SpecialQuest Accomplishments


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Presentation features key accomplishments made by SpecialQuest Birth-Five.

Music by Kevin MacLoud http://www.incompetech.com

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SpecialQuest Accomplishments

  1. 1. SpecialQuest is helping states and communities make a difference for inclusion
  2. 2. Children and Families are Counting on US
  3. 3. Nine states have made major policy changes that support high quality inclusive practices… directly affecting services to young children with disabilities and their families.
  4. 4. The message is now consistent across state agencies, advocacy groups, families, and higher education. “
  5. 5. Enhancing Confidence and Competence
  6. 6. At least six states have developed and are implementing cross-sector, regional professional development systems to support inclusion.
  7. 7. As a result of training, more professionals are better prepared to include children with disabilities in their programs. “
  8. 8. Embracing Possibilities
  9. 9. Nine states are working with faculty to incorporate the SpecialQuest approach and materials into college and university coursework …including required coursework and courses that articulate between community college and four-year institutions of higher education.
  10. 10. I have been teaching for 30 years …I will never teach the same way again. “
  11. 11. Family Partnerships Family Leadership
  12. 12. Family Members are actively engaged in a variety of leadership activities, drawing upon their experiences and perspectives to provide input for decision-making.
  13. 13. Having families involved helps keep the team grounded and reminded of the reasons for this work… “
  14. 14. Together We’re Better
  15. 15. Twenty-one communities are providing input and feedback to the State Leadership Teams regarding local implications of state level policies and regulations.
  16. 16. It’s valuable to stay linked to “real” programs and providers who are serving children. “
  17. 17. Inclusion – BENEFITS for Everyone
  18. 18. All community teams are making significant progress in implementing practices to support inclusion .
  19. 19. SpecialQuest has moved inclusion to the forefront of agency agendas. “
  20. 20. Everyone BELONGS
  21. 21. In most communities, families are experiencing better coordination of referrals and service delivery, as well as receiving more comprehensive services in inclusive environments, such as Child Care.
  22. 22. I understand inclusion from the parent’s perspective, and have seen and experienced positive outcomes for children that result from inclusive programs. “
  23. 23. Using the SpecialQuest APPROACH, Resources and Materials
  24. 24. Community teams are conducting trainings using the SpecialQuest approach and materials in their programs and communities, state and regional conferences, professional development networks, and with other groups, such as pediatricians.
  25. 25. Our local community has developed a network of people who are working together to bring SpecialQuest to a variety of programs and professional development opportunities. “
  26. 26. Relationships are the KEY
  27. 27. SpecialQuest just knocked it out of the park for me…you have to experience it…it’s like a light switch that’s turned on. “
  28. 28. www.specialquest.org