How to build an ecommerce site in 13 minutes


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Use the free web app gallery to build an ecommerce site in a matter of minutes and deploy online, using nopCommerce and WebMatrix.

UPDATED for the new version of eCommerce Portal. See for more details.

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  • Pretty mad, as you can see me venting with my name.
    I have no idea who Chuck is, but it rhymed.
    Anyway, I had to make a Facebook account, SlideShare account, and download/install PowerPoint Viewer. But thanks for this, can't wait to see it, I am just saying it was kinda hard to get this thing.
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  • - you can demo this online – great for starting your business as a “baby hoster” being the go – to person for ecommerce for example – email me if this is a business you are interested in and ideally we can find a go-to hoster for you in your country
  • Web Platform Installer is your one stop shop for installing web apps and tools – including Arabic & Turkish applications – this can be skinned as well to be customized. We are always looking for new applications – especially in the MEA languages – contact me if you have an app that would qualify.
  • What good is an “undecorated” Window Server? It’s all about apps! Consumerize and take the tech out of getting your busines online{Inspiration Source: – and post editing}Example: At an airport I saw an advertisement for a hoster’s offer in a Photography magazine with one full page to promote their free gallery application with a hosting offer. Let’s target the consumer
  • WebMatrix comes with everything you need to get started building websites and web applications:A complete and integrated development environment, with a small download and a simple install. You get a database engine (SQL Server Compact Edition) to handle your data. All the structures you create in this database engine will be compatible with professional versions of SQL Server.WebMatrix supports a Web Server (IIS Express) to serve all your web pages. This web server is compatible with the professional versions of IIS as well.WebMatrix also comes with a new, simple programming framework that allows for rapid development of web sites and web applications. It supports Razor, the latest and simplifiedway to code web sites. It also provides a gallery of free open source applications to complement your development.It comes with an integrated installer that manages the heavy lifting of downloading and installing each component.
  • CSHTML page is a special type of page in WebMatrix that can contain the usual contents of a web page, such as HTML and JavaScript code, and that can also contain code for programming web pages
  • How to build an ecommerce site in 13 minutes

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    13. 13. Besides building an eCommerce store with WebMatrix…. Optimize with Social networking Seize the economic opportunity Get online with Web application gallery Reap local hosting discounts for start ups Join Websitespark for free software to light up your business13
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    15. 15. Word of mouth from your friends18
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    18. 18. Get your business online locallyExtend your reach globallyWindows Web App Gallery
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    22. 22. Web Matrix Application Templates31
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    24. 24. Entrepreneurs – be a baby hoster!
    25. 25. Web Server Database Development Tool
    26. 26. Demo Extend your Reach - Web Matrix Web Helper35
    27. 27.       
    28. 28. eCommerce templates37
    29. 29. Accept EULA38
    30. 30. Template Installation39
    31. 31. Successful installation40
    32. 32. Create empty database & 1 step install41
    33. 33. Site Creation42
    34. 34. Empty store43
    35. 35. SNO & Integration44
    36. 36. Web Matrix makes SNO a snap!45
    37. 37. Dashboard46
    38. 38. Product Management47
    39. 39. Manage Categories48
    40. 40. Create your own product line!49
    41. 41.       
    42. 42.
    43. 43. Find discountedhosting offers withcertified apppartners
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