~/ Ie     Project Management Institute                ~?s y     S1~7TZERLAND Chapter                                 ~-   ...
EDITORIALTen Years AfterJames Greene about the early days of the PMI Switzerland Chapter    The         PMI Switzerland Ch...
CONTENTSV~hats InsideContents of the Winter 2011 / 2012 Edition             Social 1Vledia in Project 1Vlanagement        ...
SOCIAL MEDIASocial 1Vledia in Proect 1Vlanageurent                     JSocial Medial in PM should only be used with a cle...
~~><•i~il 11~~~1i~t <ts ztT~ani ~lii~i~ ~il~~i       up in the chain of accountability and not                            ...
SOCIAL MEDIAcontinued Social MediaThe LongTerm Benefits                            tend to get recognition, which team mem...
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Social Media In Project Management Swiss PM Magazine Pm@CH 8th Edition


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Social Medial in PM should only be used with a clear mission in mind. You do not have to be a technology wizard to utilize
the many social media tools that are available today for project management. In fact, you can take advantage of some of the most commonly used tools to focus on what is really important - creating and executing strategies for project success - rather
than sitting on the phone and in meetings all day long.

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Social Media In Project Management Swiss PM Magazine Pm@CH 8th Edition

  1. 1. ~/ Ie Project Management Institute ~?s y S1~7TZERLAND Chapter ~- d-r -. ~.r r~~ +p `~ -- Social Media ~â+ =~y ~ ~n P~ro~eç,t ,Management ~; ~~ ~~ `~ ~ ti -,r ~~ ~~ .~.w ~ Pr0~eCt iZ1S~C ,: .~ ~~, ~~ ~~~ ~ . ~~Mânageurent ~~ ~,~r f ;, -: ~~~ r ~~` ,I~ } MeinLeben , ..A~ ~ ~: ~:r. _ :, als Projekt ., _~ . ~ °_. ~~• ~~ J ~, ~• e ~1~►~ ~~ i ~~ ` ~~ ~~ . t /~ ~ l~ 1 `:~ ~ ~ 1 ~- _~ ~► .; o i~ t 7 ~:: k,... ~ ~, i ~ ~I t ~ , ~~:~ ~~ ,,. a :, ,,. .. ,, ••Y ~ ~ ~~ ` o~Number 8 - Winter 2011 / 2012 ~è .~ -. „~,~tt,
  2. 2. EDITORIALTen Years AfterJames Greene about the early days of the PMI Switzerland Chapter The PMI Switzerland Chapter reached a historic milestone last First Events Our first official Chapter event was also held in month: On October 18, 2011, the October 2001 in Zürich — a wine tasting event,PMI Switzerland Chapter celebrated its 10th and the selection of a "Chapter Wine." Thebirthday. In early 2001, a small group of dedi- 2000 Ticinello (a Merlot from Tessin) was se-cated project managers, including Dr. Andrea lected as our Chapter wine. During October,Behrends, Dr. Karl-Friedrich Franz, Erhard two additional lunch club events were held —Zingg and Jan Hornwall, came together with one in Zurich (October 16, 2001) and one inthe idea to establish a PMI presence in Swit- Lausanne (October 24, 2001). A final lunchzerland. The application forms were submit- eventwas held in Zurich in December.ted to PMI and the "potential Chapter Switzer- The firstAnnual Members meeting took placeland"began totake shape. on Monday, January 28,2002 in Berne. At the end of 2001,the PMI Switzerland Chapter hadFirst Steps already grown to a total of 71 members, in-A first meeting of potential Chapter members cluding 28 PMP°s.took place on June 8,2001 in Basel. I was one When we started the Chapter ten years ago, James Greene, PMPof the roughly 30 people who attended this we dreamed of the day when we would wel- Chapter Officer PMI Switzerland Chapter,meeting. Immediately following the presen- comethe 1000th member. Today,the Chapter fames.g reene@pmi-switzerland.chtation, I approachedAndrea Behrends and vo- has grown to become the second largest PMIlunteered to support the establishment of the Chapter in Europe, with almost 1350 mem-Chapter. bersand more than 870 certified PMP°s.The summer of 2001 was eventful — we hadseveral meetings to formulate the Chapter by- A Modelfor other PMI Chapterslawsand procedures, plan the first events and As one of the "founding fathers" of the Chap-give some thought as to how we were going to ter,(couldnt be prouder! Happy Birthday, PMIfinance the whole initiative. Switzerland Chapter! And congratulations toOne of the first events was a "lunch club" the Chapter Board, Chapter Officers and all ofmeeting in the Basel area, held on September the volunteers who have contributed to help12, 2001. To be honest, with the events that make the PMI Switzerland Chapter a modelhad unfolded the previous day, I dont have for PMI Chapters all over the world!any real memory ofthis lunch club event.By late summer 2001, we had been informedthat the Switzerland Chapter would be gran- P.S. If you would like to take a look back at our humble beginnings, pictures from the wine tasting event (pmi-ted its Charter at the PMI Global Congress in switzerland.ch/fa1101) cnd the first Annual Members Mee-Nashville, TN, USA in October. Karl-Friedrich ting (pmi-switzerland.ch/amm02) still available on theFranz was present and received the Charter Chapterweb site.certificate on October 18,2001. Masthead Publisher: PMI Switzerland Chapter, Wasserwerkgasse 37, CH-3000 Berne 13, Tel. +41 (0)31 311 53 08, Fax: +41 (0)31 311 53 01 I ~ Editorial Team: Beat Dietziker, PMP(beat.dietziker(ilpmi-switzerland.ch), Rüdiger Geist, PMP (ruediger.geist ~pmi-switzerland.ch~, ~~~ ~~ James Greene, PMP Qames.greeneCcr7~pmi-switzerland.ch), Claudia Casciaro, PMP (claudia.casciaro an_,pmi-switzerland.ch) Sponsoring &Advertising: PMI Switzerland Chapter (office a~pmi-switzerland.ch) Design &Layout: AHA Solutions, Alexander Hahn (alexanderhahn61la~t-online.de) Printing &Distribution: Lüdin AG, Liestal (www.luedin.ch) Title Photo: djd Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of the PMI Switzerland Chapter is prohibited. The PMI Switzerland Chapter logo is a trademark of the PMI Switzerland Chapter. The next edition of PM@CH will be published in Summer 2012. Articles and editorial content can be submitted via e-mail to pm-chCa~omi-switzerland.ch.PM~~H Winter 2011 / 2012
  3. 3. CONTENTSV~hats InsideContents of the Winter 2011 / 2012 Edition Social 1Vledia in Project 1Vlanagement Should only be used with a clear mission in mind. ~. By Dominique C. Brack Project Risk 1Vlanagement A risk-based approach to testing. By Stefan Adamovsky and James Greene 1Vlein Leben als Projekt Mit Projektmanagement zu persönlicher Entwicklung. Von Uwe Seecke Our PartnersThe PM@CH team would like to thank our Chapter Sponsors and advertising partners:ESI International, IIL Deutschland, Altran Education Services, Cheetah Learning,Campana Schott, TenStep Europe, and Microsoft.For advertising or sponsoring information, please contact the PM@CH editors at~m-ch(a~pmi-switzerland.ch.PM CH Winter 2011 / 2012 5
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIASocial 1Vledia in Proect 1Vlanageurent JSocial Medial in PM should only be used with a clear mission in mind. ey oom~n~pUe c. arakYou do not have to be a technology wizard to utilize focus on what is really important - creating andthe many social media tools that are available today executing strategies for project success - ratherfor project management. In fact, you can take advan- than sitting on the phone and in meetings all daytage of some of the most commonly used tools to long.There are a few things to consider before implementing social media in However, be careful with taking this any further through more personal tools like your project: Facebook, there are limits to how deeply• Is it appropriate for your role? projects should penetrate into employees• Which platforms are available? personal life -and always make sure that your social media tools are in line with• Who are yourstakeholders? company policies.• Does your company have guidelines forthe usage of social media?• Should information be moderated? Ni n~;- create ~ ç~u r o~~~ii iiel~vork fMost of these questions will be answered by When the team is assembled, there are in-your particular circumstances, but let us first expensive tools -apart from your companyshave a look at some of the most widely used Enterprise solutions -that can be utilized.tools. Setting up a Ning network(an online platform for people to create their own social network)X1NG is inexpensive, relatively fast, when you have invested a bit of time getting to know theXING (more popular in Europe) is a social interface, and private if you want it to be. As anetwork that powers business professionals moderator you can control who joins theby giving them the tools to tap into the vast network, allowing you to apply flexibility toresources of their own personal network to your project. You can even set up subgroupsopen doors to thousands of companies, find within the network, so that team membersjobs and search for employees. XING is and other more external stakeholders can beperfect for business professionals wanting a part of separate conversations within thebetter way of keeping track of their contacts same network. Ning also allows you set upor looking for the ability to tap into their ownpersonal network of business connections. It blogs, wikis and discussions, so that many of the questions that might otherwise be posed Linked ~ ~:mis also a good social network for job seekers only to you can now be answered by theor for those needing to fill vacant job posi- group -and everyone can follow the projecttions. progress if you feel that is appropriate for the particular task. Again, Twitter, but also other microblogging sites and IM, can provide anLinlsedln -1~~~ i lier - Facef~ook extra level of support when it comes to teamInternationally Linkedln ismost likely used by interaction.amajority ofyour co-workers and provides anexcellent platform for recruiting people inter-nally for your project. Many of us think ofLinkedln as an external networking tool used (_c~o~l eby HR to hire new workers, but it is equally As many enterprises are currently allowinguseful in evaluating the strength of the team and enabling Google Docs and other Googleyou are assembling. By connecting with services among their employees, it is alsopeople in your company you not only enhan- worth looking into how these services cance your bond with them; you can also get a provide inexpensive collaborative projectgreat feel for the interests and most current team tools. Online services, such as Smart-qualifications of potential collaborators. sheet, are currently integrating Google AppsAs an extension to this, Twitter will let you into their other offerings centred on projectknow which articles (and yes, in some cases management using Gantt charts, online co-also which cereals) your team is reading. Ilaboration and even crowdsourcing. Again,Together Linkedln and Twitter provide a quick Smartsheet allows for separations betweenand accurate overview of yourteam. core team members and other stakeholders. Winter 2011 / 2012 PME=1CH
  5. 5. ~~><•i~il 11~~~1i~t <ts ztT~ani ~lii~i~ ~il~~i up in the chain of accountability and not directly involved. Whether or not all theAs with all other project management tools, people falling within the characterizationssocial media should be used with a clear above should be included in status reports,mission in mind. First, these are tools to keep etc., depends on the project, but social mediaprojects on track and make sure everyone undeniably allows such stakeholders toknows what they are supposed to do, why regularly "check in" on the project if they wishthey are supposed to do the tasks and when to. This can prevent conflicts down themilestones and deliverables are expected. pipeline and would be difficult to do withoutBut social media does offer an extra dimen- the use of blogs, wikis and discussion forumssion for the project manager to influence and - unless you actually enjoy spending all day inoversee the project and to constantly create status report meetings.and optimise a climate that enhances per-formance. It is okay to have some casual Anzeigeinteraction online, as it is in the office, but youwant to keep the team and yourself focusedon the job at hand. For managers andleaders, social media offers a chance tocommunicate the business case for projectsand their priority. For teams that are centresof excellence within the larger organization,social media offers a way to broadcast bestpractices and case studies to the rest of theorganization in real time, which can be a verypowerful team motivator. fTlanagement-Beratung II ~I<il.~~l~~~l~lcr.~~l~~~ul~ll,~~in<•lucleclThis brings us to the key point of external Technologie-Beratungstakeholders, whose needs are too often Strategieumsetzungneglected in project management -often SoFtware-Produktesimply due to the traditional time constraintsof reporting progress. The term Stakeholderis of course a commonly used term in project Seit über 15 Jahren international erfolgreichmanagement, but who are they actually? • Verbesserung des ProjektmanagementsAgain, this will depend on your specific situ-ation, but some common traits are worth • Automatisierung von Geschäftsprozessenkeeping in mind. "Stakeholders (per PMBOK • Professionelle Projektmanager für strategische Vorhabenp.23 Chapter 2.3) are persons and organiza-tions such as customers, sponsors, perfor-ming organization and the public, who are Exzellente Beratungsteams mit hervorragender Qualifizierungactively involved in the project, or thosewhose interests may be positively or nega- Fundierte Erfahrung aus über 500 Kundenprojektentively affected by the execution, completion, Microsoft Gold Certified Partneror cancellation of the project. They may alsoexert influence over the project and itsdeliverables." People who have worked insome capacity on the project should becounted among the stakeholders as well asthe people affected by the output and out-comes of the project, even if they are higherPM CH Winter 2011 / 2012
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIAcontinued Social MediaThe LongTerm Benefits tend to get recognition, which team membersAs with any good project management, it is are actually delivering and supporting theirimportant to acknowledge the capabilities colleagues and the types of behaviours andand resources available before embarking on attitudes that are valued by the team.asocial media mission. Instead of throwingyour team right into new social media plat- A Revolution thatforms, it is important that you first become resets the Way People interactcomfortable with the tools and talk to otherproject managers about their experiences. We have gone through some of the mostBut once you get started, your team will becommon tools here, but whether you useable to perform better and have more accu- blogs, micro-blogging tools, wikis, multime- dia sharing platforms, podcasts or otherrate and relevant information available. Youmight also begin to see some long-term social media, make sure you have the rightbenefits, apart from higher customer and strategy in place up front. Dominique C. Brack, PMP United Security Providers AG, Bernstakeholder satisfaction. You might get a There is definitely a revolution taking place at d Brack@pmextreme.combetter feel for how various team members the moment which is resetting the way peoplefeel about your project management,who the interact, share and collaborate -you shouldreal decision makers are, what kind of results be part of that. Although the age of team members can be an issue Anzeige when bringing in new tools, since the older generationsVom-:-~a _ — f.~.~~ can be more insistent on privacy and "ownership" of projects, that should not ~ stop you from finding the best solutions for your team. Management might also 10 Years! have qualms about open- ness, but might be con- vinced by examples of productivity increases. Not long ago, Amazon and eBay got people used to Best wishes to the Project Management Institute the (at the time foreign) Switzerland Chapter on their 10th Anniversary. idea of paying for products online, Facebook is today pushing the boundaries for 10 years has passed so fast - Cheetah Learning what people are willing to knows FAST! We also know quality and service, share openly and you could be the force enabling new the hallmark of your Chapter. types of open collaboration within your teams. Re- member that the tools We are looking forward to another decade of mentioned here allow you, shared success! as the moderator, to set levels of privacy in each project. However, once you open the floodgates of social From Your Friends at media project collaboration and sharing, they might be Cheetah Learning! difficult to close. Winter 2011 / 2012 PM``~~~