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Career Myths
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Career Myths


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Find how to dispel three common career myths.

Find how to dispel three common career myths.

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  • Welcome to LaGuardia Community College CUNY - The World’s community college. My name is Leslie Camacho and I will be your first workshop presenter this evening. Our topic will be Career Myths: Information and Resources. What are some of the career myths you may heard of?
  • Debunk Myths by getting the facts Several places to get this information. At LaGuardia CC there are many places to go, faculty, counseling, eCareer Central and Plan.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Career Myths: Information and Resources Leslie Camacho, M.S.Ed., MCDP, & GCDF Assistant Director of Career Development Career Development Center Division of Adult and Continuing Education
    • 2. Definitions
      • Career
      • Occupation
      • Job
      • Myth
    • 3. Career Myths
      • There is one perfect job for me.
      • No one will hire me because I lack….
      • It’s to late to change my career.
    • 4. Debunk Myths
      • Expand your career options
        • Find more possibilities
        • Develop options
      • Get the truth
        • Statistics
        • Talk to people
      • Develop a plan
    • 5. eCareer Information
      • eTools for LaGuardia Students
        • Get Information
        • Seek Resources
      • eCareer Central
      • eCareer Plan
    • 6. Facts
      • Demand for educated and skilled workers is increasing.
      • More education you have, less time spent unemployed.
      • Clearer career goals will result in greater academic success.
    • 7. Food for Thought
      • “ I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go .”
      • - Langston Hughes
    • 8. Summary
      • Acknowledge your talents
      • Examine all the factors
      • Make educated career decisions
      • Use all resources available
    • 9. Q&A
    • 10. Thank You!
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