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Ref Works Training Staff1
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Ref Works Training Staff1


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This powerpoint is based on RefWorks, the biginners guide. Students are able to kick start on RefWorks

This powerpoint is based on RefWorks, the biginners guide. Students are able to kick start on RefWorks

Published in: Education
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  • Your bibliography opens in a separate browser window with your citations formatted in the style you specified. You may copy and paste this into your paper. This is the quick and dirty option. You also have another option for generating bibliographies that I will demonstrate up here. It involves downloading a plug-in for MS Word from under the “Tools” menu. I will demonstrate that using a live session.
  • Download Write-n-cite
  • Transcript

    • 1. Beginner's guide to By Miss Linda Mbonambi Information Skilling Librarian University of Johannesburg : APK Library Tel. 011-5592317 E-mail:
    • 2.
      • What is RefWorks?
      • Why use RefWorks?
      • Accessing RefWorks
      • Advantages & Caution
      • What RefWorks can’t do
      • What you can do?
      • Create an account
      • Manually entering references
      • Creating folders
      • Search online catalogues
      • Importing data directly & from saved files
      • Format a bibliography from list of references
      • Write –N-Cite Paper
      Covered in this session
    • 3. What is RefWorks?
      • RefWorks is a web-based bibliography and database manager that allows you to create your own personal database by importing references from text files or online databases and other various sources. You can use these references in writing papers and automatically format the paper and the bibliography in seconds.
    • 4. Why use RefWorks?
      • To keep track of what you have red and to create accurate bibliography just a little bit easier…
    • 5. RefWorks Advantages
      • Import citations from many library databases (faster & more accurate than typing by hand)
      • Lets you store and organize your citations
      • Can be accessed anywhere within an Internet connection
      • Can reformat citations from one style to
      • another in seconds( APA,MLA,CHICAGO)
      • No limit on number of citations in
      • database
    • 6. What RefWorks can’t do Caution
      • RefWorks doesn’t write the information---it only reads it!
      • That means you need to check your references to make sure the fields are entered correctly
      • HINT: check author, title, periodical name, volume, issue, publisher, page numbers, year of publication
    • 7. Step 1 -Your starting point
    • 8. Step 2- Login Group Code (UJ) Type RWUJ Group code
    • 9. Step 3-Sign up for individual account Click on sign up for individual account
    • 10. RefWorks: Sign up for an Individual Account Supply name Create your own login and password Click Register You will receive an e-mail confirmation message. Add your e-mail address
    • 11. Step 1 – Now you are brought to the RefWorks start screen.
      • Now you are ready to start building your own database of references….
      • For TUTORIALS for RefWorks, click on the different steps as outlined in Steps 1-3.
    • 12. Manually entering references
    • 13. Manually entering references
    • 14. Organizing folders Name of the folder KM You can name a folder again
      • Name of a folder created
      • Appears in the screen
      • You can delete a folder
      • You can rename it
      • You can also empty a folder
    • 15. Search online catalogue Online Catalogue or Database
    • 16. Search online catalogues
    • 17. List of institutions you can use to search catalogues
    • 18. Step 1- Getting reference from a database
      • Choose any database from the list provided ….
      • An example would be Academic Search Premier available via EbscoHost.
    • 19. Step 2- Getting references from a database Select a Database Academic Search Premier Or Choose any, that is of interest to your topic
    • 20. Step 3- Getting references from a database
      • Type in your search term and click search to get result
      • Select add to folder to choose your results,
      • Go to the top of the screen and select folder to view selected references
      Type search term Click search Click add to folder Click folder to see all selected ref
    • 21. Step 4- Getting references from a database 2.Click to export your list to RefWorks
    • 22. Step 5- Getting references from a databases 1.Select direct export to RefWorks Click save
    • 23. Step 6- List from EBSCOhost EXPORTED to RefWorks RefWorks will open up automatically and you will see the importing screen. As soon as importing is complete, you will be able see how many references were imported. Click to view your list From Ebsco to RefWorks
    • 24. Here are the citations that we imported, ready to be edited, organized, and placed into bibliographies
    • 25. Creating a Bibliography
    • 26. Viewing Your bibliography
      • Copy and paste into your paper
      Your results APA Style
    • 27. Downloading Write-N-Cite step1 Download Write-n-Cite This bridges your paper and the citations you store in your RefWorks account
    • 29. Writing and citing your paper
    • 30. Writing and citing with RefWorks
    • 31.
      • Remember…………
      to feel free and ask librarians in the library when you need help. Linda
    • 32. Thank you