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Woman and stockings Woman and stockings Presentation Transcript

  • WOMAN AND STOCKINGS Draws Toulouse Lautrec
  • For the first time the image of women in stockings appeared in 1832. It wasa picture of Eugene Delacroix's "Odalisque in white stockings ”  [The pictureis called a "woman in white stockings" and dates back to around 1834 a year. And this, of course, is not the first image with the plot - La belle epoque]. Eugene Delacroix's "Odalisque in white stockings"
  • In the "high" art of those years theme "topless" has not passed. Legitimately admire the female body in the XIX century, men could only be at the opera or the circus. Female legs behind the scenes drawn by artists such as Edgar Degas, Georges-Pierre Seurat. Georges-Pierre Seurat - Poses, 1888
  • A symbolic painter of this period is Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. His hands belong to the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret posters of the late 1890's. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - Poster, 1895-6
  • In the last years of XIX century, appears a huge number of kafeshantanov, where dancing the cancan. Artists Jules Cheret, and Shubrak Kapello depict famous dancers in those years . The second theme of the portrayal of women in stockings - a harlot. Jean-Louis Foren in "Inside" depicts half-naked girls in the company of men dressed in hats, even more strongly emphasizes the obscenity of the stage. Jean-Louis Foren - Client, 1898
  • With the emergence of photos depicting a woman in stockings and starts making a fetish of the subject lingerie wardrobe. After the Second World War in Europe appears American-style pin-up - images sexy girls, stockings, clothing which occupy a central place.
  • Toulouse Lautrec "Two girlfriends. " 1893
  • Toulouse Lautrec "Moulin Street. Checkups " . 1894
  • Toulouse Lautrec "In the salon on the Rue de Moulin. " 1894
  • Toulouse Lautrec Woman, dressing stockings. 1894
  • Toulouse Lautrec "Two girlfriends. " 1894
  • Toulouse Lautrec "Two girlfriends. " 1894
  • Toulouse Lautrec "One. " 1896
  • Toulouse Lautrec "toilet". 1896
  • Toulouse Lautrec "Nude in the mirror. " 1897
  • Toulouse Lautrec "In the Circus Fernando: rider on a white horse. " 1888
  • Toulouse Lautrec "Dance at the Moulin Rouge. 1890 g.
  • Toulouse Lautrec " La Gulyu and Valentin boneless. "1891
  • Toulouse Lautrec "Getting a quadrille at the Moulin Rouge. " 1892
  • Toulouse Lautrec "Dancer Jane Avril". 1892
  • Toulouse Lautrec "Jane Avril". 1893
  • Toulouse Lautrec Marseille Lender Dancing the Bolero in the operetta "Hilperik. 1895
  • F I N