How to select a wcms and the team to make it sing jboye13


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  • Could’ve said interoperability, openness
  • Could’ve said interoperability, openness
  • When buying a WCM system, it’s not just about looking for a system to manage web content.It’s about finding a system which aligns with your strategy and helps create the experience you want for your audience.
  • That is . . .The role of the software (and the vendor selection process) is diminished in comparison to role of implementation, integration, and incorporation of the software into a complete solution.
  • Enabling technology – aka functional requirementsGive me controlMake it easier (not harder)Help me do it fasterTell me what I don’t knowHelp me improve over timeAligned Philosophy -- Does the platform support your strategic orientation for your online presence?Customer service?Personalization?Channelization?Social?Globalization?Inspiring trajectory -- Judge the platform with the next five years in mind (as if you know what’s coming) Innovative and strategic Agile response to market Transparent roadmap Stable and supportivePartnership mentality – can be satisfied by vendor or agency Understands your needs;Sets clear expectations; “Gets” customer service;Plays nicely with others;Has a strong community
  • Key thing to remember: You’re dealing with PEOPLETherefore, very hard to evaluate. Reputations are helpful, but may be unreliable.Not like evaluating softwareEmpathetic – Do they get you? Whether it’s an industry vertical, market size, target audience, philosophical approach, etcCapable and fluent – Capable: Sys Integrator? Branding agency? Interactive agency? Staff Augmentation? Fluent: with the technology? Past, referenceable projects? Comfy enough to be flexible?Consistent – A team vs C team  minimize this risk. Ask about documented process, knowledge transfer, turnover, how they staff projects with seniors v juniors, training, etc.Accountable – Do you have their attention? Senior enough relationship manager? Accountable to the needs of the org, meaning they know how to say NO?
  • Identifying focal needs, or the 5-8 requirements which are either idiosyncratic or high priority enough to pare down the universe of options to a meaningful fewSelecting a professional services team alongside the technology, since they are critical to the success of the CMSConducting the onsite product and services demonstration before distributing the RFPUsing a ranking process instead of a scoring system to aid the decision-making processCreating a meaningful, concise RFPEnlisting a two-part Proof of Concept process that tests both the product AND the services team
  • Validating the need may mean NOT DOING THE PROJECT!!!Compile requirements – speak to all affected, but not just usersFocal Needs - 5-8 requirements which are either idiosyncratic or high priority enough to pare down the universe of options to a meaningful fewShortlist Technology (outside help or RFI)Shortlist Service ProviderInfo Exchange – just that…give and take; scenarios; multiple audiences; structured – BEFORE written RFP; ranking not scoringRFP process – hopefully a wise onePOC – for tech and SP
  • How to select a wcms and the team to make it sing jboye13

    1. 1. Selecting a WCMS and theTeam to Make it Sing1Scott Liewehr | President and Principal Analyst | @sliewehrMay 9, 2013 | J.Boye Conference | #jboye13
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    3. 3. About Digital Clarity Group3DCG helps businessleaders navigate the digitaltransformation and createcompetitive advantage fromdisruption.
    4. 4. 4The ideal…
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. 6The reality...
    7. 7. 7You can’t buy that
    8. 8.  Definedgoals, objectives, strategy, plan, metrics Organizational alignment Team (internal and external) Technology Content More content Governance8
    9. 9. 9What experience you trying to create?
    10. 10. 10Scott’s Law:The more software you need, the lessimportant it is to your overall successThink about it.
    11. 11. Elements of a successfulprocess11Elements of a successful process
    12. 12.  Enabling technology? Aligned philosophy? Inspiring trajectory? Partnership mentality?When considering software vendors
    13. 13.  Empathetic to your needs? Capable and fluent? Consistent? Accountable? Fit?When considering service providers
    14. 14. 148-step process
    15. 15.  Validate the need Compile requirements Determine focal needs Shortlist technology Shortlist service provider Conduct onsite information exchange Execute RFP process Carry out POC15
    16. 16. 16Helpful hintsAllow common sense to prevail
    17. 17. 17Helpful hintsYou have to be a good partner to get agood partner
    18. 18. 18Helpful hintsRFPs full of boilerplate text will elicitresponses with boilerplate text-Seth Gottlieb
    19. 19. 19Helpful hintsYou will be stuck in the "qualification"queue until you show signs of intelligentlife.-Seth Gottlieb
    20. 20. 20Scott Liewehr | @sliewehrDigital Clarity Group |