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The purpose of the Images Art Acquisition is to support and honor the role of the arts in education and recognize the creative and expressive powers of students and teachers in the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District.

This leased collection includes works by high school students from many of our local districts. The walls of the Educational Services Building are enhanced and enriched through the showcasing of student works that promote excellence in creativity and student learning. A special thanks to Dreese Fine Art for framing all of the student artwork.

Through the High School Visual Arts programs within the OAISD, students use art as a tool for higher level thinking, problem solving, analyzing, evaluating, creating and communicating. Truly, through the eyes and work of these young artists we can catch a glimpse of their world.

These visual images may not be transferred, printed, or in any way removed with the intent to create products for sale, resale, or for profit in any manner without the expressed written consent from the artist.

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Images OAISD Student Artwork

  2. 2. “WARM AND COOL” Ismael Aguilera Balcazar Holland High School – Grade 9My artwork was a class assignment. We had to makeself-portrait using oil pastels. At first I thought it wasgoing to be difficult because oil pastels were a bit toomessy for me to use. As I was working on my project, Ialways got to a point where I felt like I was done, butmy teacher told me that I still needed something moreon my portrait. To him, something was alwaysmissing. It took me a while to realize what he wastalking about. It needed more than just color. Itneeded something that would stand out, so that‟s whenI just started to scratch away at it. After muchthought, I ended up creating something I reallyliked, and was proud of.
  3. 3. “UNTITLED” Erica Bauman Jenison High School – Grade 12This piece was an assignment for my Studio Art class. We had to wrap an animal with an open mouth. I chose towrap this cheetah because I loved his ferociousness. To me, the weaving pattern kind of suppresses this and makesthe cheetah seem harmless. The weaving pattern was challenging and monotonous, but the result was satisfying.
  4. 4. “WOMAN AND CHILD” Elize Boersema Spring Lake High School – Grade 12I chose this piece of artwork by Jonene Ficklin, and replicated itin colored pencil because I was truly inspired by the story of themother in this picture. In Mali, Africa this woman was banishedand humiliated because she was unable to conceive, but thanksto a humanitarian foundation and medical team, she was treatedand after three years had her first child. She was no longer seenas a burden to her culture. This piece took me about a month tocomplete and I enjoyed recreating it and sharing the story behindit with others.
  5. 5. “HANDS” Haile Bos Zeeland High School West – Grade 11I‟ve never been good at math. I was taught to count on myfingers in 1st grade. This worked most of the time, until westarted adding and subtracting numbers more than 10. Thisbecame a problem for me and my classmates, sometimeswe would borrow each other‟s fingers, but that was always ahassle. When my teacher explained realism to us being areal thing, but having unreal characteristics, I thought ofthings that would make my life, along with others, easier.What if my hand had hands? I could surely do my mathhomework with ease now! Or could I? Counting may beeasy, but how do I go about holding my pencil?
  7. 7. “HONEY JARS” Mackenzie Craymer Zeeland High School East – Grade 12The purpose of this piece was to experiencewhat it would be like to be an artist for hire inillustration. First, we had to choose a bookwe had read with art pictures. Then wesearched for vivid pictures that came to mindas we read the book. We had to take thatimagery from our mind and place it on thecanvas the book I chose for this project was“The Secret Life of Bees.” I remembered ascene in which they were in the honey houseand looked at the shelves of honey jars in thewindows. So, I incorporated that scene, aswell as another with a bee and honey comb.It was painted in oil paint on canvas.
  8. 8. “ABSTRACT APPLES” Trent James Allendale High School – Grade 11This painting was a five part color schemeproject of a piece of small fabric our artteacher assigned.I chose a piece of apple fabric that I didn‟treally want to paint but do to the smallselection I went ahead and chose the piece.During the process of painting theproject, most of the time it went without anymajor issues except for time. Due to the timelimit I had to quickly finish the project as soonas I could. There are some small details thatI wish that I had the time to fix up but thosebeans are cold now. In the end I was quitesatisfied with the result even though I wish Ihad more time with it.
  9. 9. “PEACOCK GROVE” KARISSA KEMME ALLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL – GRADE 9For this work piece I chose the peacock and such, because I grew loving the birds beautifulcoloring. I normally tend to show color and vibrancy in my work, giving it more excitement.
  10. 10. “BLACK AND WHITE SHADED INSECT” Joshua Hill Jenison High School – Grade 10This was a shading assignment for my Intro to Art class. I chose the insect because of all the different opportunities forshading in the patterns.
  11. 11. “FLOWER POWER” Stephanie Howard Coopersville High School – Grade 11My piece “Flower Power” is about technology and nature. We forget how important our planet is and what it does for us.Nature is a beautiful thing and we need to appreciate it more. Technology and nature need to work together for trueprogress for our future.
  12. 12. “Giving Thanks” Shelby LacyWest Ottawa High School – Grade 12
  13. 13. “FACES” TRENTON LACY SAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL – GRADE 10This project was a very rewarding project that I was able toaccomplish because the end result was so lavish. I had somedifficult parts in this journey but I was able to overcome them. Ireally enjoyed doing this drawing.I started by using the technique of contour drawing to draw thepeople. This was very hard due to not being able to look at thepaper while drawing the people. This by far was the mostdifficult part of the project. After I got the people on the board, Idesigned and colored everything. When the coloring wascompleted, I outlined everything with black marker to leteverything in the piece stand out. The next step was to coverthe piece with black ink. After it was dry, I used a sharp tool toscratch the ink off where I wanted the color to be shown. Afterthis was completed the piece was done.The project helped me learn to focus on detail especially whenI was contour drawing. Overall, this project turned out verynice. I hope people will notice the hard work that was put intothis piece.
  14. 14. “MANDY” Katelyn Mulder Zeeland High School East – Grade 10The inspiration for this piece was a photograph I had taken of my 9 month-old puppy.
  15. 15. “ROOSTER” Paige PaulSpring Lake High School – Grade 12
  16. 16. “REVOLVING PLANETS” Chadd Pfahler Coopersville High School – Grade 12There aren‟t many things that are ascalming or relaxing as fishing.Especially fly fishing. There‟s reallynothing quite like hiking a couple milesinto the woods and arriving at a slowmoving stream, where there are notroubles and nothing to worryabout, except for where your next castwill be. Time ceases to exist.Above, you see what seem to be amillion mayflies soaring over the riverlike an insect highway. They cloud thesky and almost block what little sunlightis left as the day is nearing an end.Soon the „hatch‟ is over and themayfly‟s short life ends as it falls into thestream and floats down the river. Asthe moon makes its appearance so dothe quiet splash from the brown troutfeeding. Then, you cast your mayflylure upstream onto the water, and justhope a big one latches on . . .
  17. 17. “LOVE LETTERS” Emily Patten Allendale High School – Grade 10My piece of art was an assignment for an art class I had taken. My inspiration for my piece was my boyfriend ScottWhitby and my relationship. We‟ve been together for a year and a half and I couldn‟t be happier.
  18. 18. “WONDERLAND” Grace MacMaster CTC – Grade 12I entitle this piece “Wonderland” because of the whimsical characteristics it contains. I used several different line weights toadd depth and variety. Nature is also a theme that runs through it because it incorporates thesun, moon, lightning, trees, flowers, mountains, and animals. There are four houses that emphasize the importance of thehome.
  19. 19. “SHADES OF FACE” Stephen Pols Careerline Tech Center – Grade 12I wanted to re-invent the Andy Warhol “era”. Most of my intentions were to make a collage of one of my drawings. Myinspirations would have to be Andy Warhol and Jehan Choo. The story is, I was supposed to be doing a different project, but Igot bored and started doodling, then got distracted and colored them on Photoshop, and then pieced them together in afashion that best balances the color.
  20. 20. “GIRLS IN THE GARDEN” Nora Reed Spring Lake High School – Grade 9Girl‟s in the Garden was an impressionism project in whichwe were supposed to combine two famous oil pasteldrawings and create one piece. I chose to use the twoyoung girls from Renoir‟s “Two Girls in the Meadow” andplace them in Claude Monet‟s “The Garden in Flower.”
  21. 21. “RAUCHVERBOT” Katie Schnobel West Ottawa High School North – Grade 12My piece “Rauchverbot”, meaning the prohibition of smoking, was inspired by an article in a German newspaper that I received while traveling to Germany thispast summer as an exchange student. The article explained a new policy regarding the ban of smoking in public places in areas of southern Germany. I wasshocked at this due to the fact that I had witnessed more people smoking in Germany than imaginable. When my art Teacher assigned a project which included areactive self-portrait, I was ready to respond to the article I had read, through my artwork. I was not only amazed at the number of people I saw smoking inGermany, but also the number of public places available for smokers, including airports! I support the prohibition of smoking in public areas of Germany, assmoking can lead to many health complications and even death. If there is one thing America has over Germany, it is our public policies regarding smoke-freeareas.
  22. 22. “CAT WITH GREEN EYES” Tiffany Sikora Grand Haven High School – Grade 11The intent of my painting was to show viewers that beauty is all around them. An average house cat contains beauty, just like many otherthings that people often overlook in their daily lives. I want my painting to cause people to slow down sometimes, and be grateful for thisbeautiful world full of amazing things.
  23. 23. “SELF PORTRAIT” Ethan StahlneckerHudsonville Freshman Campus – Grade 9
  24. 24. “PATH TO HEAVEN” Lillian Tath Holland High School - Grade 10This is my first true oil pastel piece. Since I‟ve never attempted a landscape with this medium before, it was like taking a dive intothe unknown. Half the time I wasn‟t sure what I was doing, but in the end I managed to pull it together with encouragement frommy art teacher. It truly was a great experience.
  25. 25. “MYSTERIOUS LADY” Alexandria Vos Hudsonville High School – Grade 12I wanted to show through an illustration that emotionscan be provoked. It‟s one of my fondest aspects of art.
  26. 26. “TAG” Brenton Wehrmeyer West Ottawa High School – Grade 10The assignment for this project was a spraystencil of a photo of ourselves. So I startedwith a photo of me holding a spray can andthen created the stencil. The stencil actuallybroke many times, so I used different colorprints to fill in the negative space and spotswhere the stencil broke. This gave it more of astreetcar or graffiti look.
  27. 27. “IF ONE DOOR OPENS” Jenna White Hudsonville High School – Grade 10For the final project in my digital photography class at Hudsonville High school, I was inspired by the Rascal Flaats song, “MyWish,” hearing the lyrics “and if one door opens to another door closed, I hope you keep on walkin‟ till you find the window.” On myway downtown, I thought to myself how appropriate it would be to take pictures of unique doors. As I took the photos, I thoughtabout the people that walked through these doors and wondered if there was a window of opportunity on the other side
  28. 28. “Illusive” Eliza Zahm Coopersville High School – Grade 11In this artwork, titled Illusive, my piece symbolized the difference in one‟s state of mind. While some thoughts and ideas fall away, othersspiral into your conscious mind. I created this piece simply by playing with texture and color, and by creating a focal point. Though this pieceis non-objective, I feel that it symbolizes all the difference and diversity in the world through my use of color.
  29. 29. “Untitled” James BroeSaugatuck High School – Grade 12