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Pink’s exercise and diet

  1. 1. Weight Loss Secrets From PINK
  2. 2. to lose weight, courtesy of Pink!Just like a lot of Hollywood celebrity women who’ve given birth, Pinkhas said goodbye to baby weight and hello to amazing abs! The kickass pop rock singer who has been seriously committed to hercelebrity diet, swears that she gained 55 pounds during pregnancy!The 33-year-old singer welcomed daughter Willow with husbandCarey Hart in June 2011, and after indulging during pregnancy she hitthe gym hard to exercise and to lose pregnancy weight that was leftafter giving birth.
  3. 3.’s exercise to lose belly fat and her diet have definitely beenworking great as she proudly flashes her flat, toned abs on theNovember cover of Shape magazine in black underwear, bra and asee-through tank top.“I ate a lot of cheesecake during my pregnancy,” she says about herpre-celebrity diet program. “Also anything sour—Sour Skittles, SourPatch Kids, key lime pie…” But after waiting a few months to let herbody recover from giving birth, she had decided it was time to go ona celebrity diet and exercise to lose belly fat. To help Pink with herexercise to lose belly fat, she sought help from celebrity trainersJillian Michaels and Jeannette Jenkins get her back into shape.
  4. 4.“They both kicked my butt more than any other person I’ve ever worked outwith,” Pink explains of Biggest Loser’s Michaels, 38, and Jenkins, thepresident of the Hollywood Trainer fitness company. And after working hardto lose the belly fat and faithfully sticking to her celebrity diet Pink boastsshe’s now in the best shape of her life. The first-time mom shared her jaw-dropping magazine cover on Twitter with her fans. Proud trainer, Jenkins,responded, “Hottie alert!”While she had a tough daily grind of exercise to lose belly fat and had tocouple it with celebrity diet to make it all the more effective, The “RaiseYour Glass” singer loves motherhood and can’t get enough of her baby girl.“I’m so in love with Willow,” Pink says. “I’m totally smitten!”
  5. 5.’s Celebrity Diet DetailedWhile other Hollywood moms-to-be already have a diet theyreligiously follow even while they’re pregnant, Pink says that sheignored celebrity diets. She let hers go out of control and she gaineda lot of weight. When she finally decided to go on a celebrity diet,she found herself perplexed about how to change it up.According to Pink, she dropped the weight by having a healthierlifestyle – exercise to lose belly fat and a strict vegan celebrity diet.She’s also given up smoking.
  6. 6. Pink, her diet means trying to stick to 1,200 to 1,400 calories a day withFreshology meal deliveries. Also part of her diet is cutting out excessivesweets. Finally, Pink shares with SHAPE magazine that her vegan celebritydiet means adopting a chicken and fish routine along with two hoursof exercise to lose belly fat.One of Pink’s formal personal trainers, Gregory Joujon-Roche, revealed herslim-down celebrity diet.We’d start her celebrity diet with an 11-day power cleanse. It basicallyrecalibrates the taste buds and metabolism, as well as setting the slate andtone for the hard work ahead, he says describing Pink’s celebrity diet.
  7. 7. lose a little weight from this celebrity and it makes you so much moremotivated in your workouts.He said he next incorporates a healthy celebrity diet full of vegetablesand superfoods.After the cleanse, we reintroduced proteins very carefully in to her celebritydiet. We kept it as green as possible! Lots of fiber, a lot of good fats. Sugarswere consumed only around the workouts to use certain calories as fuels.Then after the first 30 days, her celebrity diet would be quinoa, freshveggies, superfood shakes, super shots, and wellness shots. We alwaysincorporated things that are really healthy but also user-friendly in hercelebrity diet, he says. Click Here to see an amazing video that will help you Start Burning Fat Now!
  8. 8.’s Exercise to Lose Belly FatPink confessed that her effort to lose belly fat takes about an hour and a halffive days a week plus rehearsals. She spends one hour daily on cardio andanother sixty minutes on weights or yoga. Exercise to lose belly fat is noteasy but Pink admits she loves working out.I exercise to lose belly fat but it’s not the only reason I exercise. I like feelingstrong. It keeps my mental floor higher. Even if it’s a pain in the…and youhate working out, the endorphins help.If she is on the road, she continues working out by running and doingJenkins’ Bikini Bootcamp DVD.
  9. 9.“A powerful core gives her the endurance to perform, but it’simportant for everyone,” Jenkins tellsShape. “To carry a bag,pick up your kid, or play a sport, you use the muscles of yourmiddle — when they’re strong, you decrease your risk of injuryand back pain.”Despite the amazing weight loss that she has achieved, Pinkisn’t letting up on her celebrity diet or on the exercise to losebelly fat just yet. “It’s hard work and I’m still getting there – I’mstill 10 pounds away from my pre-baby weight.”