The purpose of music videos


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The purpose of music videos

  1. 1. Task 1:The purpose of Music Videos By Elliot Maunder
  2. 2. Music VideosThe purpose of music videos is to promote theband or artists song or album by creating aperformance by them and adding a story to themusic video or even promoting a film orcompany. There are many different exampleswhich I am going to discuss about music videosand their conventions and explain why viewersare interested in watching theses music videosand why they enjoy them.
  3. 3. Music videos with a story
  4. 4. This is an example of a 3 part story which is formedin to 2 music videos by the band Trivium in the firstvideo they released for the song(in waves) the storyin this video is about the band members travelingon a journey though a dark forest and there isscenes of them drowning under water. The musicvideo has no footage of the band performing but itcontinues telling the story of them on their journeyand at the end of the music video the bandmembers staring at a strange dark sun in the skyand then it says to be continued. This is a goodexample of a music video because it is telling a storyto the viewer, it is promoting the album and alsoviewers are going to want to listen to the next singlethey release because they are going to want towatch the second part of the story.The second single that is released for the band is Video 1called ( Built to fall ) which is continuing from thestory from the last music video which shows http://www.youtuscenes of the band members going into a dark and it shows the story which is behind the 0Xfvk028Kv0song where the planet is falling apart and that’swhy the song is called built to fall but thisentertains the viewers when they watch this andthis is exactly why music videos arent just to Video 2promote a band they are to tell a story or show http://www.youtscenes of a concept album for example if it was a culture album which talked about the =_XD2jKlCiK0life of a samurai the music video would showscene scenes of japan and samurais in a story toshow the image of the song and video
  5. 5. Music Videos Promoting A film
  6. 6. This is a great example that I found of a music video promoting a film from a song calledyou know my name from the artist Chris Cornell promoting the James bond film CasinoRoyale. The music video shows scenes from the James bond film , performance fromChris Cornell and scenes of Chris Connell as a spy spying on a women so the music videois promoting Casino Royale and Chris Cornell so viewers are going to find thisentertaining to watch so they can see scenes from the film and they get to hears ChrisCornells new single.The viewers will also be interested to see the story which is in the video of Chris Cornellas a spy and this is what is going to drag the viewers attention to the music video so thisvideo has a big purposes of promoting the film and the single. The video also shows one of the James Bond scenes repeated of when he washs his face then its Chris Cornell washing his face so Chris Cornells trying to add a part to the story of the music video
  7. 7. Music videos about the environment government and life issues
  8. 8. This is an example of a music video ispromoting a bands single and is showingviewers about issues in the world we live inand the single is called ( What Ive done) whichis performed by the band Linkin park . Thename what ive done shows that in the musicvideo that the causes of what have happenedaround the world of what man has caused onthe planet which involves things suchas pollution, global warming, Racism, Nazism,the Ku KluxKlan, abortion, starvation, terrorism, Holocaust, and nuclear warfare, poverty, drugaddiction, obesity. The music video featuresscenes of all theses different things and it alsoshows performance footage from the bandaswell.This will attract viewers to watch this so theywill see whats going on round the world andwhat man has caused to the planet and its alsopromotes the single for the band so this is agreat example of a music video about issues inlife.
  9. 9. How music videos effect cd and digital download salesMusic videos are a huge impact on the music industrybecause one they entertain the viewers with the storybehind the music video and two it is promoting the singleso when consumers watch the video on YouTube they canclick on a link which will take them to the song on iTunesor similar music download service and it also persuadesthe viewer to buy the cd and this is why music videos arebroadcasted on TV and on the internet because itsshowing people what a songs like so music videos are ahuge impact on selling cds or more modern day ways ofbuying music to have instantly , online downloading.
  10. 10. How music videos effect record companysMusic videos are also a huge impact on record labelsbecause when a music video is released and the song getsloads of sales from people buying the money it is givinglots of credit to the record company who owns the bandand if many different artists or bands from the samerecord company do the same thing and release manydifferent music videos that’s going to get the recordcompany to have lots of money made from the musicvideos and the songs from the artists which means tatmore money is made to be used to make more and moremoney for music videos to be produced for the bands andartests of that record label in the future.