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National gallery London (part 8)
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National gallery London (part 8)


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Published in: Design

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  • 1. National Gallery - London Part 8
  • 2. David Gerard Adoration of the Kings
  • 3. Unknown Artist The Attack on Cartagena Unknown Artist A Doctor tending a Patient's Foot in his Surgery
  • 4. Garofalo, Benvenuto Tisi An Allegory of Love
  • 5. Bartolome Esteban Murillo Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness Morizot Börse Summer's Day
  • 6. Molenar Jan Means Two Boys and a Girl making Music Lodovico Carracci The Marriage of the Virgin
  • 7. Boat Yang A View on the Tiber
  • 8. Raphael Saint John the Baptist Preaching
  • 9. Lancret Nicola The Four Times of Day. Afternoon Albrecht Durer The Virgin and Child (The Madonna with the Iris)
  • 10. Alfred Sisley The Watering Place at Marly-le-Roi Unknown Artist The Visitation of the Virgin to Saint Elizabeth
  • 11. Witte, Emanue The Interior of the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
  • 12. Paolo Veronese Scorn
  • 13. Unknown Artist The Visitation of the Virgin to Saint Elizabeth Paolo Veronese Christ addressing a Kneeling Woman
  • 14. Rus, Jan Still Life of Fruit and Vegetables with Two Monkeys Haitham Yang Flowers in a Terracotta Vase
  • 15. Vouvermans Phillips Cavalry making a Sortie from a Fort on a Hill
  • 16. Garofalo, Benvenuto Tisi The Virgin and Child with Saints Unknown Artist The Annunciation
  • 17. Donk Portrait of Jan van Hensbeeck, his Wife and a Child
  • 18. Тьеполо Джованни Баттиста The Virgin and Child appearing to a Group of Saints Boucher FrancoisPan and Syrinx
  • 19. Blankur Marie A Bowl of Flowers Nifs Peter View of a Chapel at Evening
  • 20. Mattia Preti The Marriage at Cana
  • 21. Pap Abraham Tobit and Anna
  • 22. Unknown Artist A Cobbler Hooch Pieter A Woman Drinking with Two Men
  • 23. Nicolas Poussin Ordination
  • 24. Bakkyakka Francesco Joseph receives his Brothers Camille Corot Jean-Baptiste Avignon from the West
  • 25. Stinvik Hendrick The Interior of a Gothic Church looking East
  • 26. Asolo Bernardino The Garden of Love Стен Ян A Young Woman playing a Harpsichord to a Young Man
  • 27. Sanredam Peter The Interior of the Grote Kerk at Haarlem
  • 28. Paolo Veronese The Adoration of the Kings Garofalo, Benvenuto Tisi The Agony in the Garden
  • 29. Nittis Giuseppe Winter Landscape Domenichino Saint John the Evangelist
  • 30. William Hogarth Marriage A-la-Mode. 3, The Inspection
  • 31. Strozzi Zanobi The Abduction of Helen Treviso, Girolamo The Madonna and Child with Angels, Saints and a Donor
  • 32. Unknown Artist Perseus turning the Followers of Phineus into Stone Lucas Cranach the Elder The Close of the Silver Age
  • 33. Аверкамп Хендрик A Winter Scene with Skaters near a Castle
  • 34. Georges-Pierre Seurat Study for 'Bathers at Asnières' Pontormo Jacopo Carucci Joseph's Brothers beg for Help
  • 35. Kleis, PaulShips lying off Flushing Catena Vincenzo A Warrior adoring the Infant Christ and the Virgin
  • 36. Domenico BeccafumiThe Story of Papirius
  • 37. Jean Honore Fragonard Psyche showing her Sisters her Gifts from Cupid
  • 38. Chardin Jean Simeon La Fontaine (The Water Cistern)
  • 39. Peter Paul Rubens A Roman Triumph
  • 40. Antonio Canale Venice. The Piazza San Marco Francesco Guardi A Caprice with Ruins on the Seashore
  • 41. Carlo Crivelli The Virgin and Child with Saints Francis and Sebastian Handicap Gerardo The Combat of Love and Chastity
  • 42. FIN По материалам сайта Магазина репродукций картин ХОЛСТ