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How Integrated Are We?
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How Integrated Are We?


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Presented at SISO 2013.

Presented at SISO 2013.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Rhonda to give picture of how data populates into one view and drives better experience
  • Transcript

    • 1. Data as the key to driving integration and delivering experience. HOW INTEGRATED ARE WE? 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
    • 2. The Experts Moderator: Sam Lippman, President, Lippman Connects Edwin Gonzalez IT Director Hanley Wood Rhonda Wunderlin VP, Lead Services Penton John French CEO Cygnus Business Media
    • 3.  What is it?  How do I integrate?  Now that I have it…  Lessons learned  Q&A The Agenda
    • 4. What is it? • CEO • Purchasing Authority • CA, USA • $1 mil Sales Volume • Interested in… Attended Webcasts Active on Social Media Comments on Content Attended a Tradeshow Clicked on certain ads Views Specific Content Centralized Database Demographics, Engagement & Behavior Jane Doe Attended Other Events Registration & Form Submissions
    • 5. How does it help? Getting to one view of the customer by combining demographic data with past and present behavior Leveraging that data to drive timely, relevant (targeted) engagement that drives participation Providing a more personalized show experience as well as targeted post show engagement
    • 6. How do I integrate? Basic Integration Excel /MS Access Set small, measurable goals Fully Integrated Master database – all in one solution All applications write to a single data source Abstracted Layer Web services – not changing my applications– building a layer in between them Integrate data silos while underlying systems in tact Saas Software as a Service
    • 7. Registration Led Gen Circulation Newsletters How do I integrate? Master DatabaseBasic – Excel Integrated Database
    • 8. How do I integrate? RegistrationCirculation NewslettersLed Gen Mobile GSC Housing Vendors SOA Service Oriented Architecture Data Cleansing/ Standardization Data Repository
    • 9. Now that I have it… How we use the data Content and Ad Targeting Data Products Marketing High-Level User Data Granular User Data
    • 10. Now that I have it… What can I do today that I couldn’t yesterday? Case Study 1 Event Marketing Case Study 2 Content Marketing Case Study 3 Lead Generation & Research
    • 11. Now that I have it… Case Study 1 – Event Marketing Detailed marketing programs to drive attendance at a regional show – identified highly targeted categories of attendees needed for a show.  We queried our integrated database to identify individual in each of the categories  We then used a variety of marketing tools (both online and print) to encourage their attendance at the show  We hit our attendance goals using only a fraction of the initial marketing budget
    • 12. Now that I have it… Case Study 2 - Content Marketing Using the data in the integrated database, we provide content marketing opportunities to our advertisers. In addition to providing advertising around what content is being consumed, we also present advertising opportunities based on how people engage with our content and their general interest levels.  Online contextual advertising – what is being read at the moment  Online behavioral advertising – based on what we know the person is doing  Direct mail – customized print products using variable data printing techniques
    • 13. Now that I have it… Case Study 3 – Lead Generation & Research Enhance existing lead data with our deeper understanding of our readers  We have built a number of new lead generation programs that leverage our underlying data on readers  Quality vs. Quantity: We leverage this data to bring higher quality leads to our clients  Research: Using customized research, we are building a deeper understanding of our customers’ behaviors and buying patterns
    • 14. Lessons Learned
    • 15. Thank You Sam Lippman, President, Lippman Connects Edwin Gonzalez, IT Director, Hanley Wood Rhonda Wunderlin, VP, Lead Services Penton John French, CEO, Cygnus Business Media