Trends in Enterprise Mobility
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Trends in Enterprise Mobility






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  • Phone assumption is “on the go” more and more showing smart phone being used sitting down, working in mornings/ example
  • Haverty’s
  • again – good example of dashboard usage (web client when I sit down to do my bills with specific task in mind) versus notifications for certain transactions or over budgets

Trends in Enterprise Mobility Presentation Transcript

  • 1. TRENDS IN ENTERPRISE MOBILITYStephanie Trunzo, VP of Design and Development © 2013 PointSource, LLC 1
  • 2. AGENDA• What is enterprise mobility? – Evolving roles in devices and mobility – Content is king (again)• Trends in mobility – End of the common kiosk – Paperless, weightless – Anytime, Anywhere Business transactions – Dashboards versus Event Notification – Seamless, multi-channel consumer expectations – Mobile crowdsourcing• Why PointSource? © 2013 PointSource, LLC 2
  • 3. STEPHANIE TRUNZO @sltrunzo ephanie-trunzo/1/1b1/485 © 2013 PointSource, LLC 3
  • 4. EVOLUTION OF DEVICE ROLES• Each device serves a specific purpose• In some scenarios, any device will work, but for more complex tasks a mobile device or tablet is not ideal and a laptop/desktop is required. – Fitting the use case to mobile/tablet is important• More and more of what consumers wanted to do, fits nicely in a tablet form factor. © 2013 PointSource, LLC 4
  • 5. WEB-BASED REVOLUTION TO MOBILITY REVOLUTION• Late 90’s early 2000’s – move paper and desktop/client based to web- based – First wave: Take the content as-is and port to web – Second wave: Leverage the connectivity of the web• 10 billion devices predicted to be in use by 2020 – First wave: Take the content and rework for different screen real estate – Second wave: Consider the real interactions for mobility “Mobility is not just about accessing systems across many devices but rather encompasses a change to the consumer as to where, when, and why they are accessing a given system. A mobility strategy encompasses addressing the change to user behavior as well as how you leverage interacting through business processes, internally and to your clients, across various devices and locations.” – Erik Burckart, PointSource CTO © 2013 PointSource, LLC 5
  • 6. CONTENT IS KING (AGAIN) “I need a web site, and a mobile web site, and an app on iOS and Android and tablet optimized, and an intranet site, and marketing fliers, and videos, and and and…”• Write content once - Consider “content packages” designed around purpose and goals• Can’t predict where or how the content will be viewed• Plan responsive designs that organize around solid information architecture © 2013 PointSource, LLC 6
  • 7. THE END OF THE COMMON KIOSK“Consider the death of the kiosk, wheresolutions currently housed on physicalcenters built for an explicit purpose arebecoming obsolete as banking, airport check-ins, shared hospital kiosks, and many moresystems. These systems are all beingaccessed through smart devices. Asking theimportant questions about where, when, andwhy someone is accessing those systemsmake the solutions smarter than they everwere as stationary kiosks. PointSource ishelping our clients think about how to enableanytime, anywhere business transactionswhile understanding what that means to theapplication consumer. “ – Erik Burckart, CTO © 2013 PointSource, LLC 7
  • 8. COMPUTERIZED PHYSICIAN ORDER ENTRY Kiosk(CPOE) • Doctor must cease interaction with patient and walk to computer to use • Doctor must login with a complex password and bring up needed application • Patient has to get up to see screen Tablet • Doctor can interact with tablet and patient at the same time • Doctor can login once with a complex password and then login after timeouts with a • Quick access to current patients simpler gesture. • Nurse locator for emergencies • Easy to show patient tablet • Patient barcode scanner to bring up for collaboration records rapidly © 2013 PointSource, LLC 8
  • 9. AIRLINE CHECK-INShift from kiosk to mobile enabled:• More independent check-ins• Paperless tickets• Reduction in lines• New touch points like helping a customer remember where they parked• New marketing channels• Notifications © 2013 PointSource, LLC 9
  • 10. SELF CHECKOUT• Instantaneously make a sale from any customer located anywhere – Customer can make the purchase as he/she is thinking about it without waiting and without wish lists – The easier to purchase, the less likely the customer is to shop around• Reduce shopping cart abandonment – Average shopping cart abandonment rate: 66.22% – Instant, easy purchase like Apple App Store reduce complex shopping carts to one click transactions• Draw in instant business by allowing customers to purchase directly from the application• Single identity creation, rather than creating accounts/profiles for every site you shop at. Leverage existing Google, FaceBook, Apple, Amazon accounts. © 2013 PointSource, LLC 10
  • 11. SHIFT FROM PAPER TO PAPERLESS• Everyone carrying around a camera has shifted the paradigm – A photo of a piece of paper is just as good as the piece of paper for tracking – Eliminate need to manage a bunch of slips of paper• Touchpads allow for electronic signatures in place of paper signatures. – Electronic signature solutions are good enough for the IRS and in-store purchases• Sending photos in place of having to physically send or deliver paper saves customers time – Many mobile banking apps now allow for e-check deposit © 2013 PointSource, LLC 11
  • 12. ALLSTATE E-SIGNATURE EXAMPLE • Process from signature to account activation used to take 3-7 days. • Instant delivery of signature cuts this time down to a single day and cuts down the paper that needs to be saved. • Quick demo © 2013 PointSource, LLC 12
  • 13. NOW, NOT LATER• Employees don’t expect to write something down and enter it into a system later; they want to access the system immediately when needed wherever they are.• Mobile phones allow calling to take place anywhere; similarly, they can and should allow skipping the “write it down” step and allow the user to instantly enter data into the Instantly enter an expense system. when the expense is incurred © 2013 PointSource, LLC 13
  • 14. DASHBOARDS VERSUS EVENT NOTIFICATION• Systems shift from waiting for work to event driven pushing of work• ERP systems traditionally waited for people to log in to a dashboard to see what work was to be done.• Push notifications enable customers and employees to be notified instantly and can contain contextual links into the relevant section of a mobile application. © 2013 PointSource, LLC 14
  • 15. MULTI-CHANNEL IS A CONSUMER EXPECTATION• Customers expect their bank to maintain their same account, transactions, and personal information whether they are in brick and mortar, on the phone, on the web, or on mobile Now, they are expecting the same of every enterprise in other verticals.• The user experience must be consistent throughout all methods of doing business with an enterprise. – Mobile should be just as easy or easier than the previous methods. – Mobile should help bridge the gap between channels. © 2013 PointSource, LLC 15
  • 16. SIMPLIFIED INTERACTION WITH BRICK AND MORTAR • Electronic check deposit allows users to deposit checks without having to even visit the B&M • Haverty’s furniture sellers carry iPads noting your preferences and email instantly as you walk around store • Reservations can be carried out in the supermarket and save time at the Redbox • Using OpenTable, users can check for restaurant reservations in the mall without having to visit the restaurants to check on the wait. © 2013 PointSource, LLC 16
  • 17. MOBILE CROWDSOURCING • Inputs happening by the people in the line at all times – more accurate and free data! • Park has people moving through efficiently and optimized for max capacity • More enjoyable customer experience • No hardware (fast passes, etc.) or physical line checks © 2013 PointSource, LLC 17
  • 18. ABOU T POINTSOURCE HAS THE SKILLS TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS INTO THE FUTURE.• Turn vision into value with a focus on stunning design• Iterate with usable cross-device experiences• Integrate solutions securely across the enterprise © 2013 PointSource, LLC 18
  • 19. INTUITIVE DESIGN AND ENTERPRISE EXPERTISE• “There are marketing and • “Performance, analytics, scale, design firms that make great infrastructure, quality, sustained looking apps, but dont know engineering and support…the how to make them work with app that someone developed simple or complex enterprise with a vendor might work well services. Inversely, there are within a certain scale of users, enterprise integration experts but when you deploy to a whole that dont know how to make enterprise, how well does it attractive and usable apps. We really perform? We can help our are unique at PointSource clients find more value by because we combine stunning looking more deeply at design with enterprise know- interactions and integrations how.” – Chris Hugill, CEO across their business, and planning for the right end to end development lifecycle.” – Stephanie Trunzo, VP of Design and Development © 2013 PointSource, LLC 19
  • 20. WHY POINTSOURCE?• We have fun. Experience the We’re Hiring environment of a company small • Mobile and Desktop Web enough for you to have a major Application Developers impact and informal enough for you • Native iOS Application Developers to enjoy the culture. • Native Android Application• We have small, client-based Developers teams. Influence both the skills you learn and the projects you work on • Solution Integration Architects through direct access to our • Solution Integration Engineers technical leaders and customers. • Java Software Engineers• We innovate. Explore cutting edge • Mobile and Web Software Architects technologies, such as Dojo, jQuery, • Mobile and Web Software Engineers HTML 5, and Worklight, to build mobile and web solutions. • User Experience Designers• We more than pay the bills. Enjoy • Business Analysts stellar benefits and compensation. • Marketing Managers • Sales and Account Managers • Interns/Co-ops © 2013 PointSource, LLC 20
  • 21. Thank you!Visit Us on the Web Contact Us Via Email Contact Us Via 1-877-843-7481 Connect With Us © 2013 PointSource, LLC 21