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Accessibility summit 2011

  1. 1. w .o rg R u No mmit StebilityS gi i Re ccess .A w wwat Accessibility summit A National Conference for the Disability Community encouraging greater inclusion in work, School, Church, and Community April 1-2, 2011 washington, DC DISCOVER • CONNECT • GROW
  2. 2. Accessibility Summit Featured Speakers If you can only attend one disability conference in 2011— Opening Presentation Friday, April 1st – 7:00 PM • Smith Center this is the one you won’t want to miss! Jon SheptockThe 2011 Accessibility Summit, being held at McLean Bible Church on April 1-2, is a special opportunity for adults with Jon Sheptock was born without arms and a short right leg. In the midst of a young life that includeddisabilities, families, caregivers, faith-based organizations, educators, community leaders, and other professionals to come abandonment by his birth mother and tremendous physical challenges, he found his voice. Hetogether in one place. Attendees will return home with exciting ideas, innovative strategies, and valuable resources that began singing in churches at the age of three and has been performing ever since. Jon was adoptedwill make a real difference in their homes, churches, and communities. by Joanne and Rudy Sheptock, who opened their home to numerous unwanted and severely disabled children. The little boy who began life alone would eventually have 36 siblings. Married30 Disability-Related Workshops to Staci, they are the proud parents of three beautiful daughters. When Jon is not traveling theThe Accessibility Summit encourages greater inclusion in work, school, church, and community for for individuals impacted country sharing his message and music, he is a stay-at-home dad, who uses his feet and legs toby disability. Attendees will choose from 30 workshops on relevant topics presented by national and community experts. do everything: comb his hair, brush his teeth, dress and feed himself, and care for his children. HisFamilies, caregivers, faith-based organizations, educators, community leaders, and other professionals will have multiple first CD is entitled “In God’s Hands”, and his second CD is scheduled for release in April 2011.opportunities to discover new and innovative therapies; explore the latest in technology and services; gain greater under-standing of the importance of life skills and self-advocacy; understand the importance of strengthening family connections; Keynote Addresshear proven models for launching and sustaining effective disability ministries; gather important resource material; learn Saturday, April 2nd – 9:00 AM • Smith Centereffective strategies for managing classroom behavior; experience the inspiring personal accounts of individuals who have Dr. Temple Grandin: Overcoming the Challenges of Disabilityovercome the challenges of disability; and meet others connected to and passionate about the disability community. Dr. Temple Grandin is a well-known and highly-accomplished professional with Autism. Her fascinating life, with all of its challenges and successes, was recentlyOver 60 Exhibits documented in an Emmy award-winning HBO film entitled Temple Grandin, starringWhen visiting the Exhibit area, conference attendees will find over 60 exhibitors representing a broad range of companies Claire Danes. In 2010, Time magazine named Dr. Grandin one of its “100 Mostand organizations showcasing products and services of interest to those with special needs. You won’t want to miss Influential People.” She has written numerous books, including her most recentthis opportunity to connect with companies, service providers, and associations who will be exhibiting at the 2011 bestseller entitled The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism and Asperger’s.Accessibility Summit. Two of her other books, Animals in Translation and Animals Make Us Human, were both on the New York Times bestseller list. Her book, Emergence: LabeledExhibit Hours Summit Site Autistic, stunned the world because, until its publication, most professionals and parents alike assumed that a diagnosis of Autism placed definite limits onFriday, April 1 st Saturday, April 2 nd McLean Bible Church an individual’s potential for achievement. Professionally, Dr. Grandin designs5:00-7:00 PM 8:00-9:00 AM 8925 Leesburg Pike livestock handling facilities and is a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado7:45-8:15 PM 10:15-10:45 AM Vienna, VA 22182 State University. In North America alone, almost half of the cattle are handled 12:00-1:30 PM in equipment designed by her. She has developed animal welfare guidelines for the meat industry and serves as a consultant for companies such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. She credits her visual thinking and systemizing mind, both characteristics of Autism, for her ability to “think like a cow.” Exhibit, Sponsor, and Advertising Opportunities Would your company or organization benefit from exposure at a conference that is specifically McLean Bible Church invites you to attend services while at the 2011 Accessibility Summit. targeted to the disability community? Join the numerous disability-related companies and organi- zations that will sponsor, exhibit, and advertise at the 2011 Accessibility Summit. For more MBC’s Weekend Service Schedule: information on promotional opportunities and pricing, please visit the Summit website at Saturday, April 2: 6:30 PM or contact, 703-770-2980. Sunday, April 3: 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM (sign interpreted), 12:30 PM Exhibitors who register by February 18, 2011 receive the EARLY BIRD discounted rate of $219. *Featured Summit Guest Artist, Jon Sheptock, will perform at the Saturday and Sunday services listed above. Sunday, April 3: 5:30 PM Frontline Service (especially for young adults)2 Discover • Connect • Grow 3
  3. 3. Accessibility Summit ScheduleSpecial Add-on Workshops Conference SchedulePre-conference Workshops Friday, April 1st 3:00-5:00 PM Pre-conference Workshops Access UNplugged Access UNpluggedFriday, April 1st, 3:00-5:00 PM Cost: $20 Built to Last—Sustaining a Disability MinistryAccess Ministry staff will present the most requested workshop for visiting churches. This two hour seminar allows visiting 5:00-7:00 PM Registration and Exhibit Hall Openministry staff and volunteer leaders to learn first-hand about the many programs Access Ministry offers, including Beautiful 7:00-7:45 PM Welcome: Jackie Mills-Fernald, Director of Access MinistryBlessings Sunday school; Break Out and Breakaway weekend respite care; Signs of Life (Deaf community); the FriendshipClub (young adults with intellectual disability); Community-wide Vacation Bible School; Soaring Over Seven summer camp; Guest Artist: Jon Sheptockyouth, sibling support, and parent events. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and tour the Access 7:45-8:15 PM Break/Exhibitsfacilities. This is the only time during the Summit that the Access area will be open to attendees. 8:15-9:15 PM Workshop Session #1Moderator: Jackie Mills-Fernald, Director, Access Ministry, McLean Bible Church Saturday, April 2nd Built to Last—Sustaining a Disability Ministry 8:00-9:00 AM Registration and Exhibit Hall OpenFriday, April 1st, 3:00-5:00 PM Cost: $20 9:00-10:15 AM Welcome: Jackie Mills-Fernald, Director of Access MinistryViability? Growth Plan? Greater Kingdom Impact? How do the experts in disability ministry and outreach keep their Keynote Address: Dr. Temple Grandin: “Overcoming the Challenges of Disability”programs fresh? Hear from a panel of national leaders as they share tips, strategies, and best practices that will help your 10:15-10:45 AM Break/Exhibitschurch sustain its disability ministry, keep it from stalling or, worse yet, completely burning out. Launching a disability ministry 10:45-12:00 PM Workshop Session #2is a major accomplishment, but growing and maintaining it can present a new set of challenges. Our panelists have over 70 years 12:00-12:30 PM Exhibitsof combined expertise and wisdom to offer as they provide you with innovative ideas for keeping your disability ministry 12:30-1:30 PM Lunch/Exhibitsvibrant and relevant, now and far into the future. 1:30-3:00 PM Workshop Session #3Moderator: Jim Pierson, CCFH Ministries, Knoxville, TN 3:15-4:45 PM Post-conference Workshop – Walk in My ShoesConnie Hutchinson, First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, CA; Harmony Hensley, Vineyard Community Church, Cincinnati, OH;Amy Kendall, Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA; Debbie Getty Engle, Heartland Community Church, Rockford, IL Hotel AccommodationsPost-conference Workshop For the sixth year, the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Tysons Corner will serve as the host hotel. To make hotel reservations, please visit our website at or contact: Walk in My Shoes Crowne Plaza (, April 2nd, 3:15-4:45 PM Cost: $20 Tyson’s CornerYou won’t want to miss this special post-conference workshop and the opportunity to hear from a panel of self-advocates 1960 Chain Bridge Road(persons with disabilities) as they openly share their hopes and dreams for the future regarding home, work, faith, community, McLean, VA 22102and relationships. As they discuss their every day lives, attendees will develop a better understanding and appreciation of 703-893-2100what it is like to grow up and live life as an individual with special needs. With support and cooperation, these individuals areproductive citizens, who give us hope for a future of even greater inclusion. • The conference rate is $92 plus tax per night for a double or king room. Fully accessible rooms are available, but must be requested when making reservations.Moderator: Donna Goldbranson, Executive Director of SPARC , SPecially Adapted Resource Clubs • Online reservations can be made at Attendees must make their own reservations and are responsible for any changes or cancellations. Jill’s House Tour • When calling for reservations, please identify yourself as a Summit attendee to receive the Conference Rate, which is While attending the Summit, visitors from outside of the DC metro area may sign up for an exclusive tour of Jill’s valid Wednesday, March 30th through Sunday, April 3rd. House, the new 42,000-square foot “respite resort” that McLean Bible Church and Access Ministry helped launch in • A block of rooms has been reserved for attendees, but quantities are limited. To qualify for the Conference Rate, October 2010. Jill’s House provides overnight respite care for children with intellectual disabilities and includes a reservations must be made by March 1, 2011. After that date, reservations will only be accepted on a space-available pool, gym, library, art room, music room, and more. Tours will be offered only on Friday, April 1st at 4:45 PM, 5:15 PM, basis and the discounted rate may not apply. and 5:30 PM, but space is limited. Those wishing to take a tour can sign up at, after • The Crowne Plaza Hotel will provide complimentary shuttle service to and from the Summit. A shuttle schedule will be they have registered for the conference. Jill’s House offers tours every Thursday morning at 9:00 AM, for those in the provided at hotel check-in and posted on the Summit website prior to the conference. DC metro area who would like to visit the facility.4 Discover • Connect • Grow 5
  4. 4. Accessibility Summit Family and Caregiver Workshops1-1 Including Dad-An Important Link for Children 1-4 Increasing Independence for People with 3-1 Getting the Right Special Education for Your Childwith Special Needs Special Needs This workshop will provide a brief overview of specialMany of the supports and services offered to families are One day, the school bus will stop coming. What happens education laws. The majority of the workshop will be devotedcentered on the children and their mothers, often leaving then? Now is the time to focus on that day. Identify the skills to negotiation and communication strategies for parents tofathers out by default. As fathers, many of us are unaware needed to maximize independence in all areas, including use when working with school systems. These negotiationthat our parenting styles differ significantly from those of employment and the community, while establishing a and communication techniques, which are used by experi-mothers and why we hold such an important role in our desirable quality of life. Determine how to estimate your enced attorneys and advocates, can be adapted by parentschildren’s lives. Male involvement is a critical aspect in the child’s rate of progress, so you can plan for the worst and in advocating for their own children. The techniques are nothealthy development of all children, including those with hope for the best, based on what is known about develop- magic--but they can often work like magic. You may alreadydisabilities. At the conclusion of this workshop, participants ment and various special needs. With the appropriate know your rights, but do you know how to ensure that yourwill be able to identify the differences between parenting instruction and support, progress can be made at any age. child will be the ultimate beneficiary of those rights? Learnstyles of men and women; understand the unique value of Get started now! how to master the techniques that can help your child getfathers and how their influence provides balance in their Larrie Ellen Randall, Founder and Executive Director, 2-2 Choosing and Prioritizing Therapies for the best possible special education right now!children’s lives; and learn effective strategies for providing Starfish Savers Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Bill Brownley, President, Brownley Law Groupgreater support to all fathers. Vanessa Brownley, Senior and Managing Advocate,W.C. Hoecke, Director of Family Information and Education, So many therapies, so little time and money! How do you deter- Brownley Law GroupFamily Connection of South Carolina mine where to put your resources? A counselor for over 40 years, Patty Lemer, author of EnVISIONing a Bright Future: 3-2 Sibling Perspectives—Life as Part of a1-2 The Special Marriage Interventions that Work for Children and Adults on the Autism Special FamilyIf you have a child or children with special needs, you have a Spectrum, will provide guidance on how simple changes in Having a brother or sister with special needs can be both‘special marriage’. This workshop will examine how families lifestyle can enhance function, including dietary modifica- rewarding and challenging. Hear from our panel of siblingswith special needs can thrive -- how the parents can have a tions, sleep habits, use of technology, and connection withfulfilling and growing relationship; siblings can feel their as they share the joys, frustrations, and concerns about nature. She will review the latest biomedical approaches andneeds are being met; and the child with special needs can get being part of a family impacted by disability. Because a sensory interventions, including occupational, vision, andjust the right amount of attention, so the entire family can brother or sister with special needs is usually the focus listening therapies. Complementary therapies, such as chiro-develop a culture of happiness and growth. As parents, Tim of attention within the family dynamic, understanding practic, homeopathy, neurofeedback, and energy work, willand Dawn have experience with disabilities which gives them the unique perspective and emotional needs of siblings be discussed and guidelines to assist parents and caregiversa unique and personal perspective to the discussion of enables us to relate to and better support THEIR special in choosing appropriate therapies at each age level will bekeeping marriage strong and healthy for families of children needs. This workshop panel, moderated by W.C.Hoecke, provided. Participants will leave with a roadmap for deter-with special needs. Director of Family Information and Education at Family 2-1 Sexuality Education for Young People with mining which therapies are right for their child. Connection of South Carolina, will be made up of youngTim Sweeney, LCSW Special Needs Patricia Lemer, Co-Founder and Executive Director,Dawn Sweeney, Board Member, Save the Children; adults who have grown up as the brother or sister of a sibling Developmental Delay Resources with special needs.CEO, National Restaurant Association Young people with developmental disabilities need a syste- matic instructional approach to learning about relationships,1-3 Listening For Wellness social skills, personal hygiene, boundaries, and safety. These 2-3 Eating and Feeding issues for Children with 3-3 Taking Care of Business—Legally andMusic is known to motivate, relax, and inspire, but it can so-called “life skills” are essential components of a healthy self Special Needs Financially—for Your Child with Special Needsdo much more. Particular sounds, tones, and rhythms can esteem and the ability to make responsible decisions. Led by Feeding, reflux, and other gastrointestinal issues are a frequent You will not want to miss this informative panel discussionempower the mind, unlock creativity, and strengthen the body. clinical social workers who have taught and supervised the occurrence in children with disabilities. The various causes with three legal and financial professionals, all experts inThe ears are the lead sense organ of the body, and a major teaching of sex education in special education settings for and clinical presentations of gastroesophageal reflux and the field of disability. Areas to be addressed will includeportion of the sensory information received by the brain is almost two decades, this workshop will discuss ways in which feeding disorders will be discussed by Dr. Anil Darbari, Guardianship and its alternatives; the ins and outs of quali-processed through the ears, which control balance and sexuality education can enhance self esteem, increase knowledge a highly-regarded expert in the field of Gastroenterology. fying for Social Security Disability and SSI Benefits; and thecoordination. Hearing allows us to receive and express about human biology, improve safety, and promote social He will explain how to identify gastrointestinal problems importance of putting together a comprehensive financiallanguage and plays a vital role in attention, academic perfor- competency. Time will be allocated for audience Q & A. In and what steps need to be taken to effectively address these plan for a family with special needs. There will be time atmance, and social skills. Research in neuroscience has proven addition, a list of relevant education resources for individuals challenges. He will also address the medical and diagnostic the end of the workshop for audience questions. In additionthe brain’s ability to change itself. With proper sensory with special needs will be provided. approaches to these disorders and the importance and value to being experienced and qualified professionals, thesestimulation, new neuropathways develop, leading to gains of a team approach in caring for children with these issues. panelists have a personal connection as parents of children Sherrie Vavrichek, LCSW, AASECT Certified Sex Educator,in motor, cognitive, emotional and social skills. In this Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington Dr. Anil Darbari, Director of Comprehensive Gastrointestinal with special needs. Participants will come away from thisworkshop, participants will learn how to use music to help Motility Center, Children’s National Medical Center, workshop with a clear understanding of what they need totheir children, as well as enhance their own personal wellness. R. Kay Tolle, LCSW and Coordinator of Mental Health Washington, DC know and do to adequately protect and ensure the future of Counseling, Ivymount School, Rockville, MDLaurie Chuba, Founder, Learning Integrations their family. Michael Toobin, Esquire, Law Offices of Michael Toobin Sheri Abrams, Attorney at Law, Needham, Mitnick and Pollack Proceeds from the 2011 Accessibility Summit will benefit Maedi Tanham Carney, CFP, M&L Special Needs Planning SOARING OVER SEVEN A summer camp program for children with special needs and their siblings. Speaker biographies available at www.AccessibilitySummit.org6 Discover • Connect • Grow 7
  5. 5. Accessibility Summit Workshop Schedule 2011 Accessibility Summit CODE Family and Caregiver CODE Church CODE Community and Professional Including Dad—An Important Link for Children Keeping Disability Ministry Safe Easy Targets: Bullying and Students with Disabilities with Special Needs Jim Pierson, CCFH Ministries Dr. Vicky Spencer 1-1 W.C. Hoecke 1-5 Jackie Mills-Fernald, McLean Bible Church 1-9 George Mason University and Helen A. Kellar Institute Family Connection of South Carolina Pre-Conference Workshops The Special Marriage Revolutionizing Respite: A Relational Approach Managing and Treating Extreme Behaviors Tim Sweeney, LCSW Rebecca Hamiliton, Key Ministry Dr. Michael Kronen Access UNplugged 1-2 Dawn Sweeney, Save the Children 1-6 Libby Peterson, Bay Presbyterian Church 1-10 Department of Pediatrics Friday, 3:00-5:00 PM Workshop Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children Session #1 Listening for Wellness Power of Perceptions and Their Impact on Radical Inclusion Seizure Recognition, Prevention, and Safety Built to Last— Friday, 8:15-9:15 PM Laurie Chuba Debbie Getty Engle Dana Douglas 1-3 Learning Integrations 1-7 Heartland Community Church 1-11 Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia Sustaining a Disability Ministry Friday, 3:00-5:00 PM Increasing Independence for People with Bridging the Gap in Disability Ministry Telecommunication Developments for the Visually Special Needs Amy Kendall and Hearing-Impaired 1-4 Larrie Ellen Randall 1-8 Saddleback Church 1-12 Mike Starling Starfish Savers National Public Radio Sexuality Education for Young Adults with Turning Life’s Challenges into God’s Victories See the Possibilities and Seize the Day Special Needs Jon Sheptock Suzanne Noble 2-1 Sherrie Vavrichek & Kay Tolle 2-4 Jon Sheptock Ministries 2-7 Evidence Performing Arts Center Life Cycle Education Consultants Choosing & Prioritizing Therapies for Individuals Reconciling Dreams, Banishing Guilt, and Overcoming The Crisis in Disability Housing Workshop with Autism Spectrum Disorders Grief JaLynn Prince Session #2 2-2 Patricia Lemer 2-5 Jolene Philo 2-8 Madison House Foundation Saturday, 10:45-12:00 PM Developmental Delay Resources Author of A Different Dream for My Child Eating and Feeding Issues for Children with Ready, Set, GO—Launching a Disability Ministry Autism and My Sensory-Based World Post-Conference 2-3 Special Needs 2-6 Jackie Mills-Fernald 2-9 Dr. Temple Grandin Dr. Anil Darbari McLean Bible Church Professor, Author, and Advocate Workshop Children’s National Medical Center Walk in My Shoes Getting the Right Special Education for your Child Communicating Without Opening Your Mouth Assistive Technology: Advocating Present & Future Saturday, 3:15-4:45 PM 3-1 Bill and Vanessa Brownley 3-4 Barbara Newman 3-7 Mark Smith Brownley Law Group Author of Autism and Your Church Education Study Group Sibling Perspectives—Life as Part of a Special Family Fully Integrating People of All Abilities into the Church Facilitating Social Connections for Young Adults with Disabilities Workshop 3-2 W.C. Hoecke, Moderator Family Connection of South Carolina 3-5 Connie Hutchinson First Evangelical Free Church 3-8 Donna Goldbranson Session #3 SPARC Saturday, 1:30-3:00 PM Taking Care of Business—Legally and Financially— Inclusion Outreach: Reaching OUT to Bring Them IN Autism: A Comprehensive Overview of Diagnosis, for your Child with Special Needs Harmony Hensley Treatment, and Research 3-3 Michael Toobin, Esquire, Law Offices of Michael Toobin 3-6 Vineyard Community Church and Key Ministry 3-9 Dr. Michael Oberschneider; Dr. Amy Gordon; Sheri Abrams, Attorney, Needham, Mitnick & Pollack Dr. Margaret Wong; Dr. Jay Lucker Maedi Tanham Carney, M & L Special Needs Planning Ashburn Psychological Services8 Discover • Connect • Grow 9
  6. 6. Accessibility Summit Church Workshops1-5 Keeping Disability Ministry Safe 1-7 The Power of Perceptions and Their Impact 2-5 Reconciling Dreams, Banishing Guilt, and 3-4 Communicating Without Opening Your MouthJoin two disability ministry experts for an interactive on Radical Inclusion Overcoming Grief This workshop, presented by Barbara Newman, author ofworkshop focused on running and maintaining the safest What factors influence our perceptions of others? How The emotional impact of parenting a child with special needs Autism and Your Church, will focus on non-verbal commu-possible programs. What are the unique challenges and do our perceptions of others impact interaction with and begins at diagnosis and continues throughout the child’s life. nication strategies to facilitate worship; promote helpfulconcerns in caring for and serving those with disabilities? inclusion of others? How can we change our perceptions In this workshop, Jolene Philo, author of A Different Dream for transitions; introduce changes in schedule; prepare individualsMedical and safety protocols will be discussed, in addition so that we become a radically inclusive community? In this My Child, will identify the emotional responses of parents, for a new environments; and support emotional and behavioralto behavioral challenges and effective management of interactive hands-on workshop, participants will experience which are universal to any special needs diagnosis, including management, using a wide variety of available tools. Additionalemergency situations. There will also be a focus on the some of the deeper issues experienced by those who live lost dreams, guilt, and grief. The manifestations of these areas of discussion will include ways to encourage conversationsvolunteer process and the importance of adequate training with a disability. We will look at ways of changing our emotions will be described, and available strategies and with God in worship through the use of pictures and visualsto ensure the safest possible environment for those with perceptions and helping those around us to do the same. supports for families will be explored. The information in prayer; movement tools and signs in praise and worship;disabilities. Debbie Getty Engle, Lighthouse Ministry of Heartland presented in this workshop was gathered during numerous visuals and supports in pastoral care situations; and visual artsJim Pierson, President Emeritus, CCFH Ministries Community Church, Rockville, IL interviews with parents of children with special needs, as and drama to help people with disabilities understand the well as the educators and health care professionals who Word of God.Jackie Mills-Fernald, Director of Access Ministry, McLean support them.Bible Church 1-8 Bridging the Gap in Disability Ministry Barbara Newman, Author; Consultant for CLC Network Do you often feel like an “island” while serving in disability Jolene Philo, Author1-6 Revolutionizing Respite: A Relational Approach ministry? This workshop will help you “bridge the gap” by 3-5 Fully Integrating People of All Abilities intoThe idea of respite isn’t new… after all, on the seventh day, providing practical tools and strategies to create working the ChurchGod rested. Parents of children with special needs are relationships with other ministries in your church. We will God gives talents and abilities to all people. To believers, Heoften exhausted. In this session, attendees will learn how look at how God can and will use you to create awareness and also gives spiritual gifts. These talents and spiritual gifts givenproviding these families with meaningful rest can point educate others on the impact of disability ministry. We will to believers are to be used in the building up of the Bodythem to Christ. Many churches currently hold respite events, discuss how to open doors to other ministries and allow for of Christ, to glorify God, and to serve one another.but what if we personally invest in building a relationship inclusion of individuals with disabilities when appropriate This truth applies equally to all people, whether disabledwith the family—offering help on their turf where they need or desired and how best to present these opportunities or not. In this workshop, we will discuss ways our membersit most? This is relational respite, bringing the church to the to families. with disabilities can use their spiritual gifts, talents, and lifefamily, instead of asking the family to come to church. Amy Kendall, Special Needs Coordinator, experiences to serve Christ in our local churches. We will alsoRelational respite can bring the families of children with Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA discuss the importance of including people with disabilitiesspecial needs and the church together, and in the process, in all aspects of the church—membership, baptism, missions,change everyone, for God’s glory. 2-4 Turning Life’s Challenges into God’s Victories and leadership roles, when appropriate. Numerous case You won’t want to miss hearing Jon Sheptock share his studies will be presented.Rebecca Hamilton, Executive Director, Key Ministry personal story. Born with no arms and a short right leg, he Connie Hutchinson, Director of Disability Ministries, FirstLibby Peterson, Director of Family Ministries, was adopted by Joanne and Rudy Sheptock, who opened Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, CABay Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, OH their home to numerous unwanted and severely disabled 2-6 Ready, Set, GO—Launching a Disability Ministry children. The baby boy, abandoned by a birthmother who 3-6 Inclusion Outreach: Reaching OUT to Bring them IN could not even bring herself to hold him, would come to Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of opening your doors to People with disabilities are the single most unchurched group have 36 siblings. Life was never easy for Jon. Because of his those with disabilities? Not sure you’re quite ready to take such in the world. So what do we do about that? This workshop will physical disabilities, he was confronted by cruel stares and a big step? Do you need more time to develop your plan and present ideas on how to reach OUT and bring them IN; share ridicule, as well as a sense of abandonment and self-doubt. establish an effective strategy? In this workshop, Jackie Mills- the good news about Jesus; and get everyone engaged in the Jon is a wonderful example of how we can all find ways to Fernald will provide you with basic steps and best practices Kingdom. Discussion will include what it means to be “outward turn life’s challenges into victories. You will leave this for starting a disability ministry. Taking that first, big step is focused”; review working models of inclusion outreach; and workshop feeling inspired and grateful for God’s blessings always the most difficult. You’ll walk away from this workshop learn how to maximize inclusion outreach through strategic in your life. with a game plan and clear vision of how you and your church community partnerships. The presentation is ideal for all can move forward and impact those with disabilities in a churches, regardless of size and scope, and participants Jon Sheptock, Jon Sheptock Ministries meaningful way. will receive tools to take home and launch programming Jackie Mills-Fernald, Director of Access Ministry, in their area. McLean Bible Church Harmony Hensley, Pastor & Director of Outreach & Inclusion, Vineyard Community Church, Cincinnati and Consultant for Key Ministry Register before February 18th and save! Attendees may register for workshops in any category: Family/Caregiver, Group discounts are also available. Church, or Community/Professional Visit or call 703-770-2918 for more information.10 Discover • Connect • Grow 11
  7. 7. Accessibility Summit Community and Professional Workshops1-9 Easy Targets: Bullying and Students with 2-8 The Crisis in Disability Housing 3-8 Facilitating Social Connections for Young AdultsDisabilities Do you know where your loved one with special needs will live with DisabilitiesAs students with disabilities are increasingly being taught when you can no longer care for him or her? As the number of Facilitating social connections and supporting young adults aswith their non-disabled peers, there is the possibility for an individuals with disabilities increases, it is becoming more they explore new opportunities to be a dynamic part of theirincreased risk of bullying. Parents of children with disabili- difficult to find appropriate housing. This workshop will offer community can be challenging. The staff of SPARC will exploreties are often left wondering whether or not their child is an overview of current private, public, and faith-based residential ways to foster vital social connections that young adults withbeing bullied, particularly in the case of children who are options for those with disabilities. Housing trends, questions and without disabilities desire. Positive ways of coachingnon-verbal. In this workshop, Dr. Spencer will explain the to consider, and the importance of planning ahead will be personal support attendants and the young adults who hireimportance of no tolerance/no bullying programs at school; discussed. In the shadow of growing waitlists, emerging them to achieve strong relationships, while maintainingdetail how to advocate for such a program if it doesn’t exist residential models are casting a bright light on the future appropriate professionalism, will be examined. This dynamicand assist in its implementation; and provide examples of residential needs of our loved ones. However, you cannot panel will share examples of challenging social situationsother ways parents can actively participate to ensure that afford to wait until you are faced with an immediate need. confronting parents, caregivers, and peers. Participants will 1-12 Telecommunication Developments for thetheir child does not become an easy target. The presentation JaLynn Prince, Founder and President, Madison House leave with a stronger understanding of how to facilitate newwill include an overview of this serious issue and provide specific Visually and Hearing-Impaired Foundation relationships with confidence, while maintaining a balanceinformation on how parents and educators can work together Learn about current research and development efforts for that benefits the young adult with a provide a safe learning environment for all students. the creation of accessible public radio services for those 2-9 Autism and My Sensory-Based World Donna Goldbranson, Founder and Executive Director of SPARC, with visual or hearing impairments. Mike Starling, the SPecially Adapted Resource ClubsVicky G. Spencer, PhD, Associate Professor, George Mason In this workshop, Dr. Temple Grandin, internationally-knownUniversity; Assistant Director of Operations, Helen A. Kellar Executive Director of the Technology Research Center and author, speaker, and advocate for Autism, will discuss various Monica Benteler, Director of Programs; Michelle Burchett,Institute for Human Disabilities NPR Labs, will talk about the technology his teams are using areas of interest to those impacted by Autism Spectrum Program Specialist; Michelle Barbiere, Program Specialist; to provide radio services to unserved and underserved Disorders. Included in her presentation: how individuals with Brian Quigley, Program Facilitator1-10 Managing and Treating Extreme Behaviors audiences. Topics include transmission of closed-captioned Autism think; the value of early education intervention; social radio broadcasts for the hearing impaired, which is set toIn this workshop, Dr. Michael Kronen of the Department of launch in April 2011, as well as developments that would interaction with shared interests; the importance of basic life 3-9 Autism: A Comprehensive Overview of Diagnosis,Pediatrics at Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children, will provide skills; sensory oversensitivity; learning job skills that will lead Treatment, and Research allow blind and low-vision listeners to capture individualan overview of extreme and aggressive behaviors in children to meaningful employment; and much more. You will not want In this workshop, Ashburn Psychological Services clinicians stories by topic for on-demand listening.with disabilities and strategies for managing them. Some to miss this insightful and enlightening presentation by the will present best practices for the assessment and treatmentbehaviors can be addressed with behavioral interventions; Mike Starling, Vice President, National Public Radio; world’s most well-known adult with Autism. Executive Director, Technology Research Center and NPR Labs of Autism. The presenters will address the importance of earlyothers require medical attention; and in some cases, medica- Dr. Temple Grandin, Professor at Colorado State University, intervention and the gold standards for developmental,tions are indicated. He will focus on a review of how medications Author, and Advocate neuropsychological, speech and language, and auditorycan be used, a complex, and often misunderstood, issue. There 2-7 See the Possibilities and Seize the Day processing evaluations. The importance of accurate diagnosisare many causes of extreme and aggressive behaviors, and The words “intellectually challenged” and “artistically gifted” 3-7 Assistive Technology: Advocating Present involving a child’s relative strengths and weaknesses andno single treatment. Treatment varies, depending on the are usually not thought to describe the same person, but and Future coordinating therapies and treatments across disciplines willindividual child, and results are most effective when the root often, the combination exists. The Evidence Performing Arts From mind-controlled wheelchairs to iPads and social also be discussed. The workshop will close with a specialcause is treated, rather than the actual behavior. Center (EPAC) Director and former Director of “the Miracles” networking, existing and future Assistive Technology will be tribute to Dr. Stanley Greenspan, his contribution to the field,Dr. Michael Kronen, Department of Pediatrics, Inova Fairfax (a nationally known choir and model for the International surveyed, providing a menu of what’s available for parents and and a discussion of where the scientific research for AutismHospital for Children Very Special Arts organization), Suzanne Noble will share educators, as well as individuals with physical and/or intellec- is headed. how artistically gifted and intellectually challenged adults can further develop their talents. At the EPAC, music, theater, tual special needs. This presentation will look at Assistive Michael Oberschneider, Psy.D, Clinical Psychologist;1-11 Seizure Recognition, Prevention, and Safety Technology (any technology used to compensate for a special Amy Gordon, Ph.D, Neuropsychologist; Margaret Wong, Ph.D, and visual arts are used to foster the development ofSeizures can be a frightening experience. This workshop will need) as it exists today and discuss how that definition is Clinical Psychologist; Jay R. Lucker, Ed.D., Speech & Language self-confidence, self-esteem, improved social skills, and and Auditory Processing Specialistenable parents, caregivers, ministers, teachers, volunteers, broader than most in the field of special needs educationand other professionals to recognize the many different interpersonal and independent living skills. The Center is like a college: not an end, but a step to a new beginning. This would believe. A focus will include technologies for advocating Ashburn Psychological Servicestypes of seizures and what can be done to ensure the safety for preliterate students and adults, as well as people withof the individual experiencing the seizure. Dana Douglas, workshop will focus on how to recognize the potential and assist in developing that artistic ability, using the arts to severe physical disabilities. Trends within Assistive TechnologyProgram Manager for the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia will be reviewed and attendees will learn how to take fulland someone who has lived with epilepsy most of her life, actively involve intellectually challenged individuals in their community, school, church, and family. advantage of emerging technologies.will cover the following topics: what is a seizure; how torecognize the type, the onset, and duration of a seizure; Suzanne Noble, Founder and Executive Director, Mark Smith, M.Ed., Director of Research, Education Study Groupwhat to do before, during and after a seizure; what are The Evidence Performing Arts Center, Hattiesburg, MSseizure triggers? when to call 911?Dana Douglas, Program Manager, Epilepsy Foundation of VA Proceeds from the 2011 Accessibility Summit will benefit SOARING OVER SEVEN Speaker biographies available at A summer camp program for children with special needs and their siblings.12 Discover • Connect • Grow 13
  8. 8. Registration Information Registration Two Ways to RegisterIMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION First Name Last Name 1. ONLINE by credit card at• Attendees are encouraged to register early for optimal choice in workshops. Title Organization• Registrations are non-refundable. Address• Conference registration includes Summit materials, refreshments on Friday and Saturday, lunch on Saturday, and access 2. MAIL CHECK to: to the Exhibit Hall. City State Zip Accessibility Summit 8925 Leesburg Pike• The Accessibility Summit is a conference for adults age 18 or older only. Vienna, VA 22182 Phone Email Attention: Rosie Oakley• Though families are very important to us, children are not permitted at the Summit, (including general sessions, workshops, & exhibit area), other than children with special needs who are pre-registered for childcare on Friday, April 1st Contact Name for Group Registrations and/or Saturday, April 2nd.• Name changes or substitutions are only possible until March 18, 2011. * Please Note: Group discounts are available to organizations, churches, and associations that register 5 or more attendees. To qualify for group rates, registrations must reflect the same group name and contact person and must be submitted by• Recordings of most sessions will be available for purchase during the conference from Dove Recordings, located in the the appropriate rate cut-off dates. lobby area. Special Accommodations Requested - Please check below and notify us by March 18, 2011.• Professional Certificates of Completion are available upon request. o Vegetarian Lunch Sign Language Interpreter o Braille Materials o Other Assistance o • For promotional purposes, videos and photographs are taken during the conference. Your registration constitutes permission for the Summit to use your picture for future promotional purposes. This consent does not apply to children Please Specify Workshop Selections and Include Session Codes Below or adults who are registered for care during the Summit. Friday, April 1st Saturday, April 2nd Saturday, April 2nd Workshop Session # 1 8:15–9:15 PM Workshop Session #2 10:45 AM-12:00 PM Workshop Session #3 1:30-3:00 PMCHILD AND ADULT CARE INFORMATION Workshop Code _____________________ Workshop Code _____________________ Workshop Code _____________________Child and Adult care is available on Friday, April 1st and/or Saturday, April 2nd for thosewith special needs only. Registration Pricing• Care for children and adults with special needs is available by reservation only and space is limited, so register early! Early Bird Rates Regular Rates Late Rates Total (until midnight 2/18/11) (until midnight 3/21/11) (3/22/11 - 4/2/11)• Online registration for child/adult care is available at• There are no same day reservations allowed due to space limitations and safety issues. Individual Rate _____ x $100 _____ x $125 _____ x $149 $ __________• An updated 2011 personal profile and medical release must be on file with Access Ministry by March 18, 2011. Group Rate (5 or more) _____ x $79 _____ x $100 N/A $ __________• Cost of care is $25 per child/adult for Friday from 6:00-10:00 PM and $49 per child/ adult for Saturday from 8:00-5:00 PM. Pre-Conference Workshop _____ x $20 _____ x $20 _____ x $20 $ __________• Full payment for child/adult care must accompany your online Summit attendee Access UNplugged registration. Built to Last _____ x $20 _____ x $20 _____ x $20 $ __________• Please bring all food, drink, personal care items, a change of clothes, and medica- tions for your child or adult. The Summit will staff a nurse to administer medications, Post-Conference Workshop Walk in My Shoes _____ x $20 _____ x $20 _____ x $20 $ __________ provide personal care, and answer questions.• Reservations and required paperwork must be received no later than March 18, 2011. Child/Adult Care _____ x $25 _____ x $25 N/A $ __________• If you need a hard copy of the child/adult care registration form and/or personal profile form, call 703-770-2918. Friday, April 1st (deadline March 18th) _____ x $49 _____ x $49 N/A Saturday, April 2nd (deadline March 18th) $ __________ Questions Regarding Registration? Total Due $ __________ Please call us at 703-770-291814 Discover • Connect • Grow 15
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