Exhibitor Perspective Lippman Connects SISO August 2014


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Sell out the exhibit hall floor and your sponsorships at your convention with these tips from large exhibiting companies; Samsung Techwin, Philips Healthcare, and Monte Carlo SBM - Hotels, Casinos and Spas. These exhibitors weigh in on sponsorships, data, and working with the venue.

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Exhibitor Perspective Lippman Connects SISO August 2014

  1. 1. The Exhibitor Perspective Moderated by: Sam Lippman President Lippman Connects
  2. 2. About This Session Listening to customers is critical to our success. And this session will be a facilitated discussion among three exhibitors to uncover what they love and hate about trade shows as well as what we should do to increase their ROI.
  3. 3. Panelists Janet Fenner Senior Marketing Group Manager Samsung Techwin Cathleen Kelley Director Monte Carlo SBM-Hotels, Casinos, Spa Jeffrey Masters Director, Global Events/Healthcare Global Brand Communications and Digital Group Philips Healthcare
  4. 4. Agenda • Introductions • Site Selection • Creating Our Brand • Getting to “Do” • Sponsorships • Accountability • Access to Data
  5. 5. • 37 years producing exhibitions, conferences, forums, and roundtables • Including International CES, GRAPH EXPO, and PRINT • Consults in strategic planning, management, and marketing • Facilitates board meetings, user groups, and focus groups • Produce by-invitation events for the exhibition industry Sam Lippman Founder and President Lippman Connects
  6. 6. Connect. Inspire. Succeed. The platform to increase exhibit and sponsorship sales The meeting for large show managers Find. Attract. Retain. Grow
  7. 7. Firmographics Total # of U.S. Events 15 300+ 209 # of Exhibits within Events 10 75 205 Exhibits as % of Marketing Budget 70% 30% 65% Largest Exhibit (nsf) 1,000 (shared) 32,000 5,000 Exhibit Budget (2015 vs 2014) Same Same Up 17% % of Time Spent on Exhibits 10% 30% 40%
  8. 8. Site Selection
  9. 9. Capacity of hotels to reserve large room blocks Transportation to and from event Safety of employees More selections for event planning Cost of travel Cost of labor unions Site Selection
  10. 10. Show Schedule Start of Show – Day of the week Monday incurs additional charges with labor Set-up runs through the weekend Access to booth
  11. 11. Creating Our Brand
  12. 12. Creating Our Brand • “Extras” are forbidden and/or are cost-prohibitive • e.g., wine-tastings, food tastings, mini-spa, gaming tables • Results in money spent off-site • e.g., cooking classes, spa privatization, parties
  13. 13. Getting to “Do”
  14. 14. Getting to “Do” 14 The marketer’s profession is all about getting a segmented audience to Think, feel or do something!
  15. 15. As an event marketer I’m looking to make your audience Think, feel or do something. 15
  16. 16. What are you, the producer, doing to help me get your audience to Think, feel or do something, and then measure that something as accurately as possible. That’s how my business is measuring you! 16
  17. 17. Sponsorships
  18. 18. Sponsorships Signage (Branding): Pro: Great for building branding and messaging for the show. Con: Too much signage clutters the field of view and can be overload. Exhibitor needs to know how much of it there will be and if their location will be blocked by other signage. Demographics is key in making sure the sponsorship meets the attendee. Sponsorships such as apps does not mesh with older attendees but will do well with younger ones. What sponsorships in our opinion do not work? Massage stations Charging stations Bag inserts Digital video walls
  19. 19. Sponsorships Trade show ROI is extremely hard to measure, therefore further investing in additional items need to have worth tied to them, more than just branding. Want something…Give something approach. Shows have the Exhibitor targets present – collect data! Example: Coffee…attendees always drink coffee. Want a cup? Answer 5 questions via a tablet. Valuable info is key to preparing for the next year’s show. Ego – go after the exhibitor’s ego. Show entries, best booth, best idea, best presentation. Bragging rights are useful in competitive environments and brings the level of showmanship up on the show floor.
  20. 20. Accountability
  21. 21. Accountability • High degree of accountability “glues” me to show management • Confirming qualifications of potential attendees • Revealing low registration and asks for help recruiting • Allow booth sharing with appropriate partners to reduce costs • Allow multiple staff from same exhibiting company • Booth design assistance
  22. 22. Access to Data
  23. 23. Where Do ‘Leads’ Come From? ‘Generally speaking……..’ Field Sales Organization Marketing 75-85% 15-25% Contacts, relationships, customers for life, etc. Events, web, telephone inbound, telephone outbound, other demand gen tactics 23
  24. 24. Measuring success - Who is responsible ? Attraction of intended attendees Producer Total # of professional attendees Producer Titles of attendees broken out Producer Yield of total attendees by hall Producer Yield of titles broken out by hall Producer Duration attendees in halls/ average Producer Yield of hall attendees in stand Exhibitor Yield of titles in stand Exhibitor Stand yields from hall or show yields Exhibitor Swipes/Leads/Contacts Exhibitor Quantitative and qualitative polling Exhibitor Conversion ratio ( lead/interest : opportunity) Exhibitor Social Media/Interactive/Web/Financial/client satisfaction Exhibitor 24
  25. 25. Portfolio Inclusion is a careful balance of influences and $ $ Calendar NPI Pipeline Audience Staff resources ROI ROO Awareness Activation Alignment with business priorities Relationships Geography Venue Asset Availability Executive preferences Travel Costs Cultural Respect Space costs Travel Concerns Balance Field Region 25
  26. 26. Interactive Social Media Big Data Predictable Costs & Results Investment F2F 3rd Party Business Shows & Conferences Large Unpredictable Costs & Results Divestment Corporate Proprietary Events Predictable Costs & Results Investment = = = 26
  27. 27. Questions? For more information, contact: Sam Lippman sam@lippmanconnects.com