Netgem Q4 2012


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Netgem Q4 2012

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. NETGEM SUCCESS STORY KEY FACTS ABOUT NETGEM  #1 IPTV middleware & STB in Europe (#3 ww)  15 years of experience in IPTV  84,7 M€ turnover 2011 with sound profitability  20 TV deployments in 15 different countries
  3. 3. BATTLE FOR THE CONNECTED HOME OTT entrants CE VendorsPopular Content/services Billion USD companies among theWeb/PC experience most popular brands in the worldAd funded biz model Driving the explosion of connectedAggressive price strategy devices adoptionNeed critical mass of customers Challenged by the transformation from HW seller to service provider Broadcasters MSOExpertise of content Trusted relationship with end usersDecades of popular “one way” TV Capacity to assist & supportChallenged by the emergence of Able to invest in customerinteractivity relationship with cross-sell, bundles…Need to adapt to new market usages Threaten by the dumb pipe scenario
  4. 4. THE MULTISCREEN REVOLUTION Explosion of media capable devices in the world 10.9 per citizen in average in the USA, 9.7 in the UK, 9 in the UK, 8 in France  Creating new customer behaviours 60 % of UK smartphone owners are multitasking while watching TV (65% of tablet owners) Sources: Deloitte Yougov december 2011, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
  5. 5. RAISING NEW CHALLENGES TO THE TV INDUSTRY New end-users expectations What do you expect from future TV ? 47% CONTROL everything with mobile or tablet 50% Move contents seamlessly ACROSS DEVICES 56% watch anything I want, on ANY DEVICE 77% watch anything I want, WHEN i want Average # of device per HH in Europe In a fragmented world 1,35 0,97 0,68 0,65 0,62 0,56 0,53 0,51 0,39 0,24 0,09 0,06Sources: Deloitte Yougov december 2011, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
  6. 6. USE CASES HD Hybrid TV Experience nCloud aggregates all possible sources of media content into a single best of breed unified main screen TV experience Control with companion screens Remote control the STB, access TV guide, schedule recordings, browse VOD catalog from smartphones Push to screen Personal content shot from Mobile phones and shared through any upnp app (imediashare, allshare, Twonky, Tversity…) Push to store Watch your personal contents on the main screen, transfer them seamlessly onto your safe mediaserver device A whole Home TV service Distribute recordings & live TV to all other connected devices, from tablets to smartTVs and PCs Service continuity Start a movie on your TV and continue on mobile device, sideload PVR recordings on your tablet to watch PVR on the go
  7. 7. THE PRINCIPLE is a suite of connected home software and applications which connects to a centralsmart client mediaserver STBWith the architecture, the Live TV, On Demand and personal content aggregated on themain TV screen is shared within the home between any connected screens in a simple & secureway, under the control of the service provider. All this with a controlled, unified andconsistent Consumer Experience.1. Price: 1 Live TV 1 2 On Demand 1Lower TCO2. Performance:Local streamingBandwidth optimization3. Privacy:Personal content kept at home 3 Personal 1 content4. exPerienceUnified Consumer experience
  8. 8. THE PRODUCT The backbone of advanced connected entertainment services NETGEM SERVER TOOLS Netgem Device Management NETGEM SMARTCLIENT ServerLive TV Netgem Apps 3rd party apps Web Netgem EPG 1 1 Netgem SDK Server Netgem Smartclient Middleware DVB-T DVB-T2 STB 2 On 1 DVB-C Demand IPTV VOD Content Management UpnP Dedicated Companion Apps 3 Personal 1 content clouds Rssreaders OT T M O usic n dem and IP V T tags B adband ro
  9. 9. A COMBINATION OF SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE Our Set-top-box Portfolio N5200 N7700 N8200 N8800 IPTV l l l l Broadcast TV - l l lnCloud Core PayTV - l l l 3D Graphics - l - l PVR PVR Ready PVR Ready HDD HDD Broadcast - 1 screen SD 2 screens SD 2 to 4 screens HD nCloud Download to own - - l l Advanced Download to go On External drive On External drive l l Multimedia NAS On External drive On External drive l l Q4 2012 Q1 2013
  10. 10. MOVING TO THE CHALLENGES OF MOBILITY A Mobile Box Pocket size easy to use mobile internet access device Which recreactes domestic network Between any wifi or wired connected devices Private Box Commercial WiFi  And optimize Network load 3G Balancing between wifi, hotspots, 3G 4G and 4G networks according to operators policies
  11. 11. Netgem: Solutions for every operator Green- •Limit financial risks with incremental capex and limited upfront costs field •Leapfrog with multi-screen service with nCloud applications Triple •Integration with legacy platforms Play •Media server solution with NAS, search and reco, videoconf & gaming •Reach outside footprint with OTT Hybrid •Blend catch-up applications with live PayTV •Bring multi-screen services at home without new investment • Limit docsis 3.0 upgrade : re-use HFC live channels Cable • Enable multi-screen without network overlay • Fast-time-to-market: existing solution with Nagra and Seachange •OTT TV experience connecting to MNO’s portal Mobile •Convergence services: Mobile as remote, IPAD app, Follow-me TV11
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention12