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Sky Safari Andromeda VT

by on Nov 30, 2008





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  • guest542afc Cow Cathedral You remember .com frauds. Traditional businesses, on the internet. Clicks and mortar. The reality was never ending software development against leveraged stakes, developing nothing except bail-out capitol for the founders. Webvan- a total failure. Except the founder cleaned up. That was the plan. The guy that invented the phrase 'clicks and mortar', David Pottruck, resigned from Schwab in disgrace. The .com 'model' is no less a conscious fraud than a Ponzi scheme.

    Ditto SLOOH. THAT should be reason enough to be wary. It used to be exceptional. I got over 10,000 great images in 2006-2007. I got 30 usable images in 2008. I quit in 2008, seeing what was coming. Unfortunately, friends didn't, and I've heard nothing but the same from this little Peyton Place. The only positive thing at SLOOH, recently, is that a real community is developing, now that that poisonous little clique isn't making a 'Team SLOH scrum' of every statement.

    FACTS: check them out for yourself.

    1). No new working hardware, or repairs, have happened since Matt Marulla bought his stake in SLOOH, in July, 2007. He is completely contemptuous of end-users, believing that software engineers should design what they find fun, and you can buy new hardware ever 6 months to support it. No end-user suggestion made it into the V3 rewrite. They know what you want, just shaddup and wait!

    2). The SLOOH 1/2 meter telescope was announced in December, 2007. It is still not assembled. Frankly, I don't believe it exists. Thousands of pictures of their sites, not one of the 1/2 meter.

    3). Chile has been promised as 'online any day now', since November, 2007. It was online for one month- not working right- to keep people from asking for refunds. It has been offline ever since. The second dome has never been brought online, promised January, 2008.

    4). The last time any command level member reserved 'unlimited time', 'on any scope', as advertised, was a year ago. Look at their website. Look at this one. The verbiage about 'unlimited time' has been removed, but they haven't bothered to update any of the retailers. NONE OF US RECEIVED REFUNDS FOR THAT. That is how they do business. They will blame that on the retailers. In fact, Michael Paulucci, the founder, a .com crook, is keeping a list of who complains too much. His 24/7 Media, Inc., management style is classic 'spam plan'.

    5). The V3 software rewrite, going on for 3 years, not over, and not working right, is PURELY an attempt to write out of the code the bit still held under copyright by one of the original owners, Matt Bendaniel. He has started a website to warn people about SLOOH, sloohmembers.com. The contractors doing the rewrite are completely incompetent, and have had a right 'ol playtime for over a year, at premium hourly rates. Marulla will not consider that this is anything other than how software development happens. He is the king of 'blank check information technology'.

    6). They knew all this in 2007. There's lots of ways to approach the challenges. What they have chosen is to accept subscriptions, as usual, and see what they can grub up during the rewrite. A class action is being prepared, should the DOJ not choose to pursue the reported continuing criminal conspiracy, as defined by the RICOH act.

    7). They are now repositioning SLOOH for kids. They've thrown a dog with a backpack on the site, and that's supposed to make giving your kid a broken 'scope, run by crooks, a positive educational experience. This is a great gift...if you're trying to torture the hell out of your kids!

    8). They have removed the posts in forum.slooh.com that documented all this. THAT ALONE IS A PRIORI EVIDENCE OF FRAUD. And they're going to hear about it in court. They have actually spent more time getting Google to flush the cache of those postings than they have on customer service. That's SLOOH. A great idea, a good value, run by people that think anything is better with fraud, religion and the military added to it. Many will like that. It's as American as it gets!
    4 years ago
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  • slooh slooh thanks, Ezan! this will be posted later in the Slooh Skylog http://www.slooh.com/blog/ following the Sky Safari radio show tonight on www.slooh.com 5 years ago
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