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Tourism innovation networks and regional policy   case (kokkonen)
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Tourism innovation networks and regional policy case (kokkonen)


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  • 1. 9. joulukuuta 2010
    © Savonlinnan Innovaatiokeskus Oy
    Tourism Innovation Networks and Regional Policy - Case South Savo
    Pellervo Kokkonen
    Savonlinna Innovation Centre Ltd.
    Regional Council of Etelä-Savo (South Savo)
  • 2. Kuopio
  • 3. From innovation to economic growth: Triple helix and beyond
    Experience Economy: ”quadruple helix”
    Involving customers, entrepreneurs, research organizations and public authorities in the economic development?
    Cluster approach, service and experience economy emerges. Possibility for smaller regions – internationalization, cohesion. Possiblity of focusing in the regional economic policy.
    Service industries becoming experience industries, added value.
    Technology as an enabler.
  • 4. Tourism research
    • tourism research fragmented in differentuniversities and disciplines
    • 5. low interaction with the industry
    • 6. links missing btw univesities, polytechnics
    Situation in ~1990s /Finland, South Savo
    Tourism Industry
    • Micro-enterprises working alone
    • 7. Lacking competencies
    • 8. Low level of investment
    • 9. Lacking foresight and strategic management
    Innovation support
    • Business incubator
  • South Savo – Trends, Strategy and Policy Measures for the development of the Tourism Cluster
    Tourism Industry
    • networked co-operation
    • 10. new themed products
    • 11. revitalised investment environment
    Tourism Innovation
    • Centre of Expertise for Tourism and Experience Management
    • 12. Savonlinna Innovation Centre: Innovation EnvironmentExpansion of business model: dissemination in Lakeland
    Tourism research
    • Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies
    • 13. university of applied sciences
    • 14. eBusiness, SME networking research
    • 15. Master programme in tourism and recreation
    • 16. vacation home research
    National Centres of Expertise Pr.Ministry of Employment and the Economy
    TEKES programmesF. Funding Agency forTechnology and Innovation
    Structural Funds Programmes
    Empl. And Econ. Dev. Centres
    Regional Council
    State Provincial Office E. Finland
  • 17. Savonlinna Innovation Environment
    Partners include University of Joensuu Centre for Tourism Studies, Univerity tourism library, Mikkeli University of Applied Arts Tourism Education, Haaga Perho consulting and Savonlinna Travel Ltd.
    Operative company Savonlinna Innovation Centre Ltd. Owned by municipalities and universities.
    Owns and develops property in the centre of Savonlinna, base of university research, tourism developers and companies providing services for tourism enterprises.
    Innovation Center responsible for centre of expertise operations in Savonlinna 2007-2013.
  • 18. Tourism and Experience Management Cluster Programme – National Centres of Expertise Programme Finland
    Develop competencies in service design, e-business, experience management Function as facilitator in network building, business incubation and project preparation.
    National regional. Partners include centres in Jyväskylä, Helsinki region, Rovaniemi, Savonlinna, Turku and all tourism research institutions.
    Savonlinna Centre:
    Co-ordinating e-business development in the cluster programme
    Operations cover ”Lakeland Finland” (Eastern and SE Finland).
    Intiating Lake tourism product and distribution strategy in partnership with tourism operators.
    Part of national innovation programme 2007-2013. (
  • 19. Savonlinna Innovation Centre – South Savo Region, Finland
  • 20. Results
    Innovation Centre and partnering universities are are working in close cooperation with companies in South Savo and partner regions to promote innovation in sme networks.
    Strong international networking in tourism research can be used to benefit innovation in the experience cluster.
    Tourism sme networks in the region have acknowledged the benefits of collaboration with each other and the research institutions. Partnering enterprises have demonstrated robust growth in both turnover and investments in 2003-2008.
    Research has spurred interest in the companies in own product development and innovation activities.
  • 21. Vision for 2013
    Strong Tourism and Experience Economy Cluster
    - Providing internationally distributed Lakeland Experiences
    • Strong growth and investment
    • 22. Encompasses enterprises from different industries working in cooperation
    Tourism Innovation
    • Customers and companies innovate in ”Experience Labs”
    • 23. Labs use tested methologies for servicedesign, experience managment, e-business and collaboration.
    Tourism research
    • International research teams work in research tuned to strategic needs of the cluster.Savonlinna is an international hub of innovation and creativity.
  • Programme Director
    Dr. Pellervo Kokkonen
    Savonlinna Innovation Centre Ltd.
    +358 44 758 5472
    We are available for consultation concerning innovation environment in creative industries and innovation methodologies!