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6 Minutes of Serendipity
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6 Minutes of Serendipity




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  • 1. «Sharing the culture of innovation» 1
  • 2. Fing's 2013 Portfolio "Fing produces, detects and shares novel and actionable ideas to anticipate digital transformations" Think Tank Foresight Do Tank SHAREVOLUTION Collaborative economics INTERNET ACTU France’s leading media on digital transformations MESINFOS / MY DATA Empowering people with their own data DIGITAL DISRUPTIONS Taking the time to think ahead INFOLAB/OPEN DATA Spreading and sharing a new “data culture” BODYWARE Digital innovation’s new frontier DIGIWORK Rethinking workplaces and working life FRONTIERS OF D.I.Y. What Future for Manufacturing? AGILE CITIES Smarter Cities From the Bottom Up Innovation Labs 6 Minutes of Serendipity 150+ Innovative Projects Showcased each year
  • 3. = France & French speaking countries International Key figures 2002 Establishing year 16 Partner regions in France 3000  Projects reviewed 6 Corporate editions 3 African Editions 1050 Projects presented 105+ Events 4 European editions
  • 4. The 4 main phases of « 6 Minutes of Serendipity » 1 Project scouting 2 Collective Project Briefing 3 Coaching 4 Public presentation & meetup « 6 Minutes of Serendipity »'s core activity : Bringing innovators together In co-operation with public agencies, entrepreneur networks, R&D clusters, social innovation and creative communities… Preselected projects are gathered to present and interact with one another. Workshops focus on improving use case scenarios and business models. 3 main keywords : Attention Feedback Connection An event where each project has 6 minutes to raise interest, followed by networking opportunities with the audience. 4
  • 5. Project examples presented at
  • 6. Tabby
  • 7. Cozy Cloud
  • 8. UniShared
  • 9. A palette of solutions Project scouting Networking Candidate application review Usage scenario exhibition Project briefings « Cultivatin g innovation » series publication Scenario building workshops Project public presentatio ns Serendipity Café Thematic project reports Acceleratio n phase
  • 10. A wide and diverse scouting network for early-stage innovators >>> Geographical >>> Thematic / Industry-based >>> Corporate 10
  • 11. Join the open network For 10 years 6 Minutes of Serendipity has detected, coached and highlighted projects that use information and communications technologies to enable innovative services, behaviours and practices.    6 Minutes of Serendipity's network and events bring together digital industry pioneers, regional economic developers, social economy entrepreneurs, artists, investors, users, and innovators. We are interested in building partnerships towards a common open innovation network. We hope to co-organize 6MoS with partners in other countries or regions, as well as with industry organizations or large companies with an open innovation strategy.
  • 12. Jean-Luc Wingert jlwingert@fing.org +336 60 10 01 96 Denis Pansu www.6mos.org CarrefourDesPossibles.org dpansu@fing.org +336 81 36 36 25