F&b l1 m5 05.03 prepare hot beverages


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F&b l1 m5 05.03 prepare hot beverages

  1. 1. Prepare Hot Beverages Culinary L1 M5 05.03
  2. 2. TYPES OF HOT BEVERAGES Beverage sources: Plants (fruits or leaf) – Fruits: – Coffee • Arabica or Robusta (most famous) • Contain caffeine • Varieties: Espresso (Extra strong), Latte (with milk), – Coca – Chocolate based drinks Leaf (Tea) – Tea based drinks
  3. 3. Brief history of Coffee Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia, West Africa. There are two main types :  Arabica & Robusta Types of roast: Raw beans (Cherries) are subjected to heat known as roasting.  Light Roasts (7 mins)  Medium Roasts (9-11 mins)  Medium Dark Roasts (12-13 mins)  Dark Roasts (14 minutes)  Tasting terms : Aromas / Tastes / Mouth Feel
  4. 4. Coffee beverages    Espresso , Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha Machiatto, Americano, Frappuccino  Long Black ,Flat White Greek Frappe, Vienna Coffee (country)  Decaf, Iced, Filter, Instant  Caramel, Cinnamon, Eggnog  Expresso Ramano (lemon)  Liqueur based
  5. 5. Equipment for Coffee tray service Sugar basin and tongs or teaspoon, according to the type of sugar  Tray or salver    Tray cloth/napkin Cup and saucer    Coffee pot Jug of milk, cream or hot milk Teaspoon  Stands for the coffee pot and hot milk jug
  6. 6. Service of Coffee at the table The coffee cover consists of the following: Coffee cups, saucers, coffee spoon, is placed right of the customer. 1. 2. Brown sugar is offered from the customers left. The tea pot and pot of hot water is served from the customers right. 3. 4. 5. Served cream and warm milk from the customers right. Place the cafetière on the table for customers to help themselves.
  7. 7. Making Coffee Use the correct coffee for the chosen method, and the correct amount. Espresso – check temperature and pressure of machine. Discard old grounds and rinse out coffee holder. Re-fill tightly with coffee and ensure it fits tightly in holder. Warm cups before filling with coffee. Filter - (with machine) Check machine is on. Place fresh filter paper in the holder and add the coffee (pre-portioned pack). Place jug of cold water in through the top of the machine and then place empty jug on hot plate under the spout to collect the freshly brewed coffee. Plunger - (cafetière) place coffee into the bottom of the jug. Pour in hot water and insert the plunger. Allow the coffee to infuse for 4 minutes or so, then push the plunger down and serve.
  8. 8. Samples: Expresso Late Mocca
  9. 9. Tea Beverages  Black / Green / White / Oolong tea  100% Organic & Caffeine Free  Fruit flavoured tea  Iced tea  Lemon grass tea  semi-black  blended  scented  herbal  floral
  10. 10. Service of Tea at the table The tea cover consists of the following: 1. Tea cups, saucers, tea spoon, is placed right of the customer. 2. Sugar is offered from the customers left. 3. The tea pot and pot of hot water is served from the customers right. 4. The milk is served cold from the customers right.
  11. 11. Making the Tea 1. Use fresh water. 2. Preheat the pot with hot water. 3. When pot is hot, empty water out and add tea. (1 bag per person). 4. When the water has boiled pour into the heated pot. 5. Let the tea infuse for 3 to 5 minutes, stir and serve. 6. Serve a jug of hot water in case the customer requires a weaker flavour.
  12. 12. Prepare and serve Hot Drinks General procedure • Always serve drinks at the correct temperature • Serve tea and coffee freshly-made and in prewarmed pots. • To retained the temperature, coffee/tea cups should be warmed. • Serve drinks from the customers right.
  13. 13. Steps of Service • Prepare misc-en-place ingredients and equipment prior to service. • Identify the name and style of drink in response to a customer request. • Prepare drinks in accordance to methods, standard recipes and customer requests. • Ensure correct strength, taste, temperature and appearance of drinks. • Present drinks attractively.
  14. 14. Methods of Coffee preparation: – Straight – With accompaniments
  15. 15. Equipment in serving a coffee: – Coffee cup, coffee spoon, coffee cup underliner – Sugar bowl / sachet – Creamer pot + creamer (susu sejat) – Coffee pot –
  16. 16. Serving Drinks  The bar staff need to provide high standards of drinks at the table or for bar service.  Always pay attention to hygiene when preparing drinks.  Always clear up as you go along. Remember No order means no drinks No drinks means no money
  17. 17. QUALITY CHECK (last touch policy) Check if prepared food is within standards Check portioning based on standards Check preparation based on guest request. Check plates used Check cutlery set-up in the table. Check condiments needed Prepare all serving gears
  18. 18. FOOD PRESENTATION Excuse yourself from the guest when ever presenting any food or Beverage Present to guest through the correct serving side (follow sequence of service). Confirm or repeat order while laying items on the table Inform Guest of his / her preference and how it has been prepared. Offer assistance after serving. “Is there anything else I may assist you with Sir/Ma’am?” Thank guest “enjoy your meal/drinks sir/maam”.
  19. 19. Check Satisfaction Check when it is the right time to interrupt. (breaking the silence) Magic word must be expressed before saying something “How’s the food / beverage, how’s the taste? Was it prepared to your satisfaction? “Is there anything else I may assist you with, Sir / Maam? “Thank you very much, enjoy your Meal or Drinks.
  20. 20. Offer desserts and hot beverages. “Excuse me Sir/Ma’am would you like to try our _________ for dessert?” Would you like to have coffee or tea? I suggest you try our new concoction called _______, it’s good and helps for fast digestion. Thank you very much (I’m sure you will like it!)
  21. 21. Guidelines in Serving Beverages…cont. Serve all drinks from the right side or front of the table, which convenient for the guest and the server. always carry beverages and other bar items on a bar tray. Dish out soiled glasses from the right side. Never serve across the table. When pouring drinks from the bottle, turn the bottle slightly toward the right to avoid spills. When pouring wine, never allow the bottle to touch the glass. Check the drink from time to time, pouring the drink for the guest when necessary.
  22. 22. Testable Question Which type of cup- paper, ceramic, or Styrofoam- keeps hot drinks hottest the longest?
  23. 23. ASSIGNMENT (Power point) Both Coffee & Tea – Types – Products – Production – milling etc – Growers - country Complete your assignment with supporting data: i.e pictures etc