Ocean Exchange 2013


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Building a better future through innovation

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Ocean Exchange 2013

  2. 2. "At Gulfstream, we believe thatinnovation can be best describedas an idea successfully applied.Using that definition, the OceanExchange captures innovation inits truest sense. The solutionsthat emerge from this conferencehave real-world impact. Theydemonstrate our commitment topreserving our oceans, ensuringsustainable growth and protectingthe environment.The conference may be short, butthe impacts are long-lasting." JOE LOMBARDO EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, AEROSPACE GROUP, GENERAL DYNAMICS
  3. 3. “Now is the time to beginsharing your knowledge andideas, to help create thesolutions that will move ourworld forward.The giant steps we’relooking for might already bein your hands; conceptsready to be realized orsolutions ready to take theleap from one industry tothe next." CHRISTOPHER CONNOR DEPUTY CEO AND CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER
  4. 4. We promote innovators. WAM-VULTRA LIGHT FLEXIBLE CATAMARAN Solutions Inspiring Action  USA
  5. 5. Innovators do the hard work of making ideas real. HYDROGEN FUEL-POWERED JELLYFISHUSA Solutions Inspiring Action  
  6. 6. Innovators move all of us forward. WAVE POWERED DESALINATIONFOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Solutions Inspiring Action  USA
  7. 7. Subscribers  Innovators shape the future. PROTEISHAPE SHIFTINGOCEAN CLEANING SAILBOAT Solutions Inspiring Action  USAGULFSTREAM NAVIGATOR AWARD 2012
  8. 8. Ocean Exchange accelerates innovation. BANDALONG LITTER TRAPWATER POLLUTION REDUCTION Solutions Inspiring Action  USA
  9. 9. Innovation’s value is realized when it is applied. EMILYEMERGENCY RESPONSE ANDOCEAN MONITORING Solutions Inspiring Action  USA
  10. 10. We connect innovators to people who needsolutions. Recent InstallationsEMULSION COMBUSTION SYSTEMLOWERS EMISSIONS AND IMPROVESFUEL EFFICIANCYBAHAMAS Solutions Inspiring Action  WWL ORCELLE AWARD 2012
  11. 11. We empower NEW to replace OLD. IKEAPALLET-LESS SYSTEMNETHERLANDS Solutions Inspiring Action  INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE AWARD
  12. 12. The miraculous often is a simple solution. ECOLOGICAL MANGROVE RESTORATIONUSA Solutions Inspiring Action  
  13. 13. Innovations are being created all around us inschools, garages, basements, research facilities,businesses… BATFISHOCEAN MONITORING Solutions Inspiring Action  USA
  14. 14. Are you an innovator with a solution? SEA2TABLEPOINT OF CATCH TOPOINT OF CONSUMPTION MODEL Solutions Inspiring Action  USA
  15. 15. Do you know aninnovativeorganization witha solution? SENDEKIAWAVE TURBINE, ELECTRICITYFROM OCEAN WAVES Solutions Inspiring Action  SPAIN
  16. 16. Innovators often do not see all the applicationsfor their solution. PHOTOVOLTAIC INVERTERSSOLAR POWER EFFICIENCYUSA Solutions Inspiring Action  
  17. 17. We help realize each solution’s transformativepower. AQUARIUS MRE SYSTEMIMPROVES FUEL EFFICIANCYJAPAN Solutions Inspiring Action  
  18. 18. Ocean Exchange is asking for your help. GOLDER & ASSOCIATES INC.SEAFLOOR MONITORING STATIONUSA Solutions Inspiring Action  INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE AWARD
  19. 19. Make sure the innovators you know register theirsolutions on the Ocean Exchange. AQUANTISOCEAN CURRENT TURBINE Solutions Inspiring Action  USA
  20. 20. Together we accelerate solutions to improveenvironment, economies and health. CONSTRUCTED WETLANDSWASTE WATER TREATMENT Solutions Inspiring Action  USA
  21. 21. Solutions Inspiring Action make lives better. SUSTAINABLE COASTAL DEVELOPMENTCOSTA RICA Solutions Inspiring Action  
  22. 22. Solutions Inspiring Action make businessesbetter. SOUTHERN COMPANYCARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGEUSA Solutions Inspiring Action  INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE AWARD
  23. 23. Solutions Inspiring Action make communitiesbetter. MULTI-PURPOSE REEFSCOASTAL PROTECTION Solutions Inspiring Action  USA
  24. 24. We help innovators make tomorrow better today. SKYSAILSLOWERS EMISSIONS ANDIMPROVES FUEL EFFICIANCY Solutions Inspiring Action  GERMANY
  25. 25. You can help spread the word. Ensure innovatorsregister their solutions on the Ocean Exchange. TETHERED AIRMOVES OBJECTS ACROSSDIFFICULT TERRAIN Solutions Inspiring Action  USA
  26. 26. Ocean  Exchange  seeks  innova4ve,  proac4ve  and  globally  scalable  Solu4ons  with  working  prototypes  that  can  leap  across  industries,  economies  and  cultures.    Our  2013  Theme LEAP  TO  ZERO  +     :    Solu4ons  that  generate  economic  growth  and  increase  produc4vity,  while  reducing  the  use  of  natures  resources  and  waste.       Solutions Inspiring Action  
  27. 27. MONETARY AWARDS The Gulfstream® Navigator Award 2013 $100,000 is given to the Solution that best demonstrates thegreatest potential to LEAP TO ZERO+ with applicability across multipleindustries generating positive impact on the environment, economiesand health while respecting cultures around the world. In 2012 Wave Gliders travelled unassisted from California to Japan and Australia, collecting Ocean data and breaking the Guinness world record for robots. One of these Wave Gliders will soon be on display in the Smithsonian Museum. The international fleet of Wave Gliders continues to grow and work around the world.GULFSTREAM NAVIGATOR AWARD WINNER 2011WAVE GLIDERAUTONOMOUS MARINE ROBOT Solutions Inspiring Action  MONITORS SEASUSA
  28. 28. MONETARY AWARDS The WWL Orcelle® Award2013 $100,000 is givento the solution thatmakes shipping andlogistics more sustainableby advancing zero-emissions marinetransport andtechnologies that arecommercially viable. EMULSION COMBUSTION SYSTEMLOWERS EMISSIONS AND IMPROVESFUEL EFFICIENCY Solutions Inspiring Action  BAHAMASWWL ORCELLE AWARD WINNER 2012
  29. 29. EXCELLENCE AWARDS Corporations and organizations with Solutions registered in theOcean Exchange Gallery are automatically considered for theExcellence Awards. The top three Solutions chosen by the globalreview panel are invited to present at the opening reception of TheExchange. SOUTHERN COMPANYCARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGEUSA Solutions Inspiring Action  INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE AWARD
  30. 30. OCEAN EXCHANGE Innovations Making the Future Better Register a solution today at OceanExchange.org Contact our Solutions Director: Jason.Ball@OceanExchange.org Solutions Inspiring Action  
  31. 31. LEADERS BUILDING THE OCEAN EXCHANGE Sponsors Partners (Loaned Executives and Resources) Gulfstream Moffatt & Nichol Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Smithsonian Institute The City of Savannah National Geographic SEDA Hancock Askew & Co Southern Company Meddin Studios The Coca-Cola Company Savannah Morning News Chatham County SCAD Hargray Communications The Kennickell Group Georgia Ports Authority Critz NOAA & National Marine Sanctuaries City of Tybee Savannah International Trade & Visit Savannah Ocean Exchange Convention Center The Creative Coast   Ships of the Sea Museum StageFront Presentation Systems ECONCRETEECOLOGICAL MARINE INFRASTRUCTURES Solutions Inspiring Action  ISREAL