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Wed new lucky day

  1. 1. By the Wednesday 2 nd Grade PAT Class December 2010 New Based on the book, M y Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza
  2. 2. From My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza
  3. 3. The pig was fitting into the pot. The bear was drooling. The bear was thinking the pig looked good.
  4. 4. <ul><li>“ Oh Mr. Bear, you couldn’t possibly eat me! Look at me…I’m filthy and way too small.” </li></ul>“ You are pretty dirty – but I can always clean you up. “ I know! You love to fish in the stream. I can take a bath while you fish and fix us something good to eat to fatten me up and help your great hunger.”
  5. 5. The strong bear carried the pig to the river to wash him.
  6. 6. After the bear cleaned the pig he started to fish. It took the bear about 5 minutes to catch the fish. He caught about 8 fish to add to his meal.
  7. 7. The pig is inside looking out the window watching the bear fish. He took about 6 minutes to catch the rest of the fish.
  8. 8. The pig is getting dried off with a towel so when the bear will eat the pig he won’t be wet.
  9. 9. Oh, Mr. Bear I feel so much cleaner. I also think that you are a wonderful cook. I just love the way you cooked the fish for us. I feel fatter already. But Mr. Bear I am afraid that as sweet as my personality is, I am not very tasty. I know that bears love honey. Maybe you should rub some sweet, fresh honey on me before you cook me so that I will taste better for you.
  10. 10. The bear and the pig went to find a bee hive to get honey.
  11. 11. The bear carefully put his hand into the hive to get some honey.
  12. 12. The bear is trying to not get stung. Meanwhile the pig was laughing “ha ha” said the pig.
  13. 13. The bear put the honey on the pig.
  14. 14. “Oh, that honey rub feels so good” cried the pig! “But do you think I am sweet enough to be eaten?” “I do love sweet things,” said the bear as he licked the extra honey off his fingers. The pig said that he saw a field full of berries on their way back from the stream. “Aren’t berries sweet Mr. Bear?”
  15. 15. The bear and the pig walked across the bridge to go to the berry patch.
  16. 16. The bear and the pig went berry picking together. They picked lots and lots of berries.
  17. 17. The bear is putting berries on the pig and getting him ready to be eaten.
  18. 18. “That was so much fun! Let’s play more games,” squealed the pig. Let’s play Hide and Seek!”
  19. 19. The bear is counting numbers and the pig is going to hide nearby.
  20. 20. The bear heard something rattle in the bushes! He went over to see what it was and discovered that it was the pig.
  21. 21. They played hide and seek and the pig hid behind a tree.
  22. 22. The pig flew home on his green kite.
  23. 23. From My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza