Lippe Taylor 2012 Social Media Trend Report


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And what a year it was! An overview of all of the big changes in social media and big trend takeaways.

Lippe Taylor 2012 Social Media Trend Report

  1. 1. 2012 YEAR IN REVIEW: SOCIAL MEDIA December 18, 2012
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS  Overview……………………………………………..… Page 3  Women & The Web………………………………….... Page 4  A Year Of Change: Social Media Platforms………… Page 5  Top Social Media Trendsetters……………………..... Page 10  Overall Key Learnings and Trends……………..……. Page 23  Works Cited…………………………………………….. Page 252
  3. 3. OVERVIEW The following report analyzes changes in social media networks, top digital and social media activations, and overall trends from the past year. Specifically, we examined brands in the Mass, Luxury, Beauty, Fashion, Hair and Nail categories to curate a collection of influential trends. Please let us know if you have any questions about the following campaigns or would like to discuss in more detail.3
  4. 4. WOMEN & THE WEB  Many social media sites are currently dominated by women – Facebook (58%), Twitter (62%), Pinterest (80%), Instagram (53%).  78% of women in the U.S. use the Internet for product information before making a purchase.  Women account for 58% of all total online spending.  As early as 2000, women were found to have surpassed men in Internet usage.  The typical Twitter user is a 28 year-old English-speaking woman with 208 followers and an iPhone.  Over half of women (54.1%) say they shopped online in the previous 6 months.  More women are on social networks and on average have slightly more “friends” than do men, even though men tend to be more focused on acquiring “friends” than building relationships with them.4
  6. 6. THE VALEDICTORIAN: FACEBOOK  Facebook Timeline – On March 30, all brand pages switched to the new Facebook Timeline format. – The new layout includes a brand dashboard, an admin panel, a more visual focus, brand milestones, pinned posts, and Facebook ads that pull directly from existing content.  EdgeRank Changes – Facebook made a relatively large ranking change in September designed to reduce spam complaints from users. – They decreased the reach of Pages or apps generating a higher amount of spam reports. In other words, if a user never clicks, Likes, comments, or shares posts by a Page, Facebook made that Page less likely to show up in their feed.  Global Pages – Global Pages allow brands to create individual localized versions of their page while maintaining the same page name and global metrics. – When a user navigates to the main global page, they’ll be redirected to the best local page for them.  Ad Model – Search Advertising or “Sponsored Results” – Marketers can attach ads which link to the brand’s Facebook page as a first choice when searching certain keywords. – Newsfeed Advertising or “Sponsored Stories” – Companies can choose to take certain user actions – such as checkins or actions within Facebook apps – and feature them in users’ news feeds. – Facebook Exchange – FBX is a real-time bidding ad system where visitors to third-party websites are marked with a cookie, and can then be shown real-time bid ads related to their6 web browsing when they return to Facebook.
  7. 7. THE JV CAPTAIN: TWITTER  Customizable Profiles – In September, Twitter rolled out more customizable profiles to its users. – The enhanced profiles allow the account holder to add an additional image to the “header” of its profile page and to “pin” a tweet above its regular stream of tweets.  Promoted Tweets – Mobile Expansion – In February 2012, Twitter announced it updated its iPhone and Android apps to display Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets – a feature previously exclusive to the web-version of the site. – Targeted Tweets – In July 2012, Twitter rolled out an enhancement to Promoted Tweets, which lets advertisers send tweets to specific audiences without tweeting to all of a brand’s followers. Advertisers using targeted tweets can segment by location, devices and platforms.  Photo Filter Feature – In the coming months, Twitter plans to update its mobile applications to introduce filters for photos that will allow people to share altered images on Twitter. – This will allow users to bypass Instagram, the popular mobilecentric photo-sharing network.7
  8. 8. THE RISING STAR: PINTEREST  Rise of Pinterest – At 10.4 million users (in early 2012), Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site in history. – Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social networking site for hits per week.  Verified Pages – In October, Pinterest launched a new feature – website verification. The feature lets users verify that they own the website on their Pinterest profile and improves SEO in the platform. – After verification, people will see a checkmark next to a user’s domain in search results. They will also see the full website URL and checkmark on the user’s profile.  Secret Boards – Pinterest introduced a new “secret boards” feature which limits visibility to only the creator and any collaborators they may invite. – Private boards can be switched from “off” to “on” one time before it becomes permanent. But the major drawback is you can’t hide existing boards8 because others may have already repinned from your board.
  9. 9. THE NEWCOMER: INSTAGRAM  Purchased by Facebook – In its largest acquisition to date, Facebook purchased Instagram, the popular photo-sharing application, for about $1 billion in April 2012. – With Instagram, Facebook will get a formidable mobile player, an area that is seen as a weakness for the sprawling social network.  Web Profiles – Two years after it arrived on the iPhone, Instagram launched a web companion for users of its photo-sharing and filtering app. – An animated, rotating mosaic of Instagram photos occupies about the same amount of space as Facebook Timeline’s Cover photo; a small profile image, short bio and follower stats are situated just beneath. – Photo thumbnails are organized in reverse-chronological order further down the page; click on one, and it’ll appear at full size alongside likes and comments.9
  11. 11. MASS: OREO’S DAILY TWIST FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN  Overview: To celebrate its 100th birthday Oreo created The ‘Daily Twist’ campaign. — From June 25 - October 2, 2012, Oreo created a social and digital campaign with 100 days of creative and quirky visualizations of “America’s favorite cookie” to celebrate the centennial of the world’s most iconic biscuit — Each day, Oreo shared an image of a cookie on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest depicting all thinkable (and unthinkable) events of the day in question, such as important milestones or current events. — The campaign kicked off with Oreo posting multi-layered cookies with colored cream symbolizing the rainbow flag in recognition of LGBT Pride Month. The image, accompanied by the phrase “Proudly Support Love!,” stirred up controversy and quickly pushed the “Daily Twist” into the viral spotlight, racking up a quarter of a million “likes” on Facebook.  Campaign Results: — Engagement with the Daily Twist Facebook posts, increased 110 percent on average — The Facebook shares on Oreo’s brand page has increased by over 4400%  Key Learnings: — Use content that is relevant, timely, simple, humorous and sharable to encourage people to interact and engage with the brand — Combine offline and online worlds. The campaign finale took place at Times Square with the last “Daily Twist” cookie design created in real-time in a pop-up agency. The design ideas were curated from consumers through social media or from people showing up on Times Square for the finale.11
  12. 12. MASS: OREO’S DAILY TWIST FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN  For more information, please see Oreo’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, or Pinterest.  Social Media Fan Base: —Facebook: 28,131,144 fans —Twitter: 57,297 followers —YouTube: 7,358 subscribers —Pinterest: 1,140 followers12
  13. 13. LUXURY: BURBERRY CELEBRATES 1 MILLION TWITTER FOLLOWERS  Overview: To celebrate the accumulation of more than 1 million Twitter followers, Burberry sent animated thank- you cards personalized with followers’ names. — 3,000 followers received a virtual notecard inscribed with their Twitter handles in return for sending a tweet of congratulations or a tweet with the hashtag #thanksamillion, which the company paid Twitter to promote for the day.  Campaign Results: — Burberry hit number one on Starcounts list of the fashion brands with the highest social media engagement for the past week.  Key Learnings: — Celebrate key milestones in a unique way to show fan appreciation and increase loyalty — Surprise your fans by doing something you don’t normally do to show that you care about them. Burberry usually does not respond to users publically on social media.13
  14. 14. LUXURY: BURBERRY CELEBRATES 1 MILLION TWITTER FOLLOWERS  For more information, please see Burberry’s website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest.  Social Media Fan Base: —Facebook: 13,985,121 fans —Twitter: 1,308,304 followers —YouTube: 44,744 —Instagram: 550,011 —Pinterest: 15,530 followers14
  15. 15. BEAUTY: SEPHORAS 15 DAYS OF BEAUTY THRILLS SWEEPSTAKES  Overview: To engage fans and drive traffic to their newly developed website, Sephora leveraged their beauty partners to furnish “thrills” for users — The U.S.-only campaign kicked off on May 21, living on and running promotions in-store and across social channels — The company provided exclusive content on Facebook, with a fan-gated app to bolster engagement and build the brand’s community — On Facebook, fans were able to learn about the next day’s thrill at midnight, incentivizing people to “like” the Brand Page in return for these exclusives — “Thrills” included a Fiat with a Gucci interior and a $5,000 shopping spree at Sephora, along with daily “mini-thrills,” a small gift included with any online purchase  Campaign Results (specific figures not released): — Fan base grew 6 times their normal growth rate — Dramatic increase in sales — Increase in traffic to the website  Key Learnings: — Compelling exclusives on Facebook to drive traffic to page — A large ad spend to bring more awareness to the Sephora brand, Facebook Brand Page and website15
  16. 16. BEAUTY: SEPHORAS 15 DAYS OF BEAUTY THRILLS SWEEPSTAKES  For more information, please see Sephora’s website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, or Instagram.  Social Media Fan Base: —Facebook: 4,104,415 fans —Twitter: 721,289 followers —YouTube: 12,787,049 video views —Pinterest: 65,689 followers —Instagram: 134,798 followers16
  17. 17. FASHION: MACY’S STYLEBLOGGER CONTEST  Overview: To build exposure of their millennial-targeted Bar III line, Macy’s partnered with Refinery 29 to host their Styleblogger contest – Millennial style bloggers competed to be named the “Styleblogger” for Macys’ Bar III line – Bloggers entered by submitting their blog, a photo of themselves, and a sample post on – The Grand Prize winner won $1,000 in cash and a week-long internship in Refinery29’s NY offices – They also awarded a People’s Choice prize (the winner was featured on Refinery29) and a Bar III prize (one winner became the brand ambassador for Bar III and traveled on a Flea Market tour to help style customers) – The People’s Choice winner was chosen based on fan votes via Facebook Connect – Other entrants were narrowed down to 5 finalists by top execs at Refinery29 – Finalists then competed in a series of 4 challenges (e.g. creating a Fashion Week look for under $100) to be named the Grand Prize winner  Campaign Results: – 800 blog submissions came in within the first 2 weeks – 20,000 people voted via Facebook Connect – Readers spent 10 times more time on the Styleblogger page than the rest of the site – The contest was the biggest traffic driver to the site for two months and built incredible brand awareness for Bar III  Key Learnings: – Custom content campaign to provide exclusive content for fans and drive traffic to page – Contest takes place annually to create a loyal fan base who will continue to follow Refinery29 – Subtly branded content to provide authentic experience for readers17
  18. 18. FASHION: MACY’S STYLEBLOGGER CONTEST  For more information, please see Refinery29’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.  Social Media Fan Base: – Facebook: 199,161 fans – Twitter: 399,148 followers – Pinterest: 74,661 followers – Instagram: 113,359 followers18
  19. 19. HAIR: L’ORÉAL PARIS TURN IT UP  Overview: LOreal launched a Facebook tab inviting fans to join their hair color “tribe” and express their hair color identity – A custom Facebook application invites users to explore their hair color identity, take tests to define their proper shade, meet hair color ambassadors, get tips, browse before & after photos and win products – Fans are invited to become L’Oreal Paris consumer ambassadors by creating custom Facebook cover photos, posters and desktop wallpapers – Three online influencers were selected as ambassadors to represent blonde, brunette and redhead hair colors. Each ambassador shares tips and before & after pictures using the product  Campaign Results: – 1,000 Facebook fans completed a consumer survey that was created into a shareable “Haircolor Census” infographic – 440,579 Twitter impressions  Key Learnings: – Asking users to choose their hair color “tribe” promotes consumer advocacy and encourages fans to generate personal content – Incorporating a hair color survey for users to complete created additional content that was re-purposed for the campaign in the form of infographics and videos19
  20. 20. HAIR: L’ORÉAL PARIS TURN IT UP  For more information, please see L’Oreal’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.  Social Media Fan Base: – Facebook: 1,570,506 fans – Twitter: 47,595 followers – Pinterest: 646 followers – Instagram: 9,137 followers20
  21. 21. NAILS: THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT: MANI MONDAY  Overview: To demonstrate nail art tutorials, Lauren Conrad’s blog, The Beauty Department, publishes visual manicure guides as part of a recurring Mani Monday campaign – Images portray the finished manicure look and simple step-by-step instructions – Content is repurposed on the Beauty Department’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to reach a wide audience – On Pinterest, Mani Monday tutorials are aggregated in a popular board called “Nail Art”  Campaign Results: – 286,003 Nail Art Pinterest board followers – 132,300 Pinterest repins – Engaged users on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and .com  Key Learnings: – DIY and tutorial content is popular amongst beauty consumers who are interested in at-home educational information – Visual content performs well across all social media channels, especially Pinterest, Facebook and blogs – Images are easily shareable through Pinterest and Facebook, which21 promotes content virality
  22. 22. NAILS: THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT: MANI MONDAY  For more information, please see The Beauty Department’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.  Social Media Fan Base: – Facebook: 145,132 fans – Twitter: 79,065 followers – Pinterest: 286,003 followers – Instagram: 149,404 followers – UMV: 103,547 visitors22
  24. 24. OVERALL KEY LEARNINGS AND TRENDS  Provide exclusive deals and incentives for social media followers to drive traffic to page  Create consistent, interactive content (e.g. an annual contest) to develop loyal fan base  Avoid being too branded to provide authentic experience for fans  Integrate offline and online worlds to increase the reach and virality of your campaign  Use content that is relevant, timely, simple, humorous and sharable to encourage people to interact and engage with the brand  Celebrate key milestones in a unique way to show fan appreciation and increase loyalty  Encourage consumer advocacy to prompt fans to create personal content and share with their own networks  Incorporate visual content to increase shareability of campaign and promote content virality  Support campaigns with paid media, such as Facebook Sponsored Stories and Twitter Promoted Tweets, to drive fan acquisition and engagement24
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