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  1. 1. LO2: Be able to apply a range of research methods and techniques
  2. 2. Target AudienceJames Bond has a very large Target Audience formales, females, children, adults and even seen as a familyfilm.Because the genre deals action, drama, romance andseveral other themes, it means that the audience can beaimed at so many people.The majority of the large target audience however will beseen as young adult males.To find this information out I created a questionnaire forstudents in the college and some teachers so I could getsome views from males and females and different ages.
  3. 3. GenreThe James Bond genre involves action, adventure, thriller, drama, romance andmystery. Action is very well known with James Bond. The questionnaire I created had alot of people answering the genres above as well as spy and overcoming the monster.Other films which run in the same genre are: Road to Perdition, Die anotherday, Heat, the Dark Knight, Collateral. A lot of these films are advertised in the sameway as James Bond. They advertise through the Internet, posters, billboards trailersand through the front covers of their DVDs and merchandise.Other films which appeared in my questionnaire which had the same genre of JamesBond were: Oceans Eleven, the Bourne Identity, Inception, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spyand Mission Impossible.Advertisement through games and video games are also very popular with JamesBond as they have many successful games as I lot of other films don’t have.GoldenEye 007 (James Bond video game) won the BAFTA interactive entertainmentaward of UK developers and made $250 million sales worldwide
  4. 4. Advertisement
  5. 5. AdvertisementSkyfall has been advertised through Empire magazineas it includes dates and stories on the film. Empire isa film magazine which contains news and reviews onnew and classic films. According to Bauer Media theaudience to Empire magazine is 76% male and sowould affect how the magazine is advertised.Skyfall has a few posters which are different and willbe put across many places.
  6. 6. Country of ExhibitionSkyfall has many locations to where it will be heldas well as where the film is to be shot.The main release dates and places for Skyfall arethe following:, UK/France – 26/10/12, Spain -31/10/12, Germany – 01/11/12, USA/Canada –09/11/12, Australia – 22/11/12 and Japan01/12/12.The filming locations take part in LondonEngland, Shanghai China, Adana Turkey, IstanbulTurkey and Scotland.
  7. 7. Methods of marketing The film has spread around the world for a lot of people through many advertising techniques. One of the biggest is the Skyfall logo which has confirmed the film and to then be advertised through word of mouth. The crew for Skyfall have had interviews with the press and you can listen, watch or read about the interviews which itself is adverting A picture from Skyfall also confirms the new film and can give people a lot to talk about this one image to find more about the film.
  8. 8. Methods of marketingIt is the 50th anniversary to James Bond whenSkyfall comes out.With it being a special occasion there will beposters and merchandise and they will awarepeople that there will be a film to go with theanniversary.
  9. 9. Production companiesThere are a few big production companies whichwork with the Bond series and on Skyfall.Eon Productions for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer(MGM), Columbia Pictures and Sony PicturesEntertainment are going to produce Skyfall andmake it their 23rd James Bond film to be producedby them.Other production companies which will be involvedwith Skyfall are Danjaq and United Artists.
  10. 10. How films of the same genre have been marketed beforetinker tailor soldier spy advertised throughposters, trailers and reviews on the internet andTV.
  11. 11. How films of the same genre have been marketed beforeMission Impossible 4 marketed and advertisedthrough: Reviews.Interviews, trailers, posters, billboards and inmagazines such as “Empire”.
  12. 12. New James Bond FilmThe film Mission Impossible 4 was a success, becoming the 5th highestgrossing film in 2011 and grossed a total of $693,054,071 worldwide.With Mission Impossible; one of the greatest links to James Bond andhaving such success, the Bond films have also been going down thesame path for years with its advertisement.The advertisement that they both have done have equalled withpositive views and getting high number of views on their films.The new James Bond film will be advertised the same as MissionImpossible 4 and Casino Royale (the highest grossed Bond film)