8 Common Florida Pest Problems - Prevent Them From Becoming An Issue In Your Home


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http://www.slugabug.com/ - Learn about eight common pest Florida problems as well as how best to deal with fleas, bed bugs, ants, wasps, rodents and termites. For these and all other Brevard County pest control problems, contact Slug-A-Bug, a total pest control services company.

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8 Common Florida Pest Problems - Prevent Them From Becoming An Issue In Your Home

  1. 1. Prevent Them8 COMMON FLORIDA From Becoming An PEST PROBLEMS Issue In Your Home
  2. 2. TICKS  There are 80 dif ferent species of ticks in the US alone which can transmit viral & bacterial diseases including Lyme disease & encephalitis.  Ticks are fairly seasonal creatures. You mainly deal with them during the spring, summer & fall.  To prevent tick problems – treat your pets & use tick repellent on your clothes when outside. Additionally, if you mow on a regular basis & thin the vegetation closest to your proper ty.www.slugabug.com
  3. 3. FLEAS Fleas are fairly seasonal - most prevalent in the spring & summer, though in a nice warm house, they can live all year. Fleas can bite you, your children & pets, so it’s essential to take care of the problem right away. Treating pets is the fir st step. Consult your vet about the best treatment for your pet. From there, it’s best to consult a professi onal Florida pest control company, as you need flea extermination fast, & DIY methods of ten don’t deal with the entire problem.
  4. 4. ANTS Ants can be the toughest Melbourne pest control problems because there aren’t ver y many do-it-yourself solutions that can solve the problem. Once ant pest control problems appear, they will move along your proper ty, creating satellite colonies almost ever ywhere. Even if you maintain the cleanest home & proper ty, one single crumb or a little splash may mean an ant infestation. If you do notice an ant problem, contacting professional ant pest control right away is the only way to ensure the problem doesn’t continue.
  5. 5. BED BUGS These tiny creatures will feast on you and your pets blood night af ter night. Bed bugs can live almost anywhere, not just your bedroom. You can bring bed bugs in through a multitude of dif ferent methods – on furniture from a secondhand store, recent hotel room stay, your child’s sleepover guest or from a backpack brought home from school , the result is always the same – big trouble. The only good solution is to call in a professi onal bed bug exterminator the moment you notice the problem. They’ll not only eliminate the infestation, but of fer you a follow -up inspection to make cer tain they’re gone.
  6. 6. WASPS & BEES Bee stings can be ver y serious for many people. If you have bee allergies in your home then dealing with a wasp or bee problem immediately is a must. If you’re not sure whether you’re dealing with a wasp infestation or a problem with another type of stinging insect, your best fir st bet is to contact a pest and wasp control company to locate the nesting site and deal with the problem. To prevent problems, don’t leave food and drink outside. Cover your garbage cans with tight lids, and if you do have a drink outside, make sure your glass is covered.
  7. 7. ROACHES  If you’ve seen one roach in your home, chances are good that you have hundreds. Unfor tunately, handling roaches on your own can be tough. There are 4 dif ferent common roach species that are common throughout the U.S.  Keeping your home clean is a good way to deal with roaches, but even clean homes can have a roach problem.  Water damage can also lead to roach infestations, so if you have a leak , a drain problem, or condensati on issues, get them taken care of immediately.  Don’t mess with treating the problem on your own - chances are you will not be able to eliminate the entire problem. Instead, contact a roach control company immediately.
  8. 8. RODENTS Rodents are small, but they can mean serious problems for your family.  They have the ability to contaminate your food supplies & through par ts of your home, including your wiring & furniture. Rats have even been known to bite people.  You can handle some home prevention on your own by cleaning up any food spills you have, repairing any cracks or holes in your home & cleaning up unmanaged brush.  If you have a rodent problem, though, those simple traps probably aren’t going to handle the entire problem for you. Your best bet is to contact a pest and rodent control professi onal to help you deal with the issue for good.
  9. 9. TERMITES  Termites manage to do $ 1 .5 billion in proper ty damage throughout the U.S. ever y single year. If you find winged termites inside your home or mud tubes outside, the chances are good that you have a ver y serious problem on your hands.  DIY treatments are not as ef fective as professional termite treatments.  There are ways to prevent termites.  Repair all leaks immediately as well as the damage they’ve caused.  Remove any brush from near your home  Keep firewood or building materials stacked well away from the house.  If you do notice a termite problem, call a Brevard County termite control company for an immediate evaluation.
  10. 10. BREVARD COUNT Y PEST CONTROL EXPERTS Slug- A-Bug is the largest independently owned pest controlcompany in Brevard County, we of fer cutting edge solutions to help you deal with your bed bug problem for good.