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S L  Group  Presentation

S L Group Presentation






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    S L  Group  Presentation S L Group Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Second Life A Study in Real World/Digital World Interaction
    • Beowulf Island
      • This is a case of second life being used to advertise.
      • Not only is for regular Second Life users but even appeals to the novice offering a step by step tutorial on the workings of SL.
      • Visitors are offered a skin for their avatar. This skin is another way of advertising the movie as people will wear it in other parts of SL.
        • This also appeals to the novices of SL. Ranking is determined in SL based on how savvy a person is with the resources. If an avatar is still clothed in the issued apparel, they are looked down upon. The novices, wanting to blend in, will wear this skin and inadvertently advertise for Beowulf in other parts of SL.
      • The setup is simple, there are no action balls, the only purpose is to advertise for Beowulf.
        • There is only one meeting room and the rest is the tutorial.
      • Even though it is a very small SIM, it is still incredibly detailed and visited regularly.
        • This is a gathering spot for people with pictures from the movie running in the background
    • This is the very end of the Tutorial tour congratulating the person for finishing. To the far right is the booth where the person can receive their free skin.
    • CSI:NY
      • Unlike most of the places at SL, this is an interactive game.
        • While some places are RPG, this one a person can play on their own
      • Requires the SL user to download a special viewer and toolbar.
      • In order to generate interest for the experience, SL was integrated in to part of one show where they had to chase a killer in second life.
    • CSI:NY Welcome Area
      • “ My job is to bring as many people to television as possible, but also to do things that are promotable and young ” ~CBS Executive Anthony Zuiker, the creator of the CSI franchises *
      • This area is simply to promote a high interest in CSI, all of the advertisements around are about CSI.
      • Not all users are there to play the game. Some people refuse to download the toolbar, and simply walk around talking to other users about CSI.
      • This is mainly for people who have an understanding about how to use SL. While there is a tutorial, it is very brief and basically tells people how to move with their arrow keys.
        • Tutorial is mainly for how to use the new CSI toolbar.
    • Evidence
    • The Sistine Chapel at Vassar College
      • The Sistine Chapel was re-created on Second Life by Stan Frangible
      • “ We have re-created the Sistine Chapel as a proof-of-concept for how the technology of virtual worlds can augment or enhance a traditional liberal arts education” ( Bret Rydell ).
      • It allows anyone on Second Life to experience the Sistine Chapel and view the spectacular paintings without actually having to travel to the Vatican City
      • You can talk to other people in the chapel who are also using it for educational purposes
      • Before entering the Sistine Chapel, you must agree to a code of conduct
      • Since visiting the real Sistine Chapel is a “deeply moving experience” (Rydell), the creators wanted to keep the same respectful atmosphere, in hopes of viewers receiving the same experience
      • Besides looking around by yourself, tours of the chapel are also offered
      • The chapel is covered in beautiful paintings, which look very similar to the ones in real life
      • Frangible received permission to copy the pictures, and they are as close to scale as possible
      • The chapel is easy to maneuver around in and look at the paintings
      • To view the tapestries on the wall, you click on the sign and the curtain is pulled back and allows you to view the tapestries for 30 seconds
      • Flying helps you to view the paintings on the ceiling
    • The Last Judgment by, Michelangelo
    • The Raphael Tapestries
    • Money Tree
      • On the Island, there are trees which users click on
        • Redirects user to the Money Tree Website, where there are many surveys that can be completed, which collect a lot of information about the user
          • Users receive Lindens for completing the surveys, and in turn, the affiliates pay Money Tree Island for obtaining people to fill out the surveys
        • Also, there is streaming music which plays music constantly, with advertisements periodically.
        • Users can also “camp” which is basically sitting in one area for a period of time which earns them Lindens
          • This seems as a loss leader for Money Tree. Users will sit for a while, but realize they can earn more from doing surveys, eventually starting to complete surveys.
        • Streaming text is constant on the site, including payout amounts, who is getting them, and what they are being paid from
          • Text also boats that Money Tree Island has one of the highest payouts
      • Décor is also much like the name, having trees with bills as leaves. Also, there are benches for camping made out of bills.
    • Money Tree
    • HippyPay Island
      • Same idea as Money Tree Island with affiliates, but has a different distribution model
        • Distribution is through ATM’s that are scattered around the item. Instead of accessing a tree, the user accesses the ATM which redirect them to the HippiePay Island website, where affiliate surveys can be filled out.
        • ATM’s can also be places by individuals if they have property of their own. The user signs up for an ATM and is able to place it on their property, in turn earning 50% of what the ATM earns for HippiePay.
      • Décor is stereotypical hippie style. Psychedelic colors, lava lamps, and hippie-like phrases dot the island. Also, instead of having benches to camp at, there are dancing pads which the user dances on.
    • HippyPay
    • This is a village dedicated to helping SL members to donate to real life charities. They say “Let your Second Life be used to support the real World” First Life Aid In the village are many stalls that real life charities rent out to explain, collect donations, and advertise their causes. In every stall they have a link to their Website and info about their charity. You can also donate Lindens and your name will be displayed if you have donated any money. The Charities:
      • Animal Trust
      • adoption center for homeless animals
      • in underprivileged areas
      • educate and aid families
      • Kiva
      • “ Loans That change lives”
      • SL members donate money to turn into loans
      • for low income entrepreneurs in other countries
      • so they can purchase business related items
      • Cancer Survivors
      • a group for all cancer survivors in SL
      • so far 120 members
      • participate in the virtual Relay for Life
      • NSW Animal Rescue
      • caring and rescuing
      • Small, special needs animals
      • GreenPeace
      • global campaign organization
      • That acts to change attitudes
      • change behavior
      • to protect the environment
      There is also a stall for WWF and The Habitat Trust for Wildlife
    • First Life Aid
    • Charitable Hearts An island dedicated to the largest charity group advocating for the work of a few selected charities. Much like First Life Aid, everything here is for charity .
      • The main area includes:
      • an art gallery,
      • banners from the charities that they support
      • -when you click them you will either receive a note card about the charity
      • -or a link to their website
      • special places that you can place a memoriam of someone
      • many places to donate money that will display your name
      • many events such as concerts, dances, and speakers
      • - there are banners advertising these events all over the island
      • The main charity on this island is
      • Virtual Africa
      • Raises money for an opportunity center
      • In a cape town community
      • For unemployed job seekers
      • SL members can purchase African Bikes
      • Then use them to partake in the virtual Bike-a-thon
      • There are also Charity Kiosks For :
      • Avon walk for Breast Cancer
      • Fight Poverty
      • Fight Aids
      • St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
      • Relay for Life
      • These are machines around the island
      • that when you touch them you can donate money to that charity right there.
    • Charitable Hearts HQ
    • Question 1
      • As a newcomer to SL, it was extremely awkward at first. Due to the fact that it is a social network that mimics real life, it was very frustrating not to be able to complete tasks that one can do in real life, such as walking up to a person and face them with out running into a wall or that person. The most helpful part of this process was the in class tutorials, or people who would offer advice when it was so blatantly obvious that we were new. There was not anything that specifically hindered the learning curve, it is just that the learning curve is so steep that is takes many hours devoted to SL in order to feel comfortable.
      • Second Life currently is not the best platform for online community and commerce, simply based on the fact that it is limited in not only the number of people in SL and their respective skill levels; but the stigma placed upon people who use online gaming in our culture. That stereotype could hinder the amount of people who sign up for SL. But this applies to all online communities, not simply SL.
    • Question 2
      • Working on a cyber team was no different that working on any other team. This was due to the fact that very little unusual cyber interaction was involved. Group messages or notices would be sent out and would be sent to our respective e-mail accounts. If one of our partners were to IM us in SL and we were not on, it also would be sent to our e-mails. When we did meet on second life, we did not even have to been in the same location due to the IM function.
      • It did not seem to help the project much, just add another step in communication. I could understand using SL as a way of all sharing in a set of slides, but it seems to me that a webinar (a meeting in which a website is built with a presentation on it and everyone views the presentation and speaks via a conference call) would be more effective. The only time that I think that SL would be more effective is if one were to use the IM feature so that they could look back on the past conversation eliminating the need to take notes.
    • Question 3
      • As shown above, there are many different ways to effectively use SL. Whether it be for monetary gain, charity work or simply to spread culture, SL users are using this online world to their advantage. The users appreciate effective SIMS which is why most of these SIMS have the highest popularity ratings, next to dance islands.
      • These SIMs are also the reason that many people are signing up to SL. Either they want to play CSI:NY or help the world, etc. Which is why many of these places have tutorials. As these effective SIMs rise in number, so will the amount of people on SL.