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Jessica simpson celeb diets secrets

  1. 1. celeb-diets-loses-weight/New Mom Jessica Simpson Determined to Rejoin Club of Sexy Celeb Bodies
  2. 2. celeb-diets-loses-weight/ Jessica Simpson – Celebrities losing weight made easy!How to lose pregnancy weight likeJessica SimpsonIn Hollywood, a lot of A-list actors,actresses and singers in the business needto have not only talent but fit and sexyceleb bodies too. Singer Jessica Simpson usedto be one of those Hollywood celebs withceleb bodies that are deemed enviable. Sincegetting pregnant, she’s gained a lot ofweight. But since she’s given Birth, jessica is
  3. 3. celeb-diets-loses-weight/Jessica Simpson celeb diets secretsWell Jessica had enlisted the help of WeightWatchers Group! Jessica Simpson was as heavyas 170 pounds during her pregnancy. Currentlyshe has lost 40 pounds on weight watchers andher goal is to lose few more pounds. She is nothappy with just 40 pounds. Jessica of courseunderstands that achieving slim and tonedceleb bodies is not an easy peat. It takes acombination of having healthy meal plans andexercise together with determination and hardwork. Jessica told People about her plan to beone of those Hollywood celebs with sexy celeb
  4. 4. celeb-diets-loses-weight/Jessica Simpson Weight Loss StrugglesJessica admits that she has been knownto “yo-yo diet” in the past But revealedthat she’s changing her lifestyle toinclude healthy meal plans now. Whenshe was pregnant, Jess admits that shereally didn’t stick to any healthy mealplans instead she indulged in hercravings like buttered Pop Tarts, friedTwinkies and cheesy mac. But now thatJessica wants to have one of those sexy
  5. 5. celeb-diets-loses-weight/Jessica Simpson Dietwhat’s part of her healthy meal plans? jess’focused healthy meal plans include freshjuices, veggies, and lean protein like anyhealthy meal plans should have. As part ofher goal to rejoin the fit and toned celebBodies cluB, jessica’s also doing her Best totrade junk food for healthy mealplans. Killer celeb bodies are achievedthrough hard work so for Jessica to get oneof those celeB Bodies to die for again, she’salso giving up another favorite indulgence
  6. 6. celeb-diets-loses-weight/Jessica Simpson and Exerciseif you think jessica’s goal of joining theclub of fit celeb bodies is being achievedby the singer all on her own, think again!Aside from Weight Watchers program, ithas Been reported that the “puBlicaffair” singer has also enlisted the helpof celebrity fitness trainer, HarleyPasternak to help her achieve the fit
  7. 7. celeb-diets-loses-weight/Pasternak has been known to have helped alot of other Hollywood celebs achieve sexyceleb bodies with his famous weight lossand fitness exercise program, the Fivefactor program. harley’s system willwithout a doubt whip up Jessica in shape,letting her fulfill her goal of having one ofthe hottest celeB Bodies in hollywood. he’ssure to guide Jessica to the right kind ofhealthy meal plans and exercise that will
  8. 8. celeb-diets-loses-weight/And speaking of fitness as being the partner ofhealthy meal plans for having celeb bodiesthat are absolutely to die for, Jessica is sodetermined to have one of the sexiest femaleceleb bodies in Hollywood that she even boughtherself and her friend’s pedometers!“just Bought all the girls in my@weightwatchers group pedometers to tracktheir steps,” simpson Tweeted, reinforcing thatshe is dead serious about having one of the
  9. 9. celeb-diets-loses-weight/wondering if jessica simpson’s weight loss intention,having healthy meal plans and exercising is purelyfor vanity reasons, i.e. being included in hottestceleb bodies list. Rumors are swirling around thatJessica is not really having healthy mealplans just to get into some hot celeb bodies list butthat there’s a Big pay check involved from being aspokesperson of Weight Watchers. If Jessica loses 20to 30 pounds By august, she’ll get a very hefty paycheck! well that’s definitely a great motivatingfactor to pursue having one of the fittest celebbodies around.Though a spokesperson for Weight Watchers says,“weight watchers is in it for the long haul. we’rewith her 100 percent as she develops a whole new