LevelTen Interactive Capabilities Presentation

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This is the LevelTen Interactive Capabilities presentation; if you ever wanted to know what we do and how we do it, here it is!

This is the LevelTen Interactive Capabilities presentation; if you ever wanted to know what we do and how we do it, here it is!

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  • 1. About LevelTen Interactive
  • 2. About LevelTen
    • 10 Year-old company
    • Award-winning design and development
      • 2007 & 2008 Webby nominee
      • 2 Interactive Media Agency (IMA) awards
      • 2 W3 awards
      • Davey award
    • 15 Full-time employees
    • 200+ Projects completed
    • Validate clients’ return on investment through statistics
  • 3. LevelTen Insight What: The LevelTen team invests over 150 hours each month on research and documentation of web trends and best practices. Why: To provide our clients a perpetual competitive advantage by assuring continual alignment with the online state-of-the-art Proof: www.leveltendesign.com Hundreds of interactive knowledge posts: blogs, wiki pages, articles, whitepapers, podcasts & videos LevelTen lives the Web/Enterprise 2.0 lifestyle. Institutionalized Learning Culture
  • 4. Our Services [Type any key points or notes here. Please keep the text box positioned here. Depending on the size of your content your text box will vary in size. If there are no notes or key point s to be added simply delete the box.]
    • Strategic planning
    • Market research
    • Best practices guidance
    • Risk analysis
    • Drupal training
    • UI design
    • E-mail templates
    • Corporate identity
    • Market planning
    • Search engine optimization
    • Pay-per-click management
    • Online marketing
    • Advanced web metrics
    • Corporate web sites
    • Community web portals
    • Non-profit web sites
    • Social Networking sites
    • Intranet / Extranet
    • E-Commerce
    Consulting: Creative: Marketing: Development:
  • 5. What We Do
    • Core competencies
    • Online marketing
    • Website design & development
    • Intranets & extranets
    • Approach
    • Standardized, proven process
    • Platform
    • Proven Content Management System
    Full service interactive agency
  • 6. What We Do Differently
    • Core competencies
    • Synergy online marketing
    • Next gen (Web2.0/3.0) website design & development
    • Enterprise 2.0
    • Approach
    • Strategic, agile process
    • Platform
    • Enterprise-class open-source Content Management Framework
    Full service next generation interactive agency
  • 7. Our Clients
  • 8. About LevelTen’s Agile Development Process
  • 9. Value Driven Process – Sprint Planning
  • 10. Value driven process – Sprinting
  • 11. Value Driven Process – Agile Planning
  • 12. Evolve Your Business Through Technology
  • 13. How Can Businesses Evolve Through Technology
    • Manage online marketing campaigns that reach customers when they are purchasing
    • Create a compelling experience that converts site visitors to customers
    • Store contact information and provide multiple touch points to retain customers
    Increase Sales & Lead Gen
    • Online support lets customers help customers – Forums, knowledge base
    • Find answers to many questions on the site - FAQ
    • Customer Extranet
    Educating Customers
    • Intranet– Store searchable documents and content online for 24/7 access from any computer
    • Increase corporate communication by making business process and documents accessible through the Internet
    • Reduce need for printers, toner and paper, potentially saving thousands of dollars per month
    Increase Employee Efficiency
    • Better understand how consumers feel about your brand
    • Identify success drivers and gaps across marketing and media
    • Gain insight into what works faster and more intuitively
    Track Performance
  • 14. Understand The Audience
    • Geographic, demographic, social status, education
    • Why and how are they searching for your products and services
    • How do they consume information
    • What is there decision making process
    • What do they think of your brand
    • Are they retainable and how can we interact with them
    Who are your consumers and what are their objectives?
  • 15. Understand Your Competitors
    • What is their digital footprint
    • What advantages do they have over you
    • What advantages do you have over them
    Who are your competitors?
  • 16.
    • Marketing Plan To Expand Digital Footprint
    • Create User Personas & Develop User Scenarios
    • Identify Core Content & Functionality Sets
    • Identify Priority of Customer Needs
    • Establish Information Hierarchy & User Flows
    • Establish Navigation Systems & Display Layouts
    • Formulate Display “Wireframes” & Design Principles
    • Build a positive online experience that educates consumers, opens communication, collects visitor data, and accommodates their needs
    Leverage data to create an online business strategy
  • 17. Dynamic Solutions To Obtain, Attain and Maintain Your website is a sales and support staff that doesn’t sleep, eat, take restroom breaks or ask for vacation time. If it looks and sounds professional, is simple to work with and can provide answers to customers questions it will win business.
    • Typically very expensive to purchase licenses to enterprise class CMS
    • Drupal provides very similar features for free
  • 18. Gain Valuable Feedback and React Analytics User Activity Increased Traffic Brand Reinforcement Better Conversion More Sales Increased Customer Retention
  • 19. How LevelTen Can Help Implement Drupal
    • Information Architecture
    • Usability Testing
    • User Workflows
    • Site Design
    • Banner Ad Design
    • Page Element Creation
    Creative: Development: Strategy:
    • Drupal Installation
    • Module Selection
    • Module Integration
    • Custom Module Development
    • Data Mining
    • Rewards Programs
    • API Integration
    • Data Migration
    • Content Syndication
    • Security Updates and Patches
    • Tagging Strategies
    • Process Automation
    • SEO
    • PPC
    • Social Networking
    • Internal/External Link Building Strategies
    • Code Review
    • URL Strategies
    • Best Approach For Optimizing Content