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Social Media GoodWood

Social Media GoodWood






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  • Details: Played golf with a friend previously, is now staying at hotel for three days for an event At check-in, info given during reservation and check-in process preloaded Orientation covers usage, and helps set some initial preferences (which event Frank is attending, if he wants his profile to be stored for future use) In his room, Frank inserts his Goodwood key into a terminal and a custom Goodwood app is launched, pulling in Twitter feeds appropriate to the day’s golf specials, the activities related to Frank’s event, Goodwood’s Facebook fan page, and popular review sites where Frank is encouraged to leave comments or feedback on his experience Frank decides to head to his first event, orders a whiskey no ice, pays with his Goodwood card. He meets a few great new petrolheads, and they exchange info by swiping their Goodwood cards After a long day out, Frank returns to his room, inserts his Goodwood key, and all of his new friends’ data is synched After a great stay, Frank checks out, and keeps his Goodwood key for his next visit Next time Frank checks in, they ask at the bar if he would like a whiskey no ice…

Social Media GoodWood Social Media GoodWood Presentation Transcript

  • The Goodwood Key An integrated luxury social media experience Shadi Albouyeh Panagiotis Gompakis Anne-Cecile Tournier Stephanie Trunzo
  • Agenda
    • What is Goodwood’s opportunity?
    • How can social media help?
    • Integrated experience – Goodwood Key
    • User story
    • Audience analysis
    • Challenges
    • Value proposition
  • The Goodwood opportunity Goodwood’s goal is to delight their customers with an attainable luxury experience under one cohesive brand .
      • Brand cohesion
      • Loyalty program
      • Extending reach
  • How can social media help?
    • Foundation of our strategy includes engagement in major social media avenues
    Communities already exist. Instead, think about how you can help that community do what it wants to do. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook Communicate Expand Collaborate Personalize Connect
  • Integrate social media INTO the experience Social media foundation Goodwood Key
    • Form/design:
      • Key fob
      • Goodwood logo
    • Technology:
      • Based on Poken technology
      • USB, RFID and proximity
    • Basic function:
      • Social media profile data storage
      • Proximity synch - networking
      • Integration w/ existing My Goodwood data
      • Account charge
      • Launches custom Goodwood app
  • User story Goodwood key orientation Checks in Goes to room Attends event Drink preference recorded Reviews preferred content via custom app Returns to room Synchs data Checks out Retain key for next visit Uploads photos from event Adds comments on event Gathers contact data from new friends Returns home Preview upcoming events Participate in community discussion
  • Audience analysis
      • Seamless introduction to social media via custom app
      • Opt-in allows participation to comfort level
      • Check-in orientation eases learning curve
    Social media usage growing exponentially
  • Goodwood Key - symbol of the luxury experience
    • “ Your key to the Goodwood experience” – synergies with “keys to the castle” and auto keys
    • Simple “key” giveaways preloaded with virtual info about Goodwood experience
    • Events could include customized keys (i.e., weddings preloaded w/ guest data and event schedules)
    • Loyalty program or expenditure could have different colored keys (gold, platinum)
  • Challenges
    • Costs:
      • Poken costs - negotiated corporate/bulk rate
      • Development cost for custom app
      • Salary - dedicated social media marketing coordinator
    • Diffusion issues:
      • Current market probably not early adopters
      • Privacy concerns addressed by opt-in
      • Phased roll-out to control approach (suggest one event first)
  • Value and benefits
    • Brand cohesion
    • Same key for all events and products
    • Consolidated data across events
    • Social media conversations and community integrated into one experience
    • Internal benefit of connecting staff and single infrastructure
    • Loyalty program
    • Preference for customer profile retention
    • Ability to “remember” preferences based on your profile
    • Targeted dynamic marketing via custom app
    • Extended reach
    • Brand recognition outside of Goodwood
    • Appeal to different audiences via social media presence
  • Value proposition to customer
    • Networking – prepopulates your social media contacts
    Associates you with Goodwood communities Exclusivity – VIP Consolidated data results in higher level of service
  • Ready to get started?
  • Backups
  • Social media foundation, I
    • Create/co-create
      • Facebook fan page
        • auto-populate any new Goodwood member accounts as Fans
        • leverage forum discussion
        • share promotions
        • Share photos, and ask guests to share their photos
      • Facebook sidebar ad
        • Brand awareness
        • Targeted marketing
      • Twitter
        • Main feed for general promotions
        • Value-add related content (i.e., related to racing, but not always Goodwood-specific) to gain followers
        • Sub-streams specific to events or products
        • Cross follow, and retweet
      • YouTube
        • Mainstream brand by developing channel
        • Repost advertisement videos
        • Request guests post videos they’ve taken
    • Participate
      • Twitter
        • Listen to conversations, and respond
        • Follow any related accounts, and re-follow customers
      • Other conversations
        • Actively search related discussion forums and participate
        • Encourage guests to comment and review on review sites
    • Propogate
      • Digg, delicious, etc
        • Actively tag and share all sites and related content to Goodwood
    Social media foundation, II
  • Poken: The future of social networking
    • Extends online social networking into the real world-Instantly connect with new friends across online social networks
    • Object base networking as an extension to Web 2.0
    • Tiny USB key with embedded RFID
    • Utilizes near field communication technology
    • http://www.doyoupoken.com/PokenWeb/corporate/welcome.jsf