Review japan saimaa tourism summit


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Review japan saimaa tourism summit

  1. 1. “Review Japan” Saimaa Tourism Summit 20.9.2013 Finpro Japan & Foresight marketing
  2. 2. The difference between key Asian markets The year of liberalization of overseas traveling China (1997) Korea (1989) Japan (1964) Matured
  3. 3. Tokyo 35.6 million Nagoya 7.4 million Osaka 17 million Geographical & Demographical Information • 120 million population • 3 metropolitan areas in small country • Tokyo metropolitan area is the biggest in the world • Highly sophisticated mono-culture society Economical information • World No.3 economical power Logistical information • 21 weekly flights by Finnair + daily flight by JAL 17,29 15,98 15,44 16,63 16,99 18,48 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 The number of tourists abroad 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 0-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70- Male Female 70% are leisure tourists Profile of tourists by age and gender
  4. 4. The traveling style of Japanese tourists 4 50,345,6 2,7 1 0,4 Individual arrangement Package tour Group Travel Others 45 51,7 54 56 60,5 26,1 21,3 20,5 19,7 17,414,9 17,3 14 13,5 12,111,7 11,5 11,5 10,2 9,5 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Internet Visitng travel agents Mail order/Telephone Don't know Visiting travel agents  Japanese tourist were well known as group travelers before.  But nowadays, half of them are individual travelers.  Also there are many skeleton package tours, which means just the combination between flights and accommodations. Booking method Traveling style  Internet has become major booking method  Naturally they also search destination information online.
  5. 5. Finland is already natural destination for Japanese tourists Finland is not unknown destination any more.  Awareness of Finland is quite high considering the size of the country.  The younger generation has higher and wider awareness on Finland.  Also the country image is quite positive with many key words. The position in tourism market is unique which has differentiated products from others. Triple daily flight by Finnair Daily flight by JAL No.1 overnights in Scandinavia for 10 years. The biggest Twitter account among embassies with over 91,000 followers Japanese TV commercials in Finnish language Many media coverage Movie shooting in Helsinki Helsinki, Hameenlinna appear in novel written by Novel prize candidate author
  6. 6. Key words associated with Finland in Japan Santa Claus Sauna Angry Birds Aurora Moomin Design Education Lake and forest Xylitol Heavy Metal Rock Salmiakki Crazy events Ruokala Lokki Mrimekko Midnight sun Sibelius Good social welfare Gender equality Fin-Tan, Twitter character of Finnish Embassy Long summer holidays
  7. 7. Could modern women be right target in Japan ? YES !! They are, because:Especially female from 20’s to 40’s living in urban area.  They are keen on new things  They are interested in other cultures and flexible to accept it.  They would like to behave as local people do during traveling.  They are flexible for traveling style, whether it’s package tour or individual arrangement.  They are confident at communicating regardless with their English skills.  They like design  They are decision maker in consumption.  They are influential person to friends.  They have information network. Key demand trends:  More organic  Ethical consumption  More diversity of life style  More handicrafts  Girl’s party  Wellness & anti-aging  Mountain girls  Self development
  8. 8. Main themes to be delivered to traveller Sauna Design Education Foods Summer cottage Nature experience Work life balance FINNISH LIFE STYLE
  9. 9. New value for destinations 2013/9/ 9 Majority Many sightseeing spots Brand Shopping Experience local culture I can do- more I can see- more Especially for you New Good atmosphere Friendly people Comforta- ble Travel like living Find out myself Like local people Potential services for Japanese tourists:  Organic programs  Handicrafts & workshops  Foods programs and good restaurants  Manor houses and farm stays  Special experiences to Finnish life style  Nature therapy programs  Wedding programs From what can I see to what can I experience
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