MoZeus Worldwide 2012

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  • 1. TheSMART Activator,the Most Used Marketing App in theWORLD!
  • 2. THE NEXT GENERATION OF DOES, MoZeusDOESThe SMART Activator,the Most Used Marketing App in the WORLD! Visit
  • 3. SMART Generator Data Collection Lead Generation SimplifiedThe SMART Generator Data Capture App isa simplified, cost efficient, lead generationtool built with real-time functionality - put-ting you in control. The application can runon a smartphone or tablet, enabling over-the-air wireless updates and real-time up-loading.NO INTERNET REQUIREDCapture consumer data without beingconnected to the internet and decrease thestress of your Event Managers. Apps don’tneed internet access!LAUNCH QUICKLYCreate a fully customized Data Capture App indays not weeks, for half the cost.BRANCHING LOGICDesign surveys with branching logic allowingyou to speed thru the process and capturemore leads.AUTOMATED EMAIL RESPONSE SYSTEMTurn your leads into customers quickly byusing MoZeus’ Automated Email Follow-UpSystem. Visit
  • 4. SMART Photo Overlay The Future of Photo MarketingThe SMART Overlay is the most popular choiceby brands and agencies for exciting photopromotions and real-time data collection. TheSMART Overlay system allows clients to quicklycapture valid data on-site at an event and sendthe final, composited image to the consumerin real-time.This technology represents the mostsophisticated solution available today,especially if you’re looking to get brandedphotos posted on Facebook and capture validemail addresses in the process. Start Screen & Data Collection Custom HTML Email REAL-TIME DELIVERY & INSTANT SHARING Deliver Photos instantly for immediate sharing & gratification – then watch your Facebook stats grow. FACEBOOK POSTS More than 50% of photos taken with the SMART Overlay solution get posted to Facebook. FACEBOOK VIEWS On average, the viral impact of a MoZeus SMART Overlay campaign exceeds 1000%. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? If you take one thousand photos, more than 10,000 will be viewed on Facebook, with the Green Screen Results without a Green Brand at the center of attention. Screen Backdrop Visit
  • 5. SMART Green Screen Quick Set-up, Quality ResultsThe MoZeus SMART Green Screen was designedfor the client who’s tired of cumbersomeequipment and complicated hardware, such asspecial cameras, computers, or LCD screens thatare expensive to ship. MoZeus SMART GreenScreen offers a simple, hassle free solution. ELIMINATE CUMBERSOME EQUIPMENT Eliminate expensive, tech-savvy event managers and cumbersome equipment. LAUNCH QUICKLY Launch a new Green Screen program within hours – no microsite or photo locator cards required. DELIVER PHOTOS IN REAL-TIME Send the final image directly to a phone or email address, creating immediate, real-time gratification. CREATE FACEBOOK SUCCESS Watch your program grow virally as you can expect 50% of your photos to be posted to Facebook and more than 1000% viewed. Visit
  • 6. SMART Video & Signature Capture Create Unique Videos With Overlay TechnologyThe MoZeus SMART Video System allowspartners to create exciting promotions byintegrating brand assets into the feed and endresult. Video applications can include signaturecollection software that allows brands toget consent from the consumer to use thefootage for future marketing campaigns (TVcommercials, web ads, etc.). Start Screen Email Capture Smart Signature Capture Video Capture SMART Video Benefits  Collect valuable personal data quickly & cost effectively.  Engage consumers in unobtrusive manners.  Improve viral marketing initiatives.  Capture signatures from consumers digitally.  Deliver videos to email inboxes immediately. Custom HTML Email Visit
  • 7. SMART Instant Wins A Unique Tool to Capture Qualified LeadsUsing the SMART Prize software within the SMART Activator,brands and agencies can utilize assets like special t-shirts andother common premiums to successfully engage consumersand more importantly, captured qualified leads.Add a SMART Instant Win Game to any program for as little as$1,500. Devleopment time for SMART Instant Wins can take aslittle as two weeks. Instant Win Options  Branded instant wins  Interactive flash animations  Tweet-up sweepstakes The MoZeus Inventory Console allows Brand Ambassadors to change the odds or ratios on the fly to monitor your prize inventory. Visit
  • 8. SMART Games Promoting Your Brand in Fun WaysIn 2010, MoZeus Worldwide launched a seriesof interactive games on mobile devices tohelp brands and agencies successfully engageconsumers in non-traditional manners andcollect data in the process.MoZeus can develop and design a variety ofgames quickly and cost efficiently. In less thana week, consumers can play a fully brandedgame specific to your event. Custom Games Include:  Racing Games  Sports Games  Spin the Wheel  Magic 8 Ball  Branded Trivia  Simon Says  Photo Scrambles Visit
  • 9. SMART Donator The Perfect Solution for Cause MarketingThe SMART Donator mobile payment processingsystem built into the SMART Activator app allowsbrands or organizations to engage consumers infun ways PRIOR to asking for a donation.Upon being engaged by a Brand Ambassadorwith a MoZeus promotional tool like a specialphoto opportunity or instant win game,consumers then have the option to make adonation by swiping their credit card via theRoam Data technology. The credit card data isencrypted immediately and all transactions areprocessed in real-time meaning no data is storedon the mobile device. The Roam Data technologyis 100% PCI-DSS certified and the most securesolution available today.MoZeus can also include digital signaturewaiver’s and terms and condition pages withinthe respective work-flow. Visit
  • 10. SMART Stations & Consumer Tracking Multiple Engagement Tools on One PlatformUtilizing the SMART Activator, MoZeus helps it’s partners deliver different engagements on smartphones ortablets by creating different experiences on each device. The MoZeus SMART Tracking software allows brandsto easily learn about consumer preferences while capturing data in the process. Data Capture License Scanner Trivia Photo Overlay Video Overlay Instant Win Visit
  • 11. SMART Social Networking Creating Experiences That Go ViralThe MoZeus infrastructure was designed forsocial networking mediums like Facebook orTwitter. MoZeus specializes in improving viralmarketing initiatives by allowing consumers toSHARE branded photos or videos on the webalmost instantaneously, as MoZeus deliverscontent like photos and videos in real-time.FACEBOOK POSTSMore than 50% of photos taken with the SMARTOverlay solution get posted to Facebook.FACEBOOK VIEWSOn average, the viral impact of a MoZeus SMARTOverlay campaign exceeds 1000%.WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?If you take one thousand photos, more than10,000 will be viewed on Facebook, with theBrand at the center of attention. INCREASE FACEBOOK LIKES MoZeus also helps partners increase “LIKES” on their Facebook brand page by incorporating links that direct you to these domains. Visit
  • 12. SMART Console Dashboard Real-Time Access, With Real-Time ResultsOne of the distinct advantages ofusing the MoZeus SMART Activator ishaving access to the SMART Console –the online web portal that allows youto view results and make changes inreal-time.The SMART Console has a varietyof features and benefits for clientsto have a complete understandingof their results. Tour Managers andbrand ambassadors can even accessthe SMART Console on mobile devicesin the field to measure real-timeprogress. SMART Console Benefits • Live, 24/7, stat reports and results at no additional cost. • Automated Email Reports. • Premium Data Exporting. • Real-Time access to the dashboard with unlimited users. Visit
  • 13. Partnership Contact Charles Jones MoZeus 352.514.3065