Gay Marriage


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Want to know all about gay marriage? Here you will find it out:

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Gay Marriage

  1. 1. wedding-day/ Gay Marriage Essentials: What You Need On Your Wedding Day
  2. 2. wedding-day/ In a perfect world, a gay marriage would belegal everywhere. But since we are living in aless perfect one, then adjusting to the presentsociety is what everyone can do—especiallygay couples.The politics about gay marriage might neverend, but the long wait for a fabulous weddingday is over. Even if there are states in the U.S.that still do not allow gay unions, you can stillhave a ceremony that will make a statementabout your commitment to each other.The things you need for a long lasting gaymarriage may not be available everywhere, butall the necessities of a gay wedding are justwithin your reach.
  3. 3. wedding-day/ Wedding CakeWho gets married without a cake? Nomatter how small the ceremony is, thereshould be a cake. It is a small token thatyou can even bring home with your partnerto celebrate the first day of your gaymarriage. What is important is the caketop. Of course there should be two bridesor two husbands on top of your cake.
  4. 4. wedding-day/ Wedding locationSo, in which part of the world canyou proclaim that you are having agay marriage without having todeal with a party pooper? Thereare actually a lot of places wheregay marriage isn’t so much ofan issue.
  5. 5. wedding-day/ Key West FloridaThis is where the artistic gays andlesbians want to start their life together.After all, gay marriage is often dubbed asthe union of two rainbow-colored souls. Bepoetic and check out Ernest Hemingway’shome, or stroll along the city and enjoytheater, music, and art. You can also enjoynature and have the wedding nearthe beach.
  6. 6. wedding-day/ Napa Valley, CaliforniaCalifornia is probably the place where youcan be as gay as you can be. Gay marriage isrespected in this state because this is wherethe activists fought real hard to have equalrights alongside heterosexual couples. Sincea gay marriage is never without wine, then agay wedding should be filled with it. NapaValley is perfect to share wine with yourinvited guests because it houses400 wineries.
  7. 7. wedding-day/ Las Vegas, NevadaIf you want to go extravagant and makeyour wedding day the most memorable inall the days of your gay marriage, thenget hitched in Vegas. If you have the cashto burn, you can even invite Cirque deSoleil to your reception. But if that’s toomuch for your pocket, you can still catchthem at the theater and get front-row seats.
  8. 8. wedding-day/ Honeymoon DestinationHawaiiIf a gay marriage is bound to last, then itshould have started in Hawaii. There is noother place in the world where you canrelax, unwind, and enjoy your first weeksas a married couple other than Honolulu.It even has a weekly catamaran cruise,held by Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand – exclusively for gay people.
  9. 9. wedding-day/ Wedding OfficiantOf course it is widely known that not allministers agree to officiate a gaywedding. But don’t lose hope. Somewedding officiants are still pro gaymarriage, so you will still have someonefacilitate your wedding. If you get tiredlooking for one, you can easily go toOntario, Canada. They have lots ofwedding officiants that favorgay marriage.
  10. 10. wedding-day/Wedding Dress or Wedding SuitEllen DeGeneres and Portia deRossi weddingYou can go traditional, or you can gocontemporary. The choice is yours. After all,you better start making decisions of yourown since you are looking into a long-termcommitment when you enter a gay marriage.Men usually choose conventional suits, whilewomen opt for dresses. In other cases, onewoman wears a suit—as in the case of EllenDeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.
  11. 11. wedding-day/ Wedding PlannerLovebus wedding planner forgay weddingsWhile you think you have your weddingand your gay marriage all planned out, youthought wrong. You would still needsomeone to guide you in making choicesabout the invitation designs, photo andvideo coverage, food at the reception,flower arrangement, and so on.
  12. 12. wedding-day/ Engagement PartyWhile this is not necessary, it can still bring anenergetic vibe prior to the wedding ceremony. Justbe sure to avoid anti-gay marriage activists crashingyour party.A gay wedding is just a small part of a gay marriage.The ceremony is just a symbol of telling the worldthat you are ready for gay marriage. It may not be aneasy road ahead, but having the guts to publiclyaffirm your commitment to each other through gaymarriage is another form of coming out of the closet,and you should be proud of yourself for doing such.