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EOI · 25/06/2011 ·

TED es un evento anual en el que los líderes mundiales del pensamiento y la acción comparten sus pasiones. TED es el acrónimo de Tecnología, Entretenimiento y Diseño, tres grandes áreas que, colectivamente, están definiendo nuestro futuro. Entre los conferenciantes que han pasado por el evento figuran Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Frank Gehry, Paul Simon, Sir Richard Branson, Philippe Starck y Bono. TED se celebró por primera vez en Monterey, California, en 1984. En 2001, la Sapling Foundation presidida por Chris Anderson adquirió TED a su fundador, Richard Saul Wurman.

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Programa TEDxPlazaCibeles

  1. 1. TEDXPlazaCibeles TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event Program June 25th 2011 Auditorium EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial Madrid, Spain A day to feed the brain, entertain the soul and exchange different points of view about TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event
  2. 2. What is TED and TEDx? TEDXPlazaCibelesTED...... are annual events where some of the world’s leading thinkers anddoers are invited to share what they are most passionate about. The TEDconferences, in Long Beach/Palm Springs and Edinburgh, bring togetheroutstanding people who are challenged to give the talk of their lives in a18-minutes format.As a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, TED startedout in California (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people fromthree worlds: Technology, Entertainment and Design, areas that are,collectively, shaping our future. Today, TED is best thought of as a globalcommunity, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seeka deeper understanding of the world.TEDx...... In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program calledTEDx: local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deepdiscussion and connection in a small group.These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independentlyorganized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for theTEDx program, but individual TEDx events are TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event
  3. 3. Why TEDx PlazaCibeles? TEDXPlazaCibeles TEDxPlazaCibeles TEDxPlazaCibeles is an exceptional platform for outstanding individuals to increase the awareness of their work, devoting their time to challenge paradigms, adding value to the society while learning from each other in an interactive and fun way. In co-organization with EOI -Industrial Organization Business School- and SAGE, the TEDxPlazaCibeles Team organizes this powerful initiative in Madrid which main theme is “Transformation of the education and business environment through technology development”. EOI …a Business School, that promotes the value of people in a global economy, based on solidarity, social responsibility and business ethics. A Social School, in which competition does not come in conflict with cooperation. An Open School, that believes change is possible and necessary. A Digital School, where technology is naturally integrated, promoting a participative and collaborative spirit. A Green School, that fosters the transition to a sustainable economy. A Creative School, committed to identify talent. And finally, an Active School, that believes in experience as a relevant source of learning. SAGE We are a software company committed to acting as a responsible corporate citizen, which enables us to focus on areas that are the most relevant to us, to our people and the things where we believe we can make a difference. Our principles of Innovation, Integrity, Simplicity, Trust and Agility drive everything we do. No matter how you grow or where you aim your goals, we will walk with you on the exciting journey that you decide to undertake. Our limits will always be TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event
  4. 4. Our Sponsors TEDXPlazaCibeles Without them, this would not have been possible... Platinum Gold Bronze In TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event
  5. 5. The Agenda TEDXPlazaCibeles AGENDA Sesion Sched. Speakers Theme Speaker Opening 10:30 Antonio Fontanini 10:35 Chris Anderson: Introductory Video TED Video 10:40 TEDxPlazaCibeles Team Video Video Sesion I: The Tech Generation 10:45 Evolution of technology in the last 50 years Alberto Calero 11:05 Language learning in children through phonics methods Coral George 11:25 Sir Ken Robinson: School and creativity TED Video Coffee break 11:45 Sesion II: Let´s broaden the experience 12:15 Technology for everyone: Ceibal Plan Miguel Brechner 12:35 ICT changing education in developing countries Richard Rowe 12:55 Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop Per Child TED Video 13:15 Learning approach: Uncollege Dale Stephens Lunch Break 13:35 Sesion III Bringing technology to the classroom 15:05 Free works: Education and future Mario Pena 15:25 Invisible learning Cristobal Cobo 15:45 Salman Khan: Let´s use video to reinvent education TED Video 16:05 Music Atenay Coffee break 16:45 Sesion IV Innovation in the working enviroment 17:15 Crowdsourcing Ana María Llopis 17:35 Everyone is a changemaker Antonella Broglia 17:45 Social Entrepeneurship: Perspectives Manuel Maqueda 18:05 Trends: Cradle2Cradle - Green ICTs Michael Braungart 18:25 Music B Vocal Closing 19:10 Antonio Fontanini Cocktail 19:30 Music Crazy TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event
  6. 6. Our Speakers TEDXPlazaCibeles Alberto Calero Alberto has been member of France Telecom Spain Management Committee, and was the Director of the CEO Office. Previously he has served in C-Level positions in companies such as Grupo Prisa, Kodak, HP and Telefónica Group. He was Air Force Lieutenant in the Electronic Warfare Division where he was awarded with the “Cross to the Aeronautical Merit” for his contributions in Radar propagation models and Digital Terrain models.President of A&JCALERO Engineering, Alberto also works on the strategic growth areas forOrange Spain like Energy, Health, Education and NetworksHe is member of the advisory committee of the Saint Louis University, Missouri, and hascollaborated with different Universities worldwide such as MIT, Harvard, North EasternDeusto, among others. Coral George Coral, qualified as a teacher in Britain started her career in England followed by some time in Egypt before finally joining the Spanish Ministry of Education/British Council “Bilingual Project” in 1998. Coral achieved high standards of pronunciation and literacy using Jolly Phonics, amazed and delighted with the children´s excitement, interest and progress, she has founded “Jolly Centres” in Spain, where children, parents and teachers enjoy her lively training. Coral also collaborateswith various Universities.Coral has been trained by the most prestigious “Synthetic Phonics Authors” in Britain,Sue Lloyd, Debbie Hepplewhite and Ruth Miskin. Coral is a “Jolly Ambassador” and worksclosely with Education Inspectors and Local Authorities; now jointly with her team oftrainers delivers training all over the world. Miguel Brechner Miguel is a Telecom Engineer graduated from the Imperial College in London. He was responsible for the introduction of Digital Equipment Corp. and Acer in Uruguay, as well as technologies of Sensor and Newbridge in the areas of systems and telecommunications. He was a sponsor of the Ceibal Plan in Uruguay, a program based on One Laptop per Child and implemented by the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay, the government agency that promotes sustainabledevelopment through innovation, where he has appointed chairman in 2005. Based insocial inclusion, technology and education, Ceibal Plan provided all children and teachersfrom public schools with a computer with Internet connection.Currently he serves as the President of the Ceibal Center institution, focused on theimplementation of programs to support children and teenagers attending public TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event
  7. 7. Our Speakers TEDXPlazaCibeles Richard Rowe Richard is the CEO of the Open Learning Exchange, an organization emerged of the OLPC program. He has served as Associate Dean of the Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and as Director of the university’s interfaculty Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology and Public Practice. He has conducted research concerning assessment of social interventions and has been an advocate for early childhood education. He has served as Chair of the Massachusetts Statewide Advisory Committee for the Office for Children and also as Chair of the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education. Ph.D. from Columbia University in clinical psychology, Richard is the author of numerous articles and frequent speaker on the impact of digitization and global communication networks upon society. Dale Stephens Dale brings a unique perspective on the future of education, talent and innovation. He is a sought-after speaker and education expert appearing on major news networks including ABC News, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, Chronicle of Higher Education, New York Magazine, Forbes, and National Public Radio. At 19 years old, Dale leads UnCollege, a social movement that applies the methods of “unschooling”—the self-directed brand of homeschooling with which he was raised—to the realm of higher education. He is currently writing on a book about the opportunity cost of going to college and how to create your education from the world. Dale spends much of his time sparing with people on social network who feel that the apex of American education was in 1952 or thereabouts. Mario Pena Mario is a former computer technician, a passionate free culture and speech advocate. He has given lectures at the MIT in Boston, at the Communia Event in Amsterdam together with V.P. of Creative Commons, and is a frequent lecturer in other important events about copyright issues and digital business models, like the Digital Content Distribution Workshop and first Semantic Copyright conference, among others. He is former P.R. at International Film Festivals, CEO of and chief of the R&D department at Mario is an online media business expert devoted to Creative Commons licenses and the new challenges the digital paradigm brings to the economies of scarcity and abundance. Currently, Mario works as Chief Business Developer in Safe Creative, an online copyright registry for any kind of work and TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event
  8. 8. Our Speakers TEDXPlazaCibeles Cristobal Cobo Cristobal is a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute. Invited reviewer at the MIT Press, he has a doctorate “cum laude” at the University of Barcelona for his work on developing experimental models to optimize the interaction between humans and machines. From 2005 to 2010 he was Professor and Director of Communication and New Technologies and editor of the educational platform of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO Mexico).He currently works on the EU Programme “K-Network” and on the Socio-Economic Servicesfor European Research Project to study social and economical implication aspects of theInternet. Ana María Llopis Ana María is the Executive Chairman and CEO of IDEAS4ALL, President of DIA and director of the Global Board of ABN AMRO Bank. She has been director at the Board of Reckitt-Benckiser and BAT, as well as served in senior positions in major international corporations such as P&G, Playtex, Schweppes and Banesto. She was a prominent online entrepreneur as CEO and founder of Openbank, number one Internet banking in Spain and the second in Europe at the time of its launch.Graduated Summa Cum Laude in physics and mathematics from the U. of Maryland andDoctorate Cum Laude in Engineering Materials Science by the U. of Berkeley, Ana Maria hasreceived several international awards such as the International Women’s Forum“Womenwho make a difference” award 2007, and was mentioned as one of the 100 most influentexecutives in the UK in 2005. Antonella Broglia Antonella has more than 30 years in the marketing and advertising industry in C-level positions in companies such as Darcy Masius Benton & Bowles and WW. Furthermore she served as CEO at Ogilvy&Mather in Rome and lately as CEO and Vice President of Saatchi & Saatchi Spain from 1999 to 2006. In 2006, Antonella began collaborating with the famous Barcelona think tank Infonomía. Here, she studies the impact of technology andscientific discoveries in business and communications, and helps blue chip companiesto develop their innovation strategies. Together with the founder of Infonomia, AlfonsCornella, Antonella has created four years ago a special conference named Update, focusingon emerging technologies, management trends, new business models, and experiences onthe edge in business, retail, tourism and TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event
  9. 9. Our Speakers TEDXPlazaCibeles Manuel Maqueda Manuel is a visionary trained as an economist, attorney, entrepreneur and environmentalist, passionate for advising disruptive nonprofits and startups in Silicon Valley. Cofounder of Plastic Pollution Coalition, aiming to stop plastic toxic impacts, Manuel is also founder of Plastic Free Times and Trash Island, both organizations using technology, arts and media to provide a visceral understanding of plastic pollution and global issues. Director of and founder of Nuestra Voz, Manuel currently works with Knight Fellows at Stanford University and provides key advice to many emerging nonprofits and businesses. He works now as partner and V.P. of Community and Strategy of BlooSee, a California-based technology company harnessing the best ocean information, and making it accessible and useful. Michael Braungart Michael is a chemical engineer, founder and managing director of the Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency in Hamburg and scientific director of the Hamburg Environmental Institute. He works as a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Lüneburg (Germany), also serving as director of an interdisciplinary materials flow management masters program. Together with William McDonough, Michael developed the Cradle to Cradle concept and founded the product design and development MBDC McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry in Charlottesville, Virgina, USA. Currently he holds the Cradle-to-Cradle chair at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and he is considered to be a visionary environmental thinker with ideas about redesigning industrial production processes in order to create a positive ecological human TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event
  10. 10. The Entertainment TEDXPlazaCibeles B VOCAL B Vocal is a Spanish singing group which perfectly combines humor and a cappella music: i.e. music performed with no instrumental accompaniment. These traits, coupled with the innovative staging of their shows, have allowed them to build a quality artistic career path, leading to national and international prestige.Among the highlights of the artistic journey of b vocal are the following: 15 years treadingthe boards, over 2,000 concerts, 4 CDs and 2 DVDs released, numerous appearances onradio and television and international awards. ATENAYSince their beginnings in2000, Chamber EnsembleAtenay has been the mostdaring and innovative musicgroup of Castilla-La Mancha.With a cultural proposalthat has always movedbeyond the music, thisgroup of saxophonistshas distinguished itself byproviding the public with acreative and fruitful alliance between music and various forms of theatrical expression,from oral and visual storytelling to dance or live TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event
  11. 11. The Team TEDXPlazaCibeles Rafael Salazar Luis Felipe Paris Francisco Tavira María Stevanovic Ronald Martínez Jose Manuel Rodríguez TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event
  12. 12. Thanks TEDXPlazaCibeles Special thanks to... - Antonio Fontanini - María Korina Angulo - Carlos Magro - Pilar Cebrián - Santiago Solanas - Almudena Cruz - Imma Turbau - Isabel Hernández - Margarita Tripero - Dolors Soler - Patricia de la Puente - Antonella Broglia - Fernando Garrido Collaborators Media Partners - Luis Maturen - Yorokobu - Rafael Sierra - Asociación Fulbright - Jelena Grujic - Casa de América - Henrique del Pozo - Diario Expansión - María Jose Tavira - - Cristina Peñaloza - Dossier Empresarial - Juan Díaz-Andreu - Muy Interesante Thank YOU for being part of this powerful initiative The TEDxPlazaCibeles Team Contact Twitter: @TEDxPlzCibeles Facebook: TEDxPlazaCibeles Linkedin: TEDX PlazaCibeles x = independent organized TED event