The Business of Egypt is Business


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The Business of Egypt is Business

  1. 1. The Business of Egypt is BusinessNow that the revolution is over, Egypt can look forward to a technical revolution.Similar to the industrial revolution, or the Age of Enlightenment, or the Age ofDiscovery of days gone by, the Netopian Age beckons.Yesterday, the business of Egypt was revolution. Today, the business of Egyptis business.I will cite my monograph on the importance of social media. The tools used tobring about change are the same tools that can be used to bring about change.Now, however, the change is no longer about shedding the past. Now thechange is embracing the future. That future is a nimbus on the horizon. Themonograph is called:Social Media is the Medium: Greater than the sum of its parts.Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogspot, and SlideShare. What do they all have incommon besides each other? They are greater than the sum of their parts.Write something:A proposalA business planAn RFPA ConstitutionThen,Save the document.Post it on your blog,On Facebook,On Slideshare.Click the icons on
  2. 2. Your blogOn SlideShareIf viewers click the link to your blog, they are brought to your blog posting.If viewers click the link to your SlideShare account, they are brought to yourSlideShare document.The link will automatically appear on your Facebook page. There somethingmore potent will happen for you. A thumbnail of your document will appear.Click the icon and the document will come up. The document can be read andcomments can be added. You will be notified by email that someone commentedon your document. You will be informed who commented on your document.In addition to this, links will automatically appear on the home page of yourLinkedin account.In addition to the potent tools that are obvious, your documents have provisionsfor the inclusion of links. These links will send your readers to supportingdocuments—and that is still not the limit to what you can do.The printed word is a global event no longer limited to websites.The printed word is now appearing on internet publications. Publications, whichinclude but are not limited to American English language publications, but areexpanded to include on-line newspapers and magazines from around the worldand in global languages. (Those who cannot speak a language can have theinformation translated with a Google link.The New York Times,The Boston Globe,Atlantic Monthly,The Wall Street Journal,The Telegraph,The Economist,The Globe and Mail,The Washington Post, &
  3. 3. Newsweek make a comments section available. Not only are the articles youwrite available for comment and review, you can write comments on the articleswritten by others. You can click the icons on the article to provide links from yourFacebook page or Twitter account to the article. These articles can be read,commented on, and responded to and all within minutes.Websites like Linkedin offer the opportunity to create a Global Network ofbusiness colleagues. Moreover, we’ve barely scratched the surface.Yesterday, I posted Powerpoint presentations on SlideShare.Yesterday, I should have posted a video on YouTube.These tools are the virtual offices in use. They are in use globally.Virtual offices,Virtual teams,Virtual project management,Presentations,Lectures,Speeches,Meetings, all on your computer screen.If you have a Mac, they are available to you in transit. If using a Mac is not anoption, they are available to you on your iPad or your iPhone.Consistent with the thesis, the business of Egypt is business: Meetings will notbe detested by the members of your staff who have work to do, but conductedmore efficiently by logging on to a virtual meeting. Documents, photos, contacts,and other information will be shared within seconds.No one will find it necessary (and cumbersome) to lug stuff to the conferenceroom.Costs will be cut significantly by having information available through links ratherthan through copies being handed out.The business research, formerly the domain of the business researchdepartment, is now a Google away
  4. 4. Information can be reviewed, commented on, verified, questioned and affirmed,repudiated, or assigned for further review in moments.Prep work for the meeting will take place in moments.The tools that are available are not limited to home and office. Nor to yourcompany, industry, or locale. These tools will enable you to do business globally.I posted two Powerpoint presentations to alert American business to the changesin the world. They are:Global Management: A shift in the paradigm of corporate America& the Future of the G – 20 in Good Times and Bad.Each can be viewed at additional information on business tools you can visit:http://facebook.comhttp://blogspot.comhttp://linkedin.comhttp://twitter.comhttp://slideshare.netTo read additional monographs on management and business administration,please visit my blog, Slimviews: http://slimviews.blogspot.comAnother monograph I posted, Egypt and others: A New World Order—a worldwithout borders is available in link form. However, I copy-pasted that monographinto this one.Egypt and Others--A New World Order: A World without BordersThe real problem in the US (and elsewhere) is a lack of understanding of theconcept of what is going on globally. The younger generation is no longerembracing the customs of the past. What are the customs of the past? For onething, embracing the customs of the past is a custom of the past.One thing that is very important to understand if the West is to get along with therest of the world. Many cultures have 3,000, 4,000…6,000 years of history,custom, and culture to look back on. We have a bit over 200. This creates a
  5. 5. major difference between Americans and, for example, the Egyptians, TheChinese, The Japanese, The Indians, and The Pakistanis and so on.On the other hand, the aforementioned youth culture is very similar to Americanculture in that both they and we are “forward looking.” As we cannot look to along past, we long for a future that will.As this pertains to Egypt, we are in a unique position to understand the Egyptianpeople. (Did someone say, 1776?)Both America and the Middle East were part of a Colonial Empire.In what is known in some parts of the world as the Colonial Rebellion of 1776, wehad aid from France and, that by extension, the French people. We did not lookupon France as the enemy because they supplied us with weapons. We lookedupon France as a nation that aided us in battle. Much the same way America hasaided the Egyptian people in their government’s efforts to protect the Egyptianpeople from enemy soldiers.Thus, as evidenced by the protests around America, the American people have ashared perspective with the Egyptian people. (This does cause me to wonderwhy Americans in Egypt would be afraid. I want to believe that the Egyptianpeople see the American people as people who share in a belief.)Hence:The blogosphere is a world without borders; Facebook is a world without borders;Twitter is a world without borders. Linkedin is a world without borders; SlideShareis a world without borders, and, the new generation is a generation of a nationwithout borders. This, I call Netopia.We now have a world where emerging nations are no longer defined the way Idefined them on my ppt. presentation only a few months ago.Global Management: A shift in the paradigm of corporate America athttp://slideshare.netI touched on some aspects of the new way of doing business from a globalperspective but failed to see the absence of the borders in the new world. Thetechnosphere. The following links are to very short monographs related to theabove topic.The Next Generation: Better Than Brand New
  6. 6. Projects in the New Millennium New Age Biz Wiz Management of the –Oops! Gotta Run new, the young, the future, is a world where communication isinstantaneously global. Questions asked an answered in moments.Enough said? No. Enough said!However, technology and education is not enough. There is also the Wisdom ofthe Ages. Almost 50 years ago, my father told me a fable that applies to thebusiness world of today. Especially in the rapidly changing world of today.The Business of Wisdom in Global Affairs -- A FableAbout 50 years ago, my father told me a fable. I don’t know its origin. I believe itmay have originated in Turkey or in the Middle East.No doubt, he’d heard it from someone much older than he was when he heard it.And older and wiser when he shared it with me. Thank you, Dad.A long time ago, there lived a powerful king. He ruled vast lands with firmnessand fairness. However, the many city-states and principalities were ruled byselfish and greedy men. They were constantly fighting wars over pettygrievances to disguise their true motive—greed. Therefore, the king issued anedict banning such unjust wars. If they defied the edict, he would send his troopsin to vanquish the offender and seize his lands.In one of the small countries, the young people had gathered to come up with aplan to better the lives of the people. They concluded that the old people were a
  7. 7. burden and that they should all be put to death.One young man, unable to allow his father to be killed, led him from the city inthe dead of night and hid him in a cave on the outskirts of the city.The word spread to a neighboring land where a greedy prince called his advisorstogether to discuss a plot to wage a war against the other land to grab theirwealth. They wrote the following letter:Five generations ago, our people lent to your people 25 units of rope woven fromsand which you promised to return. Yet with each passing generation, yourpromise has gone unfulfilled. Therefore, we must demand return of this rope orwe will be forced to send our armies to your land to retrieve it along with justrestitution.When the leaders of the council received and read this letter, they panicked.None had ever heard of the rope woven from sand nor knew anything about it.The man who’d hid his father in the cave outside of town asked for the letter andsaid he would return with a solution to the problem. He went to see his father.His father said, “Write back. Say to them, we have many coils of rope. Some arewoven from sand but each is different. Send us a sample of your rope so we maymatch it up with the rope that is yours and do justice by returning your rope.”The young man returned to the council and they sent just such a letter.When the evil prince received the reply, he turned to his advisers and said,“There is still one old man left in their land. We will wait until he dies and tryagain.”Yesterday, the business of Egypt was revolution. Today, the business of Egyptis business. Fortunately, Egypt has the people, the skilled people, the talentedpeople, and the experienced people, to rise to the challenge of setting theengines of the new world order running even as we speak.Good luck and sincerest regards,SlimP.S. Did I mention the email option? slimfairview@yahoo.comCopyright © 2011 Slim Fairview