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Cflorit clil 1_day1_oct12 Cflorit clil 1_day1_oct12 Presentation Transcript

  • PILE Year 1 Seminari PILE AICLE 1r any Curs 2012-201326/03/13
  • Calendar Session 1 October 23rd 2012 Session 2 November 22nd 2012 Session 3 January 29th 2013 Session 4 March 7th 2013 Session 5 April 30th 2013 Session 6 May 30th 2013
  • Feelings about CLILWhat do you Know about CLIL?What do you Want to learn about CLIL?What did you Learn about CLIL? K W L
  • Feelings about CLILHow we can learn more? K W L H
  • Main aims This course is directed towards primary teachers involved in CLIL projects in their first year.Our main aims are:• To reflect on the CLIL theoretical and practical framework• To share and analyze CLIL planning examples• To advise and guide the CLIL units design and development• To foster a CLIL effective implementation adding more resourcesand teaching repertoire
  • Ethos The disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement. The distinctive spirit and attitudes of a culture or an era: The Greek Ethos or “The CLIL Ethos” • Working in collaboration • Sharing experiences • Reflecting upon our teaching practice • Motivating innovative teaching • Creating a relaxed and non stressful atmosphere • Overcoming fears and worries • Modelling good teaching practices
  • 26/03/13
  • Statements about CLIL Diamond 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Variations: 9 Create a Diamond 9 about “How to learn English” with your pupils. Choose seven sentences and invent two.
  • From the statements about CLIL, write your own Definition of CLIL
  • CLIL DefinitionSituations where subjects, or parts of subjects, are taught through aforeign language with dual-focussed aims, namely the learning ofcontent, and the simultaneous learning of a foreign language, 1994.CLIL approach involves learning subjects such as History,Geography or others through and additional language.Any activity in which a foreign language is used as a toolin the learning of a non-language subjects in which both language and the subject have a joint role, 2002.David Marsh 26/03/13
  • CLIL DefinitionCLIL is dynamic, a flexible concept where topics andsubjects – foreign language and non-language subject/s –are integrated in some kind of mutually beneficial way soas to provide value-added to educational outcomes forthe widest possible range of learners.Do Coyle, 2005 26/03/13
  • CONTEXT CLIL in Europe by David M arsh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGnkEMjBg4g CLIL in Europehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGzxqtGFOJw&feature=related 26/03/13
  • Status of CLIL provision in primary and general secondary education, 2004 /2005 CLIL provision as part of mainstream school Education CLIL provision within pilot projects Combination of CLIL provision as part of mainstream school education and within pilot projects No CLIL provision26/03/13
  • Status of CLIL target languages used for CLIL in primary and general secondary education, 2006 /2007 Source: Eurydice26/03/13
  • C26/03/13
  • CLIL A CATALUNYA• PELE secundària – 2005: 21 centres – 2006: 35 centres – 2007: 52 centres – 2008: 67 centres (33 AICLE)• PELE primària – 2005: 21 centres – 2006: 35 centres – 2007: 52 centres – 2008: 233 centres (90 AICLE)• Estades de 10 setmanes a la Gran Bretanya/França o llicències D – 2005-06: 2 (primària) i 7 (secundària) – 2006-07: 9 (primària) i 10 (secundària) – 2007-08: 20 (primària) i 24 (secundària) – 2008-09: 20 (primària) i 8 (secundària) – 2009-10: 30 (primària) i 30 (secundària)26/03/13
  • 26/03/13
  • Resources CIREL http://phobos.xtec.cat/cirel/cirel/ Delicious http://delicious.com/clil_catalonia/http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=x66lV7GOcNU26/03/13
  • 26/03/13