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Make sense presentation feb2012

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official makesense presentation

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  • 1. MakeSense in one minuteClick here :
  • 2. What we do at MakeSense We connect Social Entrepreneurs with individuals ready to take up their challenges! We enable ordinary people to find social entrepreneurs operating in fields close to their hearts, connect with them and eventually solve the challenges they are facing. We do it both online on our website accessible at - to be released soon - and offline through specifically designed solving-problem workshops. The first of the series called a Hold- Up is a creative brainstorm.Who we are So far, 240 members representing Gen Y Students, Entrepreneurs, Young Workers Engineers, Managers, Journalists, Designers, Coders… Passionate by social entrepreneurship, innovation, social media
  • 3. Online Example of challenges Business: How can I launch my products in France? (MAMMU) Design: How can I design a lighter VeloRickshaw? (VeloRickShaw Bank) Technology: How can I create a virtual university campus using twitter? (CRI) ... and so on
  • 4. Offline Hold-up 15 participants called ‘sense- makers’ 2 hours 100 ideas 5 concept-solutions video- prototyped
  • 5. Example : Mammù challenge How to launch Mammù in Paris? Photo shooting in Paris with Mammù scarfs after a Hold-Up… …Followed by Hold-Ups for Mammù in London, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Lyon…
  • 6. Example : How AMPLE HERE Y OUR EX ated or old up y ou anim (a h ated to) you particip
  • 7. 200 social entrepreneurs +4000 Facebook fans +100 Hold-Ups 30 countries 1 year 0 funding!
  • 8. We connect Social Entrepreneurs with individuals ready to take up their challenges
  • 9. Social businesses on top of MakeSense SenseSchool powered by MakeSense By Leila Hoballah By Marine Plossu By Clement Delangue
  • 10. Will you make sense? we.makesense.orgChristian Vanizettechristian@makesense.orgPhone : +33 6 50 82 98 78