Fast Ways to Lose Weight Like Jordin


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Fast Ways to Lose Weight Like Jordin

  1. 1. ways to lose weight like Jordin Sparks
  2. 2. age 17, Jordin Sparks took home the titleof American Idol at a size 14. Known as thecurvaceous contestant – Sparks embraced her bodyin lieu of backlash from MeMe Roth, self-appointedhead of her own political action group – theNational Action Against Obesity. Roth declaredSparks as over-weight and predicted a sea of healthchallenges in her future. Sparks took the high road –stating that Roth and others should “just get over it”in May 2007 issue of Us Magazine.
  3. 3. a couple of years later, Jordin is sporting abrand new body as a result of her healthyweight loss plan. Now a size 8, the 21-year-oldsays she‟s feeling more confident – and it showsin her first-ever bikini shoot with PEOPLE.“I‟ve always felt cute, but now I feel sexier,” thesinger said to PEOPLE magazine.
  4. 4. a healthy weight loss program has been achallenge for Sparks. In the past she tried to go vegetarianto lose weight, “but I smelled a steak and was, like, „I can‟tdo this!‟ “She says of her failed attempt at having a weightloss diet plan. She even tried quick weight loss fixes likethe Master Cleanse diet plan. “I lasted a day,” she admits.Sparks has been tweeting about her fitness exerciseprogram over the past couple of months, which includeshot yoga exercise, P90X Low Down, cardio exercise likerunning and aqua fit. But she also has a few other tricksup her sleeve when it comes to the secret of her weightloss. She also credits her weight loss to taking Zumbaclasses and sticking to her new healthy lifestyle. Says thesinger: “I was determined.”
  5. 5.“I made fitness exercise a priority instead of just talkingabout it,” she told Access Hollywood of her healthyweight loss plan. “I‟m very happy, so that helps as well, andjust watching portion sizes – that‟s my weight loss diet plan.”The best part of her weight loss diet plan? While she admitsthat it‟s "really cool” to see her new body in the mirror, shesays she loves herself at any weight. ”I feel good. I think Ilook good in any shape or size, but I think I look good in thisone as well. You‟ve just got to work with what you‟ve got,”she told Access, of her healthy weight loss plan.But don‟t worry. Sparks assures her fans she‟s not going totake her weight loss too far. “I definitely didn‟t want to losemy curves,” she says. “I‟m in a good place now.”Want to achieve the same weight loss as Sparks? You canfollow the same fitness exercise program that she did.
  6. 6. American Idol Jordin Sparks‟ Fitness Training Exercise ProgramFitness Exercise Tip #1: The P90X Low DownThe secret to this lose weight technique is in muscle confusion. Switchingup fitness exercise programs so your muscles don‟t know what‟s comingnext, it prevents unwanted plateaus. Each hour-long fitness training isdesigned to burn up to 600 calories per hour. Like Sparks, don‟t beatyourself up about catching some extra shuteye – you can dothe exercises in the comfort of your own home and still feel just assatisfied as you would at the gym! This full-body P90X move works yourshoulders, abs, butt, thighs, hamstrings and calves:Sneaky LungeStand on balls of feet with legs together. Stay on tiptoes as you lungeforward with left leg, reaching arms up until body forms a straight line(as shown). Step back to start. Repeat on opposite side for 1 rep. Do20 reps.
  7. 7. Exercise Tip #2: RunningThis is one of the best fitness exercise programs if you want toachieve quick weight loss, and the high intensity cardio exercise isideal for people on the go like Sparks. A 6 mph jog burns up 11calories a minute; taking it a notch and running up stairs burns 16calories a minute. You‟re looking at scorching 644 to 967 calories anhour! Running also contributes to your overall health – fromtraining your mind to preventing muscle and bone loss tostress relief.Stick The LandingMost runners strike the ground on their toes or heels, butideally, you should land on the balls of your feet and push off. Heelstrikers jam themselves into the ground, risking lower-backproblems. Landing on your toes puts excess strain on yourcalf muscles.
  8. 8. Exercise Tip #3: A Dancing DoPut on Jordin Sparks‟s ”S.O.S.” and get pumped for a Zumba class!As Sparks seems to be finding out, a fitness exercise program doesn‟thave to be so serious all time. Sparks, who recently brought her momto a Zumba fitness class balances family bonding time whilesweating her way to weight loss. A Zumba class can burn 500 to1,000 calories an hour, and it keeps you constantly in motion sothose sixty minutes feel like fifteen! Toning, strengthening andcardio moves are all incorporated to target every major musclegroup in your body.Cross Step CrouchStand with left leg crossed behind right, arms out to sides atshoulder level. Crouch and touch floor in front of you. Return tostart. Repeat 30 seconds. Switch legs; repeat.