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How to Optimize Your eCommerce Content
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How to Optimize Your eCommerce Content


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You might be able to sell ice to an Eskimo when meeting customers in person, but selling to people online involves plenty of other considerations. This guide tells how you can optimize your eCommerce …

You might be able to sell ice to an Eskimo when meeting customers in person, but selling to people online involves plenty of other considerations. This guide tells how you can optimize your eCommerce website by creating quality content and improving your site architecture. These changes will help you keep people on your site longer – and longer visits tend to translate into more sales.

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  • SlingshotSEO works exclusively with brands that deserve to be immediately and organically brought to the attention of search engine users. Our clients have demonstrated value and the ability to provide quality impact for their customers, and it is our pleasure to help them be more readily discovered by new customers. We engage in deep partnership with our clients, and focus our energies on high-caliber businesses that are able to bring both human and financial resources to bear to achieve their objectives. We do not require our partners to begin with a sophisticated understanding of SEO, but we only work with businesses that are coachable and dedicated to their own success.
  • You may be thinking Google, and you’re right!A. Search Engines- Your potential customers find you on Google because you are digitally relevant.
  • Digital relevance has a lot to do with what a brand contributes to the conversations related to their specialties. What a brand contributes beyond its own site has tremendous shaping power for the brand.Articles are another channel for a brand to add value to the conversations that impact their business. Infographics – tools that convey information in creative graphic ways – are great content for sharing and repurposing. Again, it’s all about helping a brand contribute to the conversations that drive their business.Twitter is a prime channel for building rapport with a market, for increasing visibility with search engines, and for testing, shaping, and refining brand expressions. Videos are another powerful expression brands add to critical conversations, and videos are especially popular for sharing and creating additional visibility in the digital world.Where the first several examples of content are similar to what you offer in a conversation when you ask another person question, share expertise, or make introductions, your on-page content is the equivalent of having an answer ready to go when the person with whom you’re speaking finally says, “So, tell me more about yourself.” People ask about you only after you’ve demonstrated enough value that they want more.Press releases are key strategic tools in shaping conversations and establishing leadership with other people. Press releases are often created in-house, are specific to events or announcement, and are one expression of a larger PR effort.PR is the strategic telling of a brand’s story in places where other people will notice it. This can include TV, radio, podcasts and other journalist efforts that may touch any area of content. In many ways, SEO is targeted PR.
  • Copyblogger:
  • Since we’re talking eCommerce, let’s talk Product Description: Quantity vs Quality: Are you really talking about khaki pants, or are you talking about irrelevant things like the blueness of the sky?Placement: It's not just about quality. You also want to give thought to the placement of your content. There needs to be compelling content describing your product categories, as well as robust descriptions on the product pages
  • 2011 Search Marketing Benchmark Report : 94% of corporations expect to increase their SEO budgets in 2011, with 31% of corporations planning to increase their SEO budgets by more than 20%.  It’s clear that there is a consensus among marketers that more money needs to be spent on SEO66% of companies generate more than 26% of their website traffic from organic searchSEO is more than just link graphs…it’s CLASS.
  • We’ve written 300 (on-page) and goal is atleast 600Rank for more than 8500 long tail keywords, attributed to the content we’ve createdFor a new website to rank for anything but branded terms in 3 months is very rare without a solid content strategy.Indexation rate is extremely high
  • Transcript

    • 1. How to OptimizeYour eCommerce Content with Kevin Bailey & Chris Baggott
    • 2. Topics• Introduction• Defining Digital Relevance with Content• eCommerce Content Creation Strategy• Implementing a Content Strategy• Real-life case studies• Q&A
    • 3. PresentersChris Baggott Kevin BaileyCEO President & Co-FounderCompendium Slingshot SEO@chrisbaggott @KevinJBaileyContact Details Contact DetailsPhone Phoneemail
    • 4. Before we get started…• This presentation deck will be available to you after the webinar• Please ask all questions using the Question interface – Questions will be covered at the end of the presentation – If we don’t get to your question, we will get back to you via email 4
    • 5. About Slingshot SEO Some of our clients:• Founded in 2006• Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN• 100+ active clients• Over 200 SEO and social media specialists 5
    • 7. Defining Digital Relevance with ContentWho or what determines if yoursite is digitally relevant? 7
    • 8. Defining Digital Relevance with Content 8
    • 10. eCommerce Content Creation Strategy What makes good content?• Be Personal & Interactive• Listen to Your Customers• Be Relevant
    • 11. eCommerce Content Creation Strategy
    • 13. Implementing a Content Strategy
    • 14. Implementing a Content StrategyContent & Business Blogging
    • 15. Case StudyHHGregg:• Leading appliance and electronics retailer, operating 171 stores in 15 states
    • 16. Case StudyNT Supply-• Site launched in mid-February 2011• 300 pieces of content• $4mil in 3 months• Rank for > 8500 long-tail
    • 17. Conclusion• How did we learn to: – Drive Traffic – Increase number of Conversions – Build Loyalty and LCV
    • 18. Q&AChris Baggott Kevin BaileyCEO President & Co-FounderCompendium Slingshot SEO@chrisbaggott @KevinJBaileyContact Details Contact DetailsPhone Phoneemail