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National gallery London (part 7)
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National gallery London (part 7)

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  • 1. National Gallery - London Part 7
  • 2. Lancret Nicola The Four Ages of Man. Youth
  • 3. Balen Hendrik Pan pursuing Syrinx Sandro Botticelli The Adoration of the Kings
  • 4. David Gerard Christ Nailed to the Cross William Hogarth Marriage A-la-Mode. 6, The Lady's Death
  • 5. Dosso Dossi The Adoration of the Kings Pinturichio Penelope with the Suitors
  • 6. Joseph Turner The Parting of Hero and Leander
  • 7. Unknown Artist An Old Woman peeling Pears Vuillard, Jean Edouard The Terrace at Vasouy, the Lunch
  • 8. Asolo Bernardino The Death of Saint Peter Martyr Stinvik Hendrick Croesus and Solon
  • 9. Unknown Artist The Worship of the Egyptian Bull God, Apis
  • 10. Francia, Francesco Venice. Piazza San Marco (1)
  • 11. Francia, Francesco Pietà
  • 12. Sassetta Stefano di Giovanni Saint Francis and the Poor Knigh, and Francis's Vision Eyck, Jan The Arnolfini Portrait
  • 13. Subias Francisco Saint James being visited by the Virgin
  • 14. Lebrun Elizabeth Self Portrait in a Straw Hat
  • 15. Campana Pedro The Conversion of Mary Magdalene
  • 16. Vtevel Dzhoahim The Judgement of Paris
  • 17. Weyden Rogier The Magdalen Reading Delft An Interior, with a Woman refusing a Glass of Wine
  • 18. Hakert Yang A Stag Hunt in a Forest
  • 19. Francesco Guardi An Architectural Caprice Hans von Aachen The Amazement of the Gods
  • 20. Claude Monet The Thames below Westminster Peter Paul Rubens A Shepherd with his Flock in a Woody Landscape
  • 21. Stan Yan A Pedlar selling Spectacles outside a Cottage Johannes Vermeer A Young Woman standing at a Virginal
  • 22. Patinir Joachim Saint Jerome in a Rocky Landscape Leighton Lord Frederick Trees at Cliveden, Frederic
  • 23. Unknown Artist Saint Christopher carrying the Infant Christ
  • 24. Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico The Lamentation at the Foot of the Cross (1) Nicolas Poussin Landscape with Travellers Resting
  • 25. Nifs Peter An Evening Service in a Church Paul Cezanne Большие купальщики
  • 26. Unknown Artist Leda and the Swan Marieschi Michele Buildings and Figures near a River with Shipping
  • 27. Constable John The Hay Wain
  • 28. Georges-Pierre Seurat Bathers at Asnières Verrochchio Andrea Tobias and the Angel
  • 29. Raphael Portrait of Pope Julius II Lorenzo Costa A Concert
  • 30. Jan Brueghel the Elder The Adoration of the Kings
  • 31. Vidzhnents Yang A Landscape with a Dead Tree Camille Pissarro Fox Hill, Upper Norwood
  • 32. Sassetta Stefano di Giovanni The Stigmatisation of Saint Francis Lancret Nicola The Four Ages of Man. Old Age
  • 33. Francesco Guardi Venice. The Grand Canal with Palazzo Pesaro
  • 34. Sassetta Stefano di Giovanni Saint Francis before the Sultan Mosetto Gerolamo The Massacre of the Innocents with Herod
  • 35. Unknown Artist The Interior of a Theatre
  • 36. Sandro Botticelli Three Miracles of Saint Zenobius Giorgione The Adoration of the Kings
  • 37. Pierre Auguste Renoir At the Theatre (La Première Sortie)
  • 38. William Hogarth Marriage A-la-Mode. 1, The Marriage Settlement
  • 39. Boucher Francois The Billet-Doux Giorgione The Adoration of the Kings Domenichino Landscape with Tobias laying hold of the Fish
  • 40. FIN По материалам сайта Магазина репродукций картин ХОЛСТ