Tandberg Product Portfolio 2009


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An overview of TANDBERG Solutions (2009-01)

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Tandberg Product Portfolio 2009

  1. 1. TANDBERG Solutions Overview COM LINK TANDBERG Exclusive Agent in Tunisia
  2. 2. Who is TANDBERG? Our Mission TANDBERG’s mission is to help our customers be more productive by enabling multimedia collaboration between companies and between people. At a home office In the office With a customer On the road In the field
  3. 3. Global Market Leader  Market leader – Demonstrated technology leadership • IP and Firewall Traversal • Security • Mobility • Streaming & Archiving – Proven investment protection Global presence – Sales, service and installations in over 90 countries – Industry-leading Global Presence Program Focus on customer satisfaction – World Class R&D Dual headquarters – Global ―high touch‖ sales team in Oslo and New – Selective distribution and service partners York
  4. 4. Drivers that Improve Performance Accelerating Decision Making Scaling Knowledge Share ideas and materials Compress global markets Improve multi-channel delivery Deploy troubleshooting, training, subject matter experts Shorten time to market Develop value-added services Ensure business continuity Video makes you Unifying the Improving Work/ more productive Organization Life Balance Increase job satisfaction Cement corporate culture, and goals with less time on the road Share information in real time Compete for scarce human resources One message, no misinterpretation Impact corporate social responsibility
  5. 5. Keeping Up with the Pace of Business Customers Revenue Growth Increasing sales while reducing Deepening relationships costs Reaching new markets Creating more products, faster Accessing experts Competing with new entrants to and resources the market Your organization is Distributed Organization Corporate Communication faced with pressures every day Delivering CEO messages or HR Coordinating supply chain announcements Enabling home workers Training the workforce Decreasing travel costs (people, Planning for business continuity capital, environment) Integrating mergers and acquisitions
  6. 6. Why Visual Communication Now? The Right Method for the Right Message Value When Collaboration First meetings, final Most impact In Person contracts Interim meetings Faster, better decisions Decision-making Trust Video PRODUCTIVITY Expertise Stronger relationships INTERACTIVITY Rich media Audio & Web More data Detailed explanations Conferencing Instant Quick, short messages IM Standard communications Voice Familiar Ubiquitous E-mail Time insensitive messages
  7. 7. Collaboration Is Key to Performance But Being There in Person isn’t Always Possible Video Interactivity When Progress meetings Expertise Multi-party Rich media sharing Value Voice Trust Stronger relationships When Standard Email communications When Time insensitive Value IM messages Familiar, but no data- When sharing Quick, short Value messages Ubiquitous, but slow and easily misunderstood Value Instant, but no data- sharing Productivity
  8. 8. Natural Communication Inside the Organization EXECUTIVE OFFICE Manage by ―walking around‖ TELEPRESENCE right from your desk Strengthen relationships and finalize decisions with executives from around the globe DESKTOP TEAM ROOM Video VoIP brings Voice and Bring teams together into a Video to every desk virtual meeting room. React, 8 plan, and create at a moment’s notice
  9. 9. And Outside of the Organization HOME OFFICE Productivity has no boundaries, whether in the office or working from home ANYWHERE Mobile solutions for mobile people. From 3G to the PC INDUSTRY Reach suppliers on the manufacturing floor, technicians on site, and emergency responders 9 in the field
  10. 10. Seamlessly Integrated into Existing Environments Scheduling and Infrastructure and VOIP Managed Desktop Tools Management Network Network 10
  11. 11. Visually Connecting Any Workspace 11
  12. 12. TANDBERG Portfolio
  13. 13. TANDBERG ENDPOINTS COM LINK TANDBERG Exclusive Agent in Tunisia
  14. 14. TANDBERG Portfolio overview Performance Telespresence T1 and T3 All in one solutions Profile C60 C90 Profile C60 HD 1080p C60 Maestro HD 1080p Profile 3000 3000/6000 1700 MXP HD 1000 Integrators solutions EDGE HD E20 95 MXP 85 MXP 75 MXP Pricing
  15. 15. The TANDBERG Difference  Natural Communication – See clearly and naturally with optimal definition up to full 1080p HD – True CD-quality audio through a digital natural audio module – Share presentations easily with DuoVideo / H.239  One size does not fit all – Complete portfolio of video endpoints from the telepresence studio to HD meeting rooms to the desk top – Industry products for the specialized needs for applications in finance, education, first responders and telemedicine  Meet comfortably, knowing your call is Secure with encryption and network authentication  Simple to make a call, share presentations and change layouts 15
  16. 16. TANDBERG MultiSiteTM (MS) MultiSiteTM creates an internal MCU for endpoints through a software upgrade. High quality embedded multipoint capabilities:  Join up several locations into one call – Optimal Definition up to 1080p30 (depends on type of system)  Mix calls on different protocols: SIP, H.323 and ISDN  DuoVideo / H.239  H.264  Security with AES encryption  Rate matching, Transcoding, Downspeeding 16
  17. 17. TANDBERG Natural Presenter Package (NPP) Natural Presenter Package brings presentations to life adding PCs, document cameras, streaming and video.  An interactive, collaborative meeting environment: – DuoVideo / H.239 - Send and receive two images at the same time. – PC Presenter – One-step connection of a PC to the video system. – PC SoftPresenter- Connect a PC to the video system using VNC (Virtual Network Computing) technology over the LAN. – Digital Clarity - Simultaneously transmit and receive PC and live video images in their native resolution format. It also provides resolution that is over seven times (XGA) higher than standard video systems. 17
  18. 18. TANDBERG: Easy to Use 18
  19. 19. Telepresence T3 Redefine the Meeting 19
  20. 20. Telepresence T3 Be at the same… table simple flexible immersive One touch connects Meet with Behave like you are in you to your world. anyone, anywhere. the same room. Compatible with Establish eye contact. standards-based See every emotion. video... 20
  21. 21. TANDBERG Telepresence T3 Beautiful, simple and immersive. Meet as if you are in the same room…at the touch of a button. Visual communication taken to an entirely new level. Ultimate Telepresence  Design. Beautiful room, striking technology. Crisp, clear 1080p HD video and Ultra Wideband audio…all standards-based  Immersive. See eye-to-eye with large, true-to-life 65‖ screens and 1080p cameras placed for direct eye contact  Simple. At the touch of a button, make a call or share presentations on the tabletop HD touch collaboration screens 21
  22. 22. TANDBERG Telepresence T1, Instant Telepresence  Telepresence for the executive without leaving their office or personal conference room  True-to-life, amazing 1080p quality on a large 65‖ widescreen  End-to-End 1080p: HD video, HD collaboration, 1080p HD MultiSite  Ideal for smaller telepresence studios, executive offices, high-end conference rooms and a showroom floor  Ultimate quality in standards-compliant video with optimal definition up to full 1080p with a large 65‖ custom LCD screen  Excellent eye contact and ideal screen height  Revolutionary user experience with an appealing, natural user interface Full Duplex Audio with High Quality Stereo Sound  Unmatched room and network flexibility – use it how you need it  Powered by the Codec C90 22
  23. 23. TANDBERG Profile  Teams collaborate as if they are in the same room  True-to-life, unmatched 1080p quality  Colleagues connect at the touch of a button and share multimedia Performance  Unmatched 1080p High Definition Video  Sleek Scandinavian design is not just attractive, it places the camera and display at the ideal height for eye contact  Choice of 1080p widescreen LCD display: 52‖ dual, 52‖ or 42‖  Choice of base configuration: Foot Stand, Wheel Base or Wall Mount  HD Collaboration with full 1080p HD with superior motion handling  High bandwidth IP: SIP/H.323 up to 6 Mbps or 10 Mbps Multisite*  Support for TANDBERG Total Solution: Expressway, FindMe, IPv6, etc. 23
  24. 24. TANDBERG Profile 52” with 6000 MXP Design  Sleek Scandinavian design  52‖ widescreen 1080p LCD display  PrecisionHD 720p Camera  Premium, True CD quality audio Performance  Share or View live PC presentations and presenter at same time  Join up to 6 video + 5 audio sites into the meeting  Supports multiple protocols: IP: SIP/H.323 and ISDN: H.320  Embedded Security: AES/DES, H.235 and IEEE 802.1x Network Authentication  High bandwidth: up to 2 Mbps ISDN / 4 Mbps H323/ 4 Mbps SIP/ 6 Mbps Multisite  Support for TANDBERG Total Solution: Expressway, FindMe, IPv6, etc.  Choice of base configuration: Foot Stand, Wheel Base or Wall Mount 24
  25. 25. TANDBERG 3000 MXP Profile Design  Fully integrated small meeting room solution  1 x 42quot; LCD widescreen  PrecisionHD Camera  Premium, True CD quality audio: – Digital NAM Performance  Share or View live PC presentations and presenter at same time  Join up to 4 video + 3 audio sites into the meeting  Supports multiple protocols: IP: SIP/H.323 and ISDN: H.320  Embedded Security: AES/DES, H.235 and IEEE 802.1x Network Authentication  High bandwidth: up to 512kbps ISDN / 2 Mbps H323/ 2 Mbps SIP  Support for TANDBERG Total Solution: Expressway, FindMe, IPv6, etc.  Optional Wheel Base 25
  26. 26. TANDBERG Maestro MXP Profile Design PrecisionHD  Medium to large meeting room solution camera  Leverage existing screens or projectors Review  PrecisionHD Camera Display  Premium, True CD quality audio: – Stereo, Digital NAM Digital NAM – Satellite speakers optional Performance  Incorporates the power of the 6000 MXP codec  Share or View live PC presentations and presenter 6000 MXP codec  Join up to 6 video + 5 audio sites into the meeting  High bandwidth: up to 2 Mbps ISDN / 4 Mbps H323/ 4 Mbps SIP/ 6 Mbps Multisite  Support for TANDBERG Total Solution: Expressway, FindMe, IPv6, etc Wheels 26
  27. 27. TANDBERG Edge MXP Design  Small meeting room solution for use with an existing screen  PrecisionHD Camera  Premium, True CD quality audio Performance  Three versions based on bandwidth, presentation and MultiSite requirements – Edge 95, 85, 75  Share or View live PC presentations and presenter at same time  Join up to 4 video + 3 audio sites into the meeting  Supports multiple protocols: IP: SIP/H.323 and ISDN: H.320  Embedded Security: AES/DES, H.235 and IEEE 802.1x Network Authentication  High bandwidth: up to 512kbps ISDN / 2 Mbps H323/ 2 Mbps SIP  Support for TANDBERG Total Solution: Expressway, FindMe, IPv6, etc. 27
  28. 28. TANDBERG 1700 MXP Personal Telepresence  Maintain the in-person meeting experience from your home office or executive desk.  Fully integrated solution with HD Camera and 20‖ LCD widescreen Performance  Share or View live PC presentations and presenter at same time  Join up to 4 video + 3 audio sites into the meeting  Supports multiple protocols: IP: SIP/H.323 up to 2 Mbps H323 / 2 Mbps SIP  Stereo conference audio through 2 speakers and 2 microphones or use a headset for privacy  Embedded Security: AES/DES, H.235 and IEEE 802.1x Network Authentication  Support for TANDBERG Total Solution: Expressway, FindMe, IPv6, etc. 28
  29. 29. TANDBERG E20, Reinventing the Desk Phone  Instantly communicate face-to- face…right from your desk  Voice and Video in one clever tool  Highly scalable Video VoIP solution for enterprise mass deployment  Superior quality IP telephone with advanced features  DVD-quality video on a large 10.6‖ wide format LCD display  SIP device with w448p video resolution and bandwidth up to 1152kbps  Intuitive user interface and keypad for quick access to all IP phone and video services  Ultra Wideband 20kHz speaker phone, wideband 10kHz handset, ability to add a wired headset  View live PC presentations  Easy to deploy and manage 29
  30. 30. Tour of E20 – the Video VoIP Phone High Resolution TANDBERG Camera High Resolution Screen 5 Megapixel Camera WXGA (1280x768) TANDBERG made camera 10.6‖ widescreen Placed for eye contact Perfect size for desktop Integrated Privacy Shutter High Quality Audio 20kHz Ultra Wideband Full Duplex Speakerphone Accoustic Echo cancellation Wideband Handset Best in the industry Modular headset connector Intuitive User Interface Comfortable Keypad Context sensitive softkeys User Focused UI
  32. 32. Integrator Packages and Portable Systems  Two versions available: – Codec 6000 MXP Integrator Package – Codec 3000 MXP Integrator Package  Package includes: Codec, PrecisionHD 720p Camera, microphone(s), remote control, tracker & camera cable kits 32
  33. 33. Industry-leading MXP Codecs Award winning video technology that is easy to integrate  Choice of 6000 MXP or 3000 MXP codecs  Customizable to a wide range of applications  Develop applications quickly with an advanced API  Control systems securely over IP  Installations are more flexible with additional video routing Codec 6000 MXP -DRAFT Codec 3000 MXP 33
  34. 34. Codec C90, the Telepresence Engine Powerful, flexible and inspiring for integration into Telepresence Studios, collaboration rooms, auditoriums and telemedicine  Crisp, clear video with optimal definition up to full 1080p  Full duplex audio with high quality stereo sound  2U high, rack mountable, with rack mounting solution  H.323/SIP up to 6Mbps point-to-point  End-to-end 1080p quality with 1080p video, 1080p30 HD individually transcoded embedded MultiSite and HD Collaboration with 1080p and UXGA*  Connect up to 12 HD video sources & 8 microphones directly into the interface  Develop applications quickly with an advanced API  Available as an Integrator Package including Codec C90, PrecisionHD 1080p 34 camera, microphones, remote control and camera cable kits. *Ready, future software upgrade
  35. 35. Codec C90 The Telepresence Engine Video Inputs Video Outputs Audio Other The most robust video input Flexible for many high Expansive options with the Options are practically possibilities on the market. Up definition or analog highest quality audio and limitless and use high to five different video inputs devices…monitors, professional connectors. quality professional can be active simultaneously. projectors, TVs, whatever connections Audio Inputs you need. 8 Balanced XLR Network 4 HDMI 4 RCA 2 X Gigabit Ethernet 2 HDMI 2 DVI-I 4 HDMI Other 2 DVI-I 4 HD-SDI Audio Output 1 USB Host 1 Composite 2 Analog Component 2 Balanced XLR 1 USB Device 1 S-Video/Composite 4 RCA 2 X RS-232 2 HDMI 1 GPIO
  36. 36. Codec C60, the HD Collaboration Engine Unmatched 1080p video and collaboration for streamlined integration into team meeting rooms, boardrooms and industry applications  Crisp, clear video with optimal definition up to full 1080p  Full duplex audio with high quality stereo sound  1U high, rack mountable, with rack mounting solution  H.323/SIP up to 6Mbps point-to-point  End-to-end HD quality with 1080p video, 720p HD individually transcoded embedded MultiSite* and HD Collaboration with 1080p and UXGA*  Connect up to 4 HD video sources & 4 microphones directly into the interface  Develop applications quickly with an advanced API  Available as an Integrator Package including Codec C60, PrecisionHD 1080p camera, 36 microphone, remote control and camera cable kits. *Ready, future software upgrade
  37. 37. Codec C90 / C60 Product Offerings Codec C90/C60 Includes: C90, Remote Control, Cables Codec C90/C60 Integration Package Includes: C90/C60, PrecisionHD 1080p Camera, Remote Control, mics, Cables PrecisionHD 1080p Camera
  38. 38. Ultimate Performance 12X optical zoom with smooth, quiet handling Improved accuracy for pan & tilt HDMI and HD-SDI outputs with ability to output both simultaneously HD-SDI allows camera to be placed up to 100m from the codec Mount upside down—camera orientation automatically detected and picture flipped pan speed: 100o/s, range: -90o to +90o, precision 0.3o | tilt speed 30o/s, range: -25o to +15o, precision: 0,15o
  39. 39. TANDBERG MOVI COM LINK TANDBERG Exclusive Agent in Tunisia
  40. 40. Movi Key Features Superior Quality • True HD video (up to 720p Scalable 30) on every desktop • Industry’s best audio TANDBERG VCS and TMS Easy & Secure work together to provide: performance (G.722.1/G.711) • Ability to deploy to • Enterprise ready simple • Acoustic echo cancellation thousands of users deployment options • Rich presence awareness • SIP Registrar (VCS) and • Simple installation and so you know who’s available Provisioning (TMS) management • Interoperability with any • Easy to manage and standards-based SIP deploy endpoint and H.323 • Firewall friendly systems • AES and TLS Encryption 40
  41. 41. Introducing The TANDBERG PrecisionHD™ USB Camera The TANDBERG PrecisionHDTM USB camera is the first camera in its class to support full business quality HD video communications. The TANDBERG PrecisionHDTM USB Camera supports HD video communications included in Microsoft’s release of Office Communications Server 2007 Release 2. The TANDBERG PrecisionHDTM USB camera provides 720p, 30fps video in widescreen format.
  42. 42. PrecisionHD™ USB Camera Connect in HD anywhere, anytime… simple flexible powerful Full functionality in a Meet with Make an impact in simple USB anyone, anywhere. On powerful crystal-clear connection. Plug it in the road or in the HD. and you are ready to coffee shop - wherever go! your business takes you.
  43. 43. Unique Enterprise Features First USB camera on the market to support true 720p up to HD Widescreen Format 30FPS in widescreen format. Maintains true appearance with today’s HD displays. Premium video quality. Camera lens is constructed with the High Quality Optics highest of quality materials. Best in class CD audio capabilities capturing the widest Built-In, Wideband Microphone range of sound. Integrated privacy shutter and LED ―in Call‖ indicator, Layered Privacy providing the ultimate control over when you are seen. Allow the camera to stay connected at all times. Easy to use, driverless design. No time consuming USB 2.0 software installations. Information is subject to change at any time without notice
  44. 44. TANDBERG PrecisionHD USB Camera The PrecisionHD™ USB Camera provides the best video communications experience possible for Office Communications Server 2007 users. – Crystal clear 720p High Definition – Captures motion up to 30FPS – Widescreen broadcast The PrecisionHD™ USB Camera is easy to use and requires no General Availability: drivers. First Half 2009 Innovative camera design sits solidly on the notebook and enables use with confidence.
  46. 46. What is TANDBERG Management Suite?  Systems management  Diagnostics, monitoring, notification & reporting – Multi-vendor endpoints – Infrastructure gear  Collaboration Tools  Multiple scheduling options – Office Communicator Exchange (Outlook) – – IBM Lotus Sametime Domino (Notes) – – Web conferencing Scheduler – XML API – 46
  47. 47. TMS Highlights  Provides visibility and centralized control – Management, deployment, and scheduling of entire video network -- including Telepresence!  Widest language support in the industry; support for 22 languages in the booking interface and 6 in TMS  Broadest multi-vendor support in the industry – Support Polycom HDX, VS, VSX, iPower, ViaVideo, MGC – Support for Sony PCS G and TL endpoints – Radvision/ Cisco infrastructure – Aethra – VTel endpoints – Support for all TANDBERG Codian MCUs, IP Gateway and ISDN Gateway  Integration with leading scheduling and collaboration tools make technology transparent to the end-user  IPv6 Support 47
  48. 48. TMS at a glance the TANDBERG Advantage
  49. 49. TMS Graphical Monitoring  Real-time Network Monitoring
  50. 50. TMS Conference Control Center  Monitor, control and troubleshoot in real-time
  51. 51. Reporting and the TANDBERG Advantage Slice and dice usage as necessary Export to Excel
  52. 52. Trend Analysis the TANDBERG Advantage Track all system usage and identify trends
  54. 54. TANDBERG Video Communication Server (VCS) VCS Control VCS Expressway The TANDBERG Video Communication Server (VCS) Control Application provides SIP The TANDBERG Video Communication Server (VCS), deployed with the Expressway™ proxy and call control as well as H.323 gatekeeper services. VCS is the center of the Application, provides standards-based firewall intelligent video communication traversal for SIP and H.323 devices. VCS network, connecting all enables communication with the outside world infrastructure, management and endpoint regardless of SIP or H.323 protocol, enabling devices and is key to interoperability with organizations to utilize all of their video Unified Communications and IP Telephony communication investments. networks and VoIP devices.
  55. 55. TANDBERG Video Communication Server(VCS) The TANDBERG Video Communication Server (VCS) can be deployed inside or outside of the firewall, or optimally, both Inside Outside TANDBERG Video Communication Server TANDBERG Video Communication Server Deployed inside the Firewall using Deployed outside the Firewall using VCS VCS Control Application Expressway Application and FindMe Internet H.323 VCS VCS Control Expressway SIP
  56. 56. TANDBERG Video Communication Server Two base application packages and the FindMeTM option… TANDBERG TANDBERG TANDBERG TM TM FindMe Expressway Control SIP and H.323 Network SIP and H.323 Network Call the Person Control and Administration Firewall Traversal not the Device Base Package Base Package Option Public Internet Internal SIP & H.323 Devices VCS deployed with a Control VCS deployed with an ExpresswayTM base package is base package is deployed inside the firewall deployed outside the firewall 56
  57. 57. TANDBERG VCS Control Application * Control Base Application Features Control Base Package  H.323 gatekeeper H.323  SIP controller (proxy registrar) VCS SIP  Deployed inside the LAN Control Application  Internal video network control and administration - SIP:H.323 Interworking (transparent dialing/gateway) - Includes Encryption and Dual Video - Includes call hold, forward and transfer (SIP REFER/Replaces), (H.323 facility message) - Endpoint and Network Infrastructure Registration control - IPv4 to IPv6 Interworking (gateway) - Bandwidth control 57 * ICSA certification is for VCS version X1
  58. 58. TANDBERG VCS ExpresswayTM Application * ExpresswayTM Base Application Features  H.323 and SIP Firewall Traversal - ExpresswayTM, the same standards based Firewall Traversal capabilities in existing TANDBERG Border Controller. - H.323: ITU Standard H.460.18 & 19 and Assent - SIP: IETF Standard STUN Relay & Discovery VCS, when purchased with an ExpresswayTM ExpresswayTMoperates in a similar capacity to the Border Controller Application with additional SIP functionality. 58 * ICSA certification is for VCS version X1
  59. 59. Microsoft OCS 2007 Interworking Microsoft OCS 2007 Interworking (version X3.0)  Deployment – VCS and OCS in separate domains – Calls from SIP and H.323 endpoints registered to VCS can call and receive calls from MOC clients registered to OCS – Limited on-line presence status of VCS registered endpoints can be seen by MOC clients 59
  60. 60. IP Gateway 3500 Series Making video more ―Telephony-like‖  Dial an IP address when URI address is not possible.  An operator can help connect callers.  IVR with easy menu navigation. – Access address books (published by TMS) – Access video-on-demand (requires IPVCR)  Call incompatible IP video endpoints. – Point to point H.263 to H.264 transcoding 60
  61. 61. The new TANDBERG Codian ISDN Gateway 3201 Series Customer Benefits  Up to 4 PRI ISDN ports TANDBERG Codian ISDN  Up to 120x voice calls / GW 3241 60x video calls Pay as you grow: buy the capacity you need now with simple license  upgrade in the future Inherits software from previous TANDBERG Codian ISDN gateways  for consistent operation Standard connectors simplifies deployments  61
  62. 62. TANDBERG Codian Multipoint Control Unit SOLUTIONS COM LINK TANDBERG Exclusive Agent in Tunisia
  63. 63. TANDBERG CODIAN MCU Series MCU 4500 Series 12,20,30,40 full HD MCU 4501 6 full HD, 12 SD MCU 4200 Series 6,12,20,30,40 Standard and Optimal Definition MSE 8000 Series Chassis - up to 360 ports of MCU Recording and Gateway Blades available 63
  64. 64. TANDBERG Codian MCU 4500 Series Key Differentiators  Most powerful MCU in the industry  Most robust HD capabilities  Most advanced MCU integrated with the best video management system (TMS)  Advanced media processing architecture, up to 1 Terabit internal bandwidth  Universal Port TechnologyTM enabling individual transcoding for every endpoint  Sends HD resolutions at bandwidths as low as 512Kb/s  ClearVisionTM utilizes advanced imaging processing technology to enhance SD endpoints  Available in 12, 20, 30 and 40 port full HD capacity options 64
  65. 65. TANDBERG Codian MCU 4500 Series  The MCU 4500 is: More than 10x as powerful per port as the Codian MCU 4200 series (which still outperforms any Non-Codian MCU) Advanced media processing architecture – e.g. up to 1Terabit internal bandwidth.  Scalable to match future capabilities of HD endpoints Future proof for 2nd generation HD End Points  HD at Reasonable Bandwidths  4500 will transmit 720p down to 512kbps very good quality Future proof technology offering investment protection 65
  66. 66. TANDBERG CODIAN Universal Encoding™ ―The best experience possible for every participant‖ Independent Port for Each User ■ Constant Port Count ■ Clearest images and audio ■ Optimal layout of multiple images ■ Smoothest motion ■ Least delay Universal Port™ Technology 66
  67. 67. TANDBERG Streaming Products COM LINK TANDBERG Exclusive Agent in Tunisia
  68. 68. Organizational Challenges Corporations have struggled in the past:  Achieving unified communications within a global dispersed workforce  Deploying Innovation that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of core processes and functions
  69. 69. Speak Visually Anytime, Anywhere Get your message across regardless of day, time or location
  70. 70. TANDBERG Content Server The Content Server is a network device that enables organizations to easily create business-quality video and multimedia presentations for anytime, on-demand access
  71. 71. Content Server: Details  Centralized network Appliance  Create content from any H.323 or SIP video device  Store content internally or add external storage  Record up to 5 concurrent video calls  Reach hundreds or thousands of viewers with external streaming services  View content with a consistent look and feel with all leading streaming media formats  Open API for easy integration with existing portals: e.g. Microsoft SharePoint, Blackboard, IBM WebSphere, Accordent  Download content for playback on portable media players such as Microsoft’s ZuneTM and Apple’s iPodTM
  72. 72. Content Server: How Does It Work? Creates content from multiple H.323 or SIP endpoints The Content Server records video conferences and easily streams the content live or on-demand Makes content available for users on the go via download
  73. 73. Creating content is easy Use the Content Click Record this call Call direct from any Server web interface when scheduling a MCU, H.323 or SIP to start a recording call through TMS endpoint to the Content session Server Record and stream H.323 and SIP video calls by simply adding the Content Server to the call
  74. 74. Managing and Viewing Content is easy  Easily identify conferences using the Content Library with thumbnail images  Click on the thumbnail to play  Windows and MacOSX support  Support for Internet Explorer, FireFox and Safari
  75. 75. Managing and Viewing Content is easy  Simple and Powerful Content Viewer for the best media experience – Multiple layout options for greater presentation flexibility – Wide format support – Synchronized main and dual video  Content Editor allows for index/tables of content and cutting the ―top and tail‖ of media for viewing
  76. 76. Share Presentations, Document Camera or DVD  Content Server supports dual video for live and video-on-demand  Easily share both the main camera and a second video source – Simply press the Presentation button on the video system remote control to add the second source – Share any secondary video source including computer programs, document cameras and DVDs at high frame rates From any H.323 or SIP Add a PC or other Presentation, meeting or video system, connect to device to the video training is now recorded the Content Server call using Dual Video and available for viewing
  77. 77. Download Recorded Content  Make recorded information available anytime, anywhere – Download content for playback on your computer or with portable players like Microsoft’s ZuneTM and Apple’s iPodTM
  78. 78. Integrate with Third Party Tools  Open, public SOAP APIs allow organizations to access content from most portals  Full documentation, white-papers at www.tandberg.com  Sample code available for Microsoft SharePoint, IBM WebSphere at www.tandberg.com
  79. 79. New S3.0 Technical Features  Simple call model – 5 concurrent calls, 2 live – Off-line transcoded output from ALL recordings  Video Connectivity – SIP Support  Video Decode – H.264 (all formats) – H.263 (added wide format support)  Media Encoding – MPEG 4  Secure Calling – Support for AES and DES encryption
  80. 80. Thank you COM LINK COM LINK TANDBERG Exclusive Agent in Tunisia