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This product enables us to use personal and team storage in the central server as if they are local drives. You can edit documents and play video as you do in the C: drive and you may distribute …

This product enables us to use personal and team storage in the central server as if they are local drives. You can edit documents and play video as you do in the C: drive and you may distribute install programs also.
Also, you can use the storage in iPhone and Android phones also.

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  • 1. Enterprise Content Management Centralization of Documents Company Company NET-ID Company Limited CEO Sang-Yeol Yoo > 02 Company Contents Business Software related businesses, Internet ASP History Business Address 9092 Life Living, Garden Five, 516 MunJeong-Dong, > 04 ECM Songpa-gu, Seoul Cooperative Environment Contact TEL: 02-588-070 / FAX: 02-588-1012 Document Security Establishment 6 March 2002 Work Environment Year in business March 2002 - present System Organization Charts Products PlusDisk, Central ECM Key Improvements > 07 PC Security Block for Document Storage onto - History Individual PC 2002 Capital: 155,000,000 won Block for External Device 2003 The LG Dacom Web hard Exclusive Browser Development Project, Server Core Engine - > 08 Document Management Efficiency Project ,Nate Filetank: a Club type web hard service implementation to nate.com Convenience and Security of - 2004 Korea.com MDisc: a joint project with Korea.com for a club type web-disc Windows Explorer SK Networks UBHard: Implementation of UBHard, the enterprise web hard service of SK Networks Document Management based on 2008 Alliance Agreement for Japan/China: with MMS Japan to develop Japanese and Chinese markets -Organization 2009 Central ECM Launch: Launched ECM and Central ECM > 10 Security KT SafeDisk: a joint project with KT to develop an enterprise online storage service > 11 Major Clients KT MegaPC: to provide a storage solution to KT for its Cloud PC Online Service > 02
  • 2. ·Strategic alliance for Japanese and Chinese·CentralECM ement Ove markets·Supply to companies the file servers to be used in ECM nag t Ma rse as ·Strategic alliance under progress for USA·Linkability with data protection related solutions en nt Bu Co market sin ise ess Enterpr e ervic eS rag PC ·Central ECM, PlusDisk o Ba ·PCBackup t eS cku nlin p ·Joint development of KtSafedisk with KT O ·Joint PC Backup project with Hostway ·Vast experience in big project developments including ·Utilization of backup and complete deletion of LG Dacom Web hard, SK Networks UBHard, Nate Filetank, authentic disc during PC repair or replacement Korea.com MDisc
  • 3. Enterprise Content Mamagement(ECM)Server virtual machine Terminal server : Shared folder PC virtual machine : Team Use Network Booting : Personal UseCompany Regulation : waste bin PC Security Voluntary restraints Storage into by employees local HDD banned Connection to remote storage by in-house file system via Windows Explorer
  • 4. Liinkage with Organization Structure Administrator by team ·Works as the Organization Structure ·Appointment of Administrator by folder ·Each Team Administrator to manage ·Linkage with the existing Organization Structure folders and files ·Creation of team file servers Quota Setting by folder Folder Structure as same as the Organization Structure·Automatic display in Windows Explorer of the Folders ·Quota Setting by team and by folderin the same format as the Organization Structure · Prevention of data monopolization·Automatic refection of changes in the Organization by a particular teamStructure Quota Setting by folder Access Control List · The Lock function when a shared ·CL setting to folders by person/team/position document is to be used by multiple users at ·Automatic refection of transfer to other teams the same time or changes in position
  • 5. Work Environment Before Implementation While documents are managed individually, only few documents are registered with the system and utilized by others. All unregistered documents are buried when the user leaves the company, and sometimes they are copied off by the user when he leaves. 10% Portal Knowledge Management Approval System EDMS Attached Attached Attached Attached Retire 90% PC local disk Data extinction or leak Work Environment After Implementation Introduction of file server causes most documents stored in individual PCs to become the corporate asset. Documents stored centrally are protected with the security function, and change-over at the time of leave of an employee becomes easy. Working Environment Portal Knowledge Management Approval System EDMS UNC(universal naming convention) e.g)file://X:Shared foldera.do c Attached Local Disc : Remote Disc(X:) 10% 90%> 02 06
  • 6. Safety Measure at Disc LeakDocument Storage into individual PC is blocked Permanent document deletion (irrecoverable) Encryption of disc in permitted space Control of execution programs CONSOLE ·Policy setting and delivery ·Log of file/printer usage Prevention of data leak during PC repair, PC theft or A/S Printer Blocked External device blocked Attachment (email, Messenger) blocked When shown in C: drive When hidden in C: drive
  • 7. : Shared folder : Team share : Personal use : waste bin Recycler Deleted documents are stored in the Recycler, and can be recovered. Encrypted transmission section 128-bit SSL encrypted transmission during file upload/download Security Log User authentication and read/write/delete/edit/move/copy/rename of files are recorded. Encrypted File System A document uploaded is automatically encrypted and saved. File Lock during usie Document protection during upload, download, edit. Saving files in multi-languages the UTF-8 encoding enables saving of file names in any language . Own protocol, own engine Connection to Virtual DriveFor simplified system management and scalability for future This solution offers environment where Personal and Temfunctional need, one needs to have the 100% proprietary Documents Drives are used in the Windows Explorer as if they aretechnology that enables Windows Explorer UI provision. used in a local disc. Personal Documents Drive, Team Documents Drive and Shared Folders Drive can be named asThis solution provides scalability to accommodate future and mapped to Z: and Y: like in a PC.functional need by determination of its own protocol. The server Various security functions such as transmission section encryp-engine and the client engine also have been implemented by the tion, encrypted file system and security log are embedded inCompany’s own technologies to ensure independence on these virtual drives.external resources.
  • 8. Security Security function is an essential part of a solution that is used to store corporate documents. The solution encrypts and stores user’s passwords in the SHA1 method, and locks the account when a series of login failure occurs. Account Management Account Lock An account with a series of login failure with wrong password above the set number of tries is automatically disabled until it is released by the Administrator. Password Complexity Various levels of password complexity are available for users to set their password. Password Expiration Users are requested to change their password regularly at the set interval. Authentication Security Logi Security are enhanced by 128-bit SSL encrypted transmission of user’s ID and password entered remotely. IP Authentication The IP section authorized by Administrator, the IP address registered by the user and authorized by Administrator, and login from such section is only authorized. PKI Authentication Authentication of the users who use API supplied by PKI Solution are enabled, and linkage with GPKI is also enabled. Network Security IP Filtering Authorization by IP section for detailed functions such as document upload/download and View List can be set to procure security. By applying the authentication certificate to the Server, SSL transmission from PC to the server sections can be bug-free. The ARIA encryption for storage can protect document confidentiality even in case of accidental data leak. File Security Encrypted Transmission Section Bugging is prevented by 128-bit SSL encrypted transmission from PC to server. Security Log Read/Write/Delete/Rename/Copy/Move of all documents within the server as well as user authentication data are recorded. Encrypted File System The safe and quick encryption method is applied to all documents saved in the Server. Personal Security Dual Administrators Enterprise Administrator for solutions can be dualized into ‘Data Protection Administrator’ and ‘Service Administrator’ to procure data asset security. Permission Setting Log The Data Protection Administrator can be given the authority to view permission settings for Service Administrator and Folder Manager to monitor potential data theft. Other Security Security for client’s document drives is ensured using various preventive and diagnosis measures such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Script and file integrity checks.> 02 10