct FunctionUser UI / Document drive / PS Backup / Security / Disklock/ Cloud storage
  • 19. - 19 -User UI – Interfaces for different roles/ functionsIn the ClouDoc there are various users including central administrators such as the information protection managerand service manager, folder managers, which correspond to the leaders of each team, and members who are normalemployees. Synced with the central human resources DB, ClouDoc provides an efficient cooperative work environ-ment.
  • 20. - 20 -User UI - User interface support for mobile environments WindowsExplorer XP/Vista/2003/2008/7  Java Explorer MAC, Linux  Web Browser IE, Firefox, Chrome,Safari Smart Phone IPhone,Android In the Future IPAD Android Tablet Google TVOption Module
  • 21. - 21 - Login screenApplication exclusive for iPhone and Android Phone is provided. You can open a file inside theDocument Drive in the Server so as to save in the Smart phone’s Local Storage. With Android Phone,you can upload a document after editing. Device interoperation (such as album, photo, video etc) isalso supported.User UI – Smartphone supported View ServerDocument Drive  Various setupssupported Send Link Mail Folder selectionscreenOption Module
  • 22. - 22 -User UI - Tablet PCApplicationexclusivefor iPhoneand AndroidPhoneis provided.You can opena fileinsidethe DocumentDriveinthe Serverso as to savein the Smartphone’sLocalStorage.With AndroidPhone,youcan uploada documentafterediting.Deviceinteroperation(suchas album,photo,videoetc)is alsosupported.Album/Photo/Video (DeviceInteroperation)DeviceregistrationViewServerDocumentDriveViewServerDocumentDriveOption Module
  • 23. - 23 -Document Drive – Direct Document Input/OutputYou can edit various documents including CAD drawings, and playback video data just like you would with C: drive.Youcan alsodistributeinstallationprograms.
  • 24. - 24 -Document Drive – MS Office Document Version ManagementPrograms such as MicrosoftOffice first generate a new copyof documents when editing,then Delete the previous file.These otherwise deleted filesare stored separately, and theinterface allows for theirrestoration by users later on.Version Management
  • 25. - 25 -Document Drive -Team Document Drive based collaborationThis product offers the Team Document Drive function. Depending on the permission granted to thelogged-in user, the level of accessibility to the Team Document Drive varies.
  • 26. - 26 -Document Drive - Metadata SearchFile name searchMetadata search will provideIt’s own document category View…FilenameSize DateFileExtensionSubject Content type keywordMetadata SearchBecause the rudimentary file search function in Windows Explorer can have a negative effect on systemperformance and response time, a proprietary file name search feature is included. And metadata search is alsosupported.Customizable full text searchesSearchProvides searches of all documentsin all document drivesFilenameSize DateFileExtensionOption Module
  • 27. - 27 -Document Drive – Use of Document LinksHappyNY.aviForecast.pptY:STTElectronicsStrategyUSAMarketingOverseaUsingUNC path(Universal Naming Convention)FilesandFoldersinsidetheClouDocTeamDocumentDrivePermission(○)File://Y:marketingoverseaFile://Y: marketingoverseausaforecast.ppt[Filename_example:]Permission(X)
  • 28. - 28 -Document Drive – Document link (Linkmail / Copy Weblink)2421CopyDocumentLink1LinkSenderLinkReceiver3Document Copy(storage thereafter)2DocumentDownloadDocumentDownloadSecurity Linkmail : emailSecurity Copy weblink : email, Board, messenser …Linkmail : emailCopy weblink : email, Board, messenser …Security Linkmail : emailSecurity Copy weblink : email, Board, messenser …HappyNY.aviForecast.pptHappyNY.aviForecast.pptApprovalProcedure
  • 29. - 29 -PC Backup – PC document backup supportImportant work materials in PCs taken out of the office for repairs must be backed up and the PCmust be wiped. What would happen if your work files stored on your PC or laptop were to suddenlydisappear? The PC backup solution takes care of this problem.• HDD will be out together withPC when the PC needs repair•Scheduled backup• Incremental backup• Backup files online• Confirm integrity of backup files• Finally erase original files2.Usualbackup1. Prevent data leak from repairing PC PCBackup Reporting File ManagementSecure Backup ServerRepair / ReplaceInspectionBackup and RestoreOption Module
  • 30. - 30 -AlgorithmSecurity – Prevention of document leakage through encryptionOnline BankingTransferringfilesfromPC to a centralserveruses128-bitSSL. Thisis the sameas thatusedby onlinebankingtechnology.Workswith fileson a centralserverare loggedinto thedatabaseand all filesare savedencryptedusingthe ARIA(akind of AES) algorithmautomatically.Central Sever= using the sametechnologyAuthorizationcertificateLog-in
  • 31. - 31 -Security - Stable system operation by various security features All documentsare savedencryptedusingsafespeedyencryptionalgorithm,ARIA(basedon AES). Filesare transmittedusing128bit SSL fromPC to serverto preventtapping. User authenticationand read/write/delete/re-name/copy/moveof alldocumentson serverare logged. All deletedfilesarekept for a certainperiodthatemployeescan’tdeleteimportantfileson theirown.Access Log IPFiltering IPAuthentication EncryptedTransfer(SSL) FileAccessLog EncryptedSaving(ARIAAccountLocking PasswordComplexity SecureLogin ACLsettinglogging Twokindsofadmins SQLInjection,CrossSiteScript,FileIntegrity,…Security features on documentsSecurityfornetworkelementsSecurity features on the human elementOther Security Features
  • 32. - 32 -Cloud storage – Public administration, CorporateThe cloud storage model promoted by Korea’s Ministry of Public Administration and Securityapplies not just to government agencies as well as corporations. Disabling PC saves using theDiskLock model of ClouDoc, the virtual desktop environment can be desktop virtualization orapplication virtualization environments, cloud storage allow for the systematic document con-trol these systems lack..
  • 33. - 33 -Cloud storage – Web OfficeThe document edit function is available, which is compatible with services like Google Docs, MicrosoftOffice365 and existing Office documents under Cloud environment. Interoperability with Web Officeinstalled at your company is also available.On PCs with office applications installed, document edits can be performed directly from theCentral ECM’s windows explorer drive. In PCs without the office applications, documentscan be edited using web office.View/Modify/CreateOffice Documentsfrom web browserOption Module
  • 34. - 34 -Cloud storage – Virtual desktop compatibilityIndividual and department document drives are provided by ClouDoc in virtual desktop environ-ments such as Citrix and Vmware..Users logged into Citrix XenApp arepermitted to read the local PC diskbut are not permitted to write.
  • 35. - 35 -Items DiskLock Y of X company B of A companyConcept Controls applications Controls file extensions Controls applicationsFile extension change Controlled Not Controlled Not ControlledApplication name change Controlled Not Controlled Not ControlledAdditional options File size, … Nothing NothingDisk Types Local/Network/USB/CD*DVD Local LocalApplication list Automatically gathered Admin input manually Admin input manuallyPolicy setting unit Application Category File extensions Application NamePolicies are applied to Company/Team/Personal Company/Team/Personal Company onlySystem folder input Supported Supported Not SupportedDisklock – Why Disklock?Disklock is based on file system driver technology of NetID.We do not use only application name nor filename but we useinternal application information that we control disk IO perfectly.Option Module
  • 36. - 36 -Disklock – Types and Application of Additionally Available DiskThanks to the Disklock function, a number of disks as follows are provided to accommodate variousapplications. The virtual disk drive provided for the Local Disk on PC is used to encrypt and savedocuments and prevent the documents from being moved to other local locations.SharedinformationutilizationTakingoverprocessThepossibilityofdocumentleakTCO Restrictedto theregistereddocuments No standard process High becausetheyareunderpersonalcontrol Cost for eachteams Not a companyassetyet PersonalComputer Teamfileserver Registereddocuments Centralizeddocuments Occursaccordingtothe standardprocess Low becausetheyarecontrolledcentrally Cost for onlya centralservice Valuablecompanyasset CentralizedcontentmanagementserverTO BEAS ISDocumentsavinglocationOption Module
  • 37. - 37 -DiskLock – File DriveOnline/Offline/Export Disk of DiskLock are encrypted file drives and you can read the Export Diskonly after authentication even in offline environments. File copy from file drives to local drives islimited and files are protected even though you insert the disk into another PC because the filesare encrypted.Local Drive,USB Drive,…DiskLockTempDisks(FileDrives)LostLostNotebookDiskLockTempDisks(FileDrives)WithoutOffline logonDiskLock임시디스크(파일드라이브)Files areEncryptedDiskLockTempDisks(FileDrives)Export&InsertD i s kOption Module
  • 38. - 38 -Disklock - The need for local disk controlNecessity of controlA senior researcher at Burton Group, a leadingIT researching organization, advised that‘the best way to protect corporate data is toban saving of such data into the employees’terminal.Option Module
  • 39. - 39 -Disklock – CAD Drawing security and protectionDiskLock is a world-class document save disabler developed by NetID based on file system drivertechnology. Because the lock is enforced using internal application information instead of thename of the application, the function is perfectly secure.ClouDocOption Module
  • 40. - 40 -We may allow or reject copy&move between disk types. We don’t use separate similar explorer but usewindows explorer so that the policies are applied to user environments with minimal changes.CentralDocument DrivesNetworkDrivesCD/DVDDrivesUSBDrivesDiskLockTempDrivesLocalDrivesOption ModuleDiskLock – Limiting Copy/Move from Windows Explorer
  • 41. - 41 -Disklock - Carry-out of DocumentTheDocumentExportfunctionenablesa documentto be releasedfromthe CentralDocumentDrive when you needto takeit outsidefor presentationor meeting.DocumentExportonlyappliesto the requestedfile for release,and thecopyof the requestedfileis savedin Serverat the timeof approval.5.반출온라인오프라인ClouDocClouDoc5.CarryoutOnlineOfflineOption Module
  • 42. - 42 -Disklock – Offline Temporary Disk0When access to the Central Document Drive is disabled for network disconnection, a temporary drive is created sothat you may continue to perform tasks. For a document created in the temporary drive, the upload UI will appearinthe centerof the screenautomaticallywhen the connectionto the CentralDocumentDrivebecomesavailable.Security PolicyBasic PolicySales’s teams policyNetwork Disconnection Policy…Export PolicyPolicy initializationincluding the ‘networkdisconnection’ policy1Upload upon ‘online’ status.4ClouDocServerX:SharedY:TeamZ:PersonalNetwork disconnectionautomatically implementing the‘network disconnection’ policy2 Encrypted save inTemporary Document DriveEmployeePCX: sharedY: TeamZ:PersonalT:TemporaryEmployeePC3Sales team’s policy Network DisconnectionPolicySales team’s policyNetworkDisconnection PolicyOption Module
  • 43. - 43 -Document backup in Public cloud storageCompany A-To backupfirst saveEncryptionDe-duplicationDisasterrecoveryenabledbydouble-triplereplicaA AA AABB BBAmazone S3, Google Storage,Rackspace / CloudeFiles, SKT Cloud,OpenStack/Swif, tKT U CloudDocumentsof clientscan directlybe savedor backedup in PublicCloudStorage.In thisway,clients’documentsaresafelyprotected.Company B-To saveOption Module
  • 44. - 44 -External Document Exchange ServerExternalagenciesTheOfficeCentralServerDMZ ZONEExternalDocumentExchangeServerRequestforapprovalforsendingout• SendingOut internaldocumentand requestingfor approval• Copyingof the sent out documentsand history managementLinkmailGuest IDUploadApprovalDocumentCopyDownloadUploadDocumentCopySince the Central Document Control Server is located inside a company, access thereto from outside is disabled.The External Document Exchange Server is located in the DMZ zone to enable safe exchange of documents withexternalorganizations..: Document sent: Document receivedIntroductory remarks123412Option Module
  • 45. - 45 -ClouDocCustomer case Studies
  • 46. - 46 -Company‘O’, Launched ClouDoc[Company ‘O’ that uses Documenterm of EMC]Company ‘O’ that had been using our traditional ECM product Documenterm for documentclassification and search, now launched ClouDoc (formerly, Central ECM) in addition, toencourage its employees to save documents in the Central Document Drive.ClouDoc ServerNo DATAExported NotebookBlock MediaLocal drive(C:)RemoteDrive(X:)PowerPointWordExcel아래한글……AutoCADCorporate PC EnvironmentClouDocDocumentum
  • 47. - 47 -Traditional ECMProduct FunctionDetailed document category management isprovided through a professional documentmanagement capabilities.Product Features OpenandSavingdocumentsinvolvesecurityandperformance issuesbecausetheyareusingtemporaryfilesandhookingtechniquesinemployeePC. it isimpossibleto applyHooking forsomeapplications. ThenewversionofMSOffice,andthecorrespondingneedaseparatebudget.Itcanbeasignificantburden. It’sinconvenientandslow./Complexadministrativeenvironment.CustomersPosco, Samsung Electronics, LG Display, … are using.Compared with traditional ECM products“We purchased expensive SWbut it’s not useful.” IT manager of ‘N’companyClouDocProduct FunctionKey features are local drive-based documentmanagement and security features (SSL, ARIA, logs).Product Features. Opening and saving documents are similar tothe local drive (eg. X: drive) way. All applications in company can use the drive. Response to a new version, such as MS Officedoes not need a separate actions. After install, Environments are the same asbefore and document is available in high-performance. Simple administrative environment makes iteasy to manage the documents.CustomersOCI Company, Samsung Card, Seoul City, …are using.
  • 48. - 48 -Items Server Based Computing Local Disk LockingConcept Employees use virtual machines for documentcentralization & DLPEmployees use existing PC but file save is notallowed for local disks.Product Citrix XenDesktop, VmWare, … Central ECMDocument savelocationCentral Storage Central StorageUser Desktop Provides 20 virtual desktops per one virtualdesktop server.Existing PC as isUser environmentchangesUser should logon to remote virtual desktopserver to begin their work.Same environment but local disk save will notbe allowed for some applications.Cost •Expensive VDI license•More windows and office licenses for virtualdesktops•Cost for many VDI servers•Central Server and Storage•Reasonable ECM SW license•Central Server and StorageApply for •Limited use for sales person, work –at-home,…•Low performance for CAD works•Very flexible for any kind of worksCPU Use of server CPU Use of PC CPURAM Use of server RAM Use of PC RAMPC Video Card Can’t be used Use of PC Video CardCompared with SBC(Server Based Computing)The method of banning the ‘document save’ in PC’s Local Disk offers cost saving and highefficiency compared to the SBC method, yet it offers better security.
  • 49. - 49 -Ways of applying a variety of document centralizationWe cooperatewith virtualdesktopsof Citrix,VMWareand Microsoftto providethe bestdocumentmanagementenvironment.Also,we cooperatewith PC securitysolutionsto manageenterprisecontents.The local file system of the remote storage connectionto the drive in Windows Explorer.VirtualMachinesDLPSolutionPC VM PC SecurityNetworkBootingTerminalServerRulesDocumentCentralization(ClouDoc)Recycledbin: Personal: Team: Shared
  • 50. - 50 -Effect of Implementation of ClouDocDocument Centralization not only reduces the risk of data leak, but also improves the utilization of sharedknowledge and smooth transition. From the overall cost aspect, the central management is moreadvantageous than management by team. By taking the ownership over the corporate documents,it can add new values to your company.Shared informationutilizationTaking over processThepossibilityofdocumentleakTCO Restricted to theregistered documents No standard process High because they areunder personal control Cost for each teams Not a company asset yet Personal Computer Team file server Registered documents Centralized documents Occurs according tothe standard process Low because they arecontrolled centrally Cost for only a central service Valuable company asset Centralized contentmanagement serverTO BEAS ISDocumentsaving location
  • 51. - 51 -Customers in Korea, Japan and ChinaClouDoc is used by corporations you may already know. Document Management Features areused by KT, GS Construction, OCI, Tokyo Electron Korea,… etc. PC security features are usedinPOSCO, SamsungSemiconductor,LG LCD,…etc.We arereliableand corporationfriendly.유넥스 다임즈청하기계 송원산업금영성산테크2009 2010 2011 2012OverSea