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National gallery London (part 16)
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National gallery London (part 16)


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Published in: Design

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  • 1. National Gallery - London Part 16
  • 2. Peter Paul Rubens Minerva protects Pax from Mars (Peace and War)
  • 3. Unknown Artist Head of The Dying Alexander
  • 4. Luca Signorelli The Triumph of Chastity. Love Disarmed and Bound
  • 5. Unknown Artist A Female Figure standing in a Niche Hans Holbein the Younger Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan
  • 6. Unknown Artist Cassone with a Tournament Scene (1)
  • 7. Paolo The Battle of San Romano
  • 8. Vernet Emile Jean Horace The Emperor Napoleon I
  • 9. Lorenzo Costa The Virgin and Child Andrea Previtali Christ Blessing
  • 10. Carlo Crivelli The Dead Christ supported by Two Angels
  • 11. Unknown Artist A Man in Armour
  • 12. Carlo Crivelli The Stove in the Studio Carel Fabritius Young Man in a Fur Cap
  • 13. Conegliano, Giovanni The Virgin and Child Andrea Mantegna The Vestal Virgin Tuccia with a sieve
  • 14. Unknown Artist Portrait of a Lady (1)
  • 15. Carlo Crivelli Saint Francis Lorenzo Costa Saint Philip
  • 16. Lorenzo Costa Saint Pete Unknown Artist The Dead Christ and the Virgin (1)
  • 17. Pietro Perugino Christ Crowned with Thorns
  • 18. Dyck Anthony Portrait of a Woman and Child
  • 19. Unknown Artist Portrait of a Young Man in Black
  • 20. Unknown Artist The Virgin and Child with Saints (2)
  • 21. Paolo Veronese The Consecration of Saint Nicholas
  • 22. Unknown Artist Portrait of a Lady in Red
  • 23. Pietro Longhi A Lady receiving a Cavalier
  • 24. Carlo Crivelli Saint Peter Carlo Crivelli Saint John the Baptist
  • 25. Brescia Moretto The Madonna and Child with Saints
  • 26. Lorenzo Costa Saint John the Evangelist
  • 27. Unknown Artist The Virgin and Child
  • 28. Caucus Gonzalez Smell (Portrait of Lucas Fayd'herbe)
  • 29. Romanin Girolamo Saint Jerome Dirk Bouts Christ Crowned with Thorns (2)
  • 30. Pinturichio The Virgin and Child
  • 31. Schiavone, Giorgio Saint Sebastian Unknown Artist Woman at a Window
  • 32. Brescia Moretto Praying Man with a Long Beard Unknown Artist Portrait of a Man (1)
  • 33. Edgar Degas At the Café Châteaudun
  • 34. Unknown Artist Portrait of a Man and a Woman
  • 35. Unknown Artist Saints Peter and Paul Peña, Narcisse-Virgilio Venus and Two Cupids
  • 36. Cosimo Tura The Virgin Annunciate
  • 37. Unknown Artist The Dead Christ
  • 38. Lucas Cranach the Elder Saints Christina and Ottilia
  • 39. Paolo Veronese Unfaithfulness
  • 40. По материалам сайта Магазина репродукций картин ХОЛСТ FIN